October 17, 2012

September in Pictures

yummy vegetarian quesadillas / our cute friend on our resort's balcony @ Wildwood / @ Monic's birthday party / filling salad with cheese and roasted almonds / watching New Girl with a Luigi's Raspberry Sherbet / delicious birthday cake! / my brother's doggie Stewie with my younger brother

eggs, beans, cheese & toast breakfast / my mother & I @ Wildwood, in front of our resort / in front of the big wheel / absolutely scrumptious fudges / OOTD for Monic's birthday party / waffle with ice cream (only in the US!)

probaby my favorite meal: fried rice with chick peas, beans & cheese / Batiste and Baylis & Harding goodies courtesy of Farleyco / FOTD + OOTD / quick & filling meal: potatoes, green pepper, chick peas & cheese / my feet in the ocean @ Wildwood / cute surprise snack from my boyfriend / my boyfriend won me a Pikachu plush toy from a crane machine, aw!  / healthy snack: dill pickles, dried apricot, tamari soy sauce almonds & vegetable crackers / bath time snack: tea & homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

addictive McDonald's fries (one of the only thing I eat at this place!) / yummy Caramilk / fresh & juicy ananas (with my boyfriend's Captain America bobble head & Squirtle plush toy) / my new Acer laptop! / sterling silver ankle bracelet from Anji Jewelry / healthy snack: crackers, green pepper & dip, & cheese

eggs with melted cheese & tomato pastas / avocado & eggs sandwiches / Coquette Lycra Tube Dress from EdenFantasys / with some of my coworkers @ work's BBQ party / delicious hot chocolate with melted marshmallows / the boyfriend & I @ Wildwood / yummy fried rice with cheese & green pepper


  1. I love your monthly pics post! So much good food and fun Gaby! Never stop doing them!

  2. Lovely photos as always! :)

    Gaby, why did u pass on hat? I studied fashion textile and know they don't kill or harm the animal for wool, they only shear them. Just curious... xoxo

  3. I love these posts! And you're right - the waffle with ice cream is only something you could find here, LOL. :)

  4. Hahaha! Es-tu sure que c'est pas des gimauves au chocolat chaud :)
    J'aimerais ca que tu postes tes recettes plus souvent, ca me donne faim tes trucs!

  5. @Sian : McDonald's fries are SO addictive!

    @Supergirl: I'm glad you love it (:

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections: I'm you love these posts, I don't plan on stopping doing them anytime soon, they are so much fun to write!

    @Venus Loves Virgo: Thanks Venus! As for wool, animals do suffer, simply type "mulesing" in Google and you will understand! I also tweeted you more info.

    @aly7: I'm glad you like it! I have never seen scrumptious things like this here in Québec ahah!

    @Ms Bubu: Hmmm tu as peut-être raison ahahah mais j'adore en mettre une tonne jusqu'à ce que ça forme une croûte, troooooooop bon hihi! Pour les recettes, je vais essayer d'en mettre plus c'est juste que souvent, je montre des photos de repas préparés sur le pouce et non pas de vraies recettes, mais je vais voir!

  6. This post made me get McDonalds fries!


  7. Thanks for the info. I never knew about this. I'm going to try to start finding out more about brands and where wool products come from. I'm wondering if it's every wool article? Thank you for all the info, you are a super rock star oxxo

  8. Aww that dog is so cute! I love these kind of posts. What program do you use to collage your pictures so perfectly? I try to do it in photoshop, but most of the time it doesn't come out right :-/


  9. I love your September pictures Gaby :) You look like you had such a fun eventful September! I remember you like going to Wildwood - I would love to visit it one day. What's your favourite activity to do in Wildwood?
    Awww that is so sweet that your boyfriend won you a Pikachu plush toy. Those crane machines are very tricky to operate!

  10. @NANCYXO : Seriously??? AHAHAHAHAH! Aren't they addictive? =P

    @Venus Loves Virgo: I don't know if this apply to all wool article but to be sure, I stay away from animal products, be it wool, fur or down - animals are not ours to wear, after all! I'm glad I could help (:

    @MaviDeniz : Isn't he? He's almost 1 years old but he still acts soooo childish ahah! I had a hard time trying to do collages by myself too but then I discovered http://www.picmonkey.com/, which is the best thing ever!

  11. hey lady, thanks for following my blog! By the way, that guacamole looks amazing.

  12. @Karen Law : Hi Karen! I'm glad you like this post (: Hmmm my favorite activity to do in Wildwood would be the beach by day and the boardwalk by night! We're not much tourists, we prefer to relax by the beach all day ahah! Yes, that Pikachu is super cute (:

    @Alma: Aww no probs hun, I just discovered your blog and love it! That guacamole was delicious!

  13. I am such a sucker for these posts, I think its because I'm nosey haha! x