November 20, 2012

LUSH Glögg - For Showers Worth Celebrating

Christmas is right around the corner, meaning I can finally review this festive shower gel before it goes out of stock again, as it's a Christmas limited-edition product. Maybe I will even have time to review a few other LUSH Christmas products as well?

Loaded with a generous nip of real organic red wine as well as a shot of brandy, cinnamon, clove and orange juice, Glögg really makes for a spicy and warm shower treat on those cold winter mornings. I don't usually reach for spicy scents - I'm a big fan of ultra sweet smelling products - but I actually appreciate this one, maybe because of the very slight hint of sweetness, thanks to the zesty orange juice? I do think this shower gel has a unisex scent as my boyfriend did not complain about it when he used it. To me, Glögg smells of Coca-Cola, but no, I'm not weird, because from other reviews I have read, I'm not the only one!

Glögg is a little runny but not so much that you need to use up half of the bottle to get a tiny bit of foam - no, it actually lathers up really well that a little goes a long way - so much that my 500ml bottle had the time to expire before I could use it up completely, even though I reached for it almost everyday - I received it as a gift from my boyfriend in Christmas 2010! There is no way I am throwing this away though, it still smells great and it works well!

I would recommend Glögg if you are a fan of spicy, warm scents, or if you are looking for something a bit different - you might be surprised! Glögg is available only around Christmas time in 100ml for $9.95 and 500ml for $24.95 at LUSH.


  1. I really wanted to like this but it was the smell that put me off, I really like the one that Lush have bought out this year called Ponche though :) xx

  2. J'me rappelle l'avoir senti l'an passé et j'avais aimé. J'me rappelle pas avoir trouvé une ressemblance avec le Coke, mais j'vais en prendre note hahaha!

  3. j'aimerais donc pouvoir sentir a travers mon ordi, nice review :)

  4. Gaby - L'Occitane is cruelty free! So if you will see any sales, be sure you can grab something to try! :)
    Have a nice week!

  5. @Charli : I completely understand, if I had not received it as a gift, I would have probably never picked it up, it's not my usual kind of scent, but I gues you get used to it? I have not smelled Ponche but I've heard great things about it, glad you like it x

    @Ms Bubu : Bah je dois être folle ahahah

    @Anik: Que ce serait bien que les ordinateurs soient dotés de cette fonction ahah peut-être en 2020? =P

    @Supergirl: I just checked after reading your blog post and unfortunately, it is not cruelty-free anymore since their products are sold in China where animal testing is required, just like Mary Kay, Yves Rocher, Caudalie, Avon, etc.

  6. Wow that's pretty amazing that you still have the shower gel since Christmas almost two years ago :) That's so sweet that your boyfriend picked it up for you! Brandy and cinnamon with orange sounds like a very interesting mix - I never thought of Coco-cola in that way before but the colour of the shower gel does look a bit like Coke :) Great review Gaby!

  7. Hmmm...this seems interesting. I wanna try it out since I am a fan of LUSH products.

  8. @Anik je suis entièrement d'accord! Des blogues en odorama!

    Ça m'intrigue, je serais vraiment curieuse de l'essayer!!

  9. @Karen Law: I guess it is expired by now and I should throw it again but who cares? It still smells good and it works great so why waste?

    @Miss Vay: Va vite le sentir avant qu'ils le retirent des étagères après Noël!