March 16, 2013

Guest Post | Spring Beauty Trends

This post was submitted by Aleya who performs laser and electrolysis hair removal in Long Island, New York. Aleya is certified in both areas and has been practicing laser for over five years and electrolysis hair removal for over seven years. Thank you Gaby for allowing me to share this information with your readers.
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It’s almost time to start putting away those coats and sweaters in exchange for lighter clothes. It’s also time to start thinking about which one of your cosmetics can move forward into spring and which products you may want to purchase. Here are a few of the more popular trends that you will be seeing this coming season.

Thick Liner - Bring out your eyes by applying a thick black line all around your eye area. Try a cat eye for a more sophisticated look or smudge it up for an edgier feel. If you’ve had a late night out, don’t forget the concealer because the point is to bring out your beautiful eyes, not to look sleepy.

Blue Eye Shadow - If you’re a brunette feel free to play with the various shades of blue until you find one that you love. If you’re a blond with blue eyes it’s a good idea to choose a hue that is a couple of shades darker than your eye color so that the blues don’t wash each other out or overpower each other.

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Nude Nails - A nude colored polish is a must this spring. This can get a bit tricky if the polish color is too close to your skin tone because the effect is that you just have some seriously long fingers- and not in a good way. Try a color that is slightly darker or lighter than your skin tone for a more sophisticated look that can go from day to night.

Bold Brows - Designers are all about thick brows eyebrows this season. If you need a little help getting this look you can either apply coconut oil to your brows to make them grow like weeds or you can use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps. Don’t forget to keep the lines of your brows clean and free of strays because part of the appeal of this look is the sharp edges of the brows. Strays simply kill the effect.

(image: Pinterest)

Matte Lips - It’s not such a bad thing that your favorite lip gloss looks a bit matte before it disappears for good because this spring the lips are all matted out. Another good piece of news is that matte lipstick tends to last longer than a shiny one so you’ll get more wear from your makeup. Red, tangerine and nude lips are the most popular this season.

Multi Colored Hair - Feel like doing something a little extravagant this spring? Try applying some colored hair powder to your locks. It will give you an outrageously fun and young look. Anastasia makes a great hair powder but there are other less expensive ones out there for you to try out if you like. Don’t be afraid to use two, three or even four colors to get the look and don’t worry, if you don’t like it, you just wash it out.

I love all of the colors that we’re going to see this season and can’t wait to begin my spring beauty routine. 

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  1. Great post! I am so excited about these trends! :)) Great pics as well!

    I am running an international giveaway on my blog now, I'd love it if you enter! :)


  2. thick liner and bold brows are my favorites!

  3. Hi Gaby!! How have you been doing?! :)
    I would love to grow my eyebrows a bit thicker but I'm not so sure my eyebrows would "grow like weeds" with some coconut oil on them LOL Coconut oil didn't seem to grow the hair on my head....but it did make it shiny of course ;P