February 18, 2013

HT26 Extra Moisturising & Nourishing Body Milk

HT26 is a line of ethnic cosmetics born of a relationship of trust between a pharmacist and her loyal clients. This personalized relationship, strong for over 30 years, has allowed the HT26 Laboratory to develop four other ethnic cosmetic lines tailored to the needs of every skin type. All of HT26 products are made with  ingredients carefully selected for their efficiency, and the formulas, original in their composition and dosage, are especillau adapted to the needs of black and mixed skin.

I have been curious about this brand and I was very kindly sent their Extra Moisturising & Nourishing Body Milk, which I have been told should be great for my very dry and eczema-prone skin, since it is intended for dehydrated, dull, dry skin that doesn't tolerate chalk. It is also enriched with sweet almond oil, glycerine and shea butter to softens the skin and makes it satin-smooth. 

I must say I was not especially excited about this product since I usually shy away from body milks in favor of body butters or thick creams, but this seriously works like nothing I have used before. The consistency is, of course, milky, but it is not a runny mess and it is absorbed into the skin within seconds, without leaving greasy residues behind - in fact, you can barely tell you just applied a lotion, if it was not for how smooth your skin feels!

I swear that after the first use, my skin felt incredibly comfortable and it did not itch until my next shower the night after - this is a big win for someone who is struggling with eczema! Also, you only need a small quantity of product since this milk is easily spreadable and you can be sure that this ginormous bottle (500mL) will last you a long time! Oh, and let's not forget about the smell, which is a bit powdery and reminds me of baby products - very pleasant!

HT26 Extra Moisturising & Nourishing Body Milk is available for $40.78 at Zoka Importations.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Great review, I've been waiting to try a body milk product, one of my friends has a milk face cleanser and she love it :)

  2. Sounds great just from hearing what it smells like!:)

  3. Contente que tu aies trouvé un produit qui t'aide avec ta peau sèche! Je dois dire que j'touche du bois, à part mes boutons j'ai pas trop de problemes avec la mienne fiou!

  4. Un peu trop cher pour une étudiante fauchée comme moi, même si le produit a l'air pas mal miraculeux :)

  5. My skin is in serious need of moisture and this sounds really promising. Never heard of the brand before!