February 13, 2013

LUSH Magic Mushroom - Creamy Strawberry Bath Time Magic

I am actually glad Magic Mushroom returned this year at LUSH as a limited edition Valentine's Day product because I bought it on a whim during my weekend at Toronto last February and I really wanted to review it this years since I did not have the time last year. This is the only Valentine's Day product that really interested me because it is a bubble bar, which must be my favorite LUSH products, and also because I am a sucker for sweet and fruity smells, and this strawberry and vanilla scented cutie is a perfect mix of the two!

The red cap contains the creamy Vanillary perfume - which I have never smelled - and is topped off with a perfectly white stem of fresh strawberries, which makes for a soft and subtle creamy vanilla strawberry blend that is not too sweet or overpowering. I remember when I smelled Magic Mushroom in the the store when I bought it last year, I instantly fell in love with its subtle fragrance, but since it a year have passed, I could barely smell anything when I used it, which is absolutely my fault!

I usually prefer to get more than one bath out of a bubble bar or bath bomb when I can, but I figured out I would use this one entirely since it was already one year old, and even if the bath did not really smell anything, the mountains of creamy bubbles I was left with absolutely made up for it! Magic Mushroom is easy to crumble under hot water since it is soft, and it does create a crazy amount of moisturizing lather which left my skin super soft and smooth. I loved how the water turned a bright orange-red too!

Magic Mushroom is a limited edition bubble bar available at LUSH for $5.95 for 100g around Valentine's Day only.


  1. I remember I bought this a good few months back and I abs loved it! Think I need to go back and get some...


  2. I have yet to try one of their bath bombs but we just do not have a decent tub for this. Looks fun though for sure!