October 19, 2012

Project Burgundy Hair | Revlon ColorSilk in Burgundy 48

Going burgundy brings on a totally new challenge - finding a proper hair dye that won't completely ruin my color, and by this I mean, a hair color that won't turn my hair bright red, orange, or even worse, that horrible red-brown/rust shade that is not exactly flattering. Problem is that there is not currently a lot of cruelty-free hair dye options on the market, and not all of them offer a burgundy shade.

To make matter worse, the cheapest cruelty-free hair dye I have found is not available in Canada - nothing new here - so when I was in the US earlier this summer, I made sure to stop by Walmart to grab a bunch of Revlon ColorSilk in the shade Burgundy, but there was only two boxes left. I was a bit angry because I have had great results with this hair dye in the shade Brown Black 20 for less than $3 but oh well, what could I do?

I always hate when the conditioner included in the box is a single-use packet but at least, it does leave my hair really soft and shiny.

L - R: before and after, with flash

L - R: before and after, without flash

I struggled quite a bit to take pictures that would properly show you my results because this kind of shade always look different in various lighting. Can you see how my hair does not even appear to have been dyed in the last picture, on the right? Natural lighting does not do it justice!

I must say I'm quite a bit disappointed because my hair came out a bit redder and less bright than what is pictured on the box - I was expecting a vibrant purplish shade! I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures but after dying it, my hair appears only slightly darker and the biggest difference to me is the roots.

I also noticed that their packaging has changed from the last time I dyed my hair with Revlon brown Black 20 and the formula must to have been improved because it now features UV Defense, but I have high doubts that this will prevent my hair color from fading. 

Next step in 'Project Burgundy Hair' is another trip to the hairdresser thanks to an amazing Groupon offer, so stay tuned!


  1. I saw this in the states and wanted to grab it and give it a try but I was afraid it would be too harsh. Did you experience any hair loss? Damage? Does the red fade? Ugh I need to do something with my hair :)

  2. @My Beauty Box : Hey Ellie! Aww you should definitely have grabbed a few boxes when you were in the US, it's absolutely worth it and it's really one of the less damaging hair color I have ever tried - and I have tries TONS! I did not experience hair loss and my hair was not left noticeably damaged, but yes, the red fades - red shades always fade quickly - but at that price, I don't really mind!

  3. Ca te fait bien, les cheveux bourgognes Gaby, ca fait ressortir tes yeux.
    L'an passé j'aurais aimé avoir les cheveux bourgognes aussi, a cause de Cheryl Cole! J'avais jamais pensé que ca pourrait bien faire a qqn avec la peau et les yeux foncés, mais ca lui faisait tellement bien :)
    J'ai jamais fait le saut!

  4. Ca te fait bien les cheveux bourgognes Gaby!
    L'an passé j'voulais les teindre bourgogne aussi, a cause de Cheryl Cole! Ca lui faisait tellement bien, et j'avais jamais pensé que ca ferait beau sur qqn avec la peau et yeux foncés.
    Mais jai jamais eu le guts!

  5. Hi Gaby! Great review :) I know you are a bit disappointed in your hair colour because it didn't come out nearly as vibrant of a colour as on the box but I still love your hair colour ;) The salon you went to with the Groupon offer really did a great job at achieving a nice shade of burgundy for you so that's a good start as a base colour. It is soooo difficult to keep red shades in our hair - mine wash out within a couple of weeks and I have only used the Feria colour when I coloured my hair at home. I think I will try the Revlon ColorSilk and see how the colour comes out in comparison to the Feria I've used...it's about a 1/3 of the price!

  6. Shame you're disappointed as the photos look really good! It looks like there are a lot of different tones in your hair, I like it! xx

  7. J'ai adoré ton article, je crois bien l'essayé cette alternative. Je viens de me teindre pour la première fois les cheveux rouges/ bourgogne et cela déteint assez vite. Merci pour cette recommandation.

  8. I love you with burgundy red hair! So gorgeous!
    I want to go a bit darker with my red for fall and winter. I'm going to the salon though, because I'm so scared I'd ruin it!

  9. J'adore cette couleur, elle te va tellement bien!

  10. I love the burgandy hair! It looks amazing to me!

    I used to have really bright red hair, and before that it was a dark burgandy. I think I used Revlon dye, but I'm not sure!

  11. ohhh i love it i think it matches your skintone really well! you look so bronzy!

  12. @Ms Bubu : Merci beaucoup Steph! J'aime bien cette couleur pour mon teint, je trouve que ça ajoute de la vie (: J'ai pas remarqué les cheveux de Cheryl Cole mais je me souviens que beaucoup de bloggueuses en parlaient il n'y a pas si longtemps. C'est sûr que question de faire le saut, il faut s'attendre à ce que cette couleur soit vraiment "high maintenance" par contre, mais ça en vaut tellement la peine!

    @Karen Law : I still like the color but I was hoping for something a bit more purple. You are right about the base color at the salon, that's why I really wanted to go to a salon to "make the jump", and it worked really well! Yes red is one of the hardest hair color to maintain but it's just so beautiful that it's worth it! Let me know if you happen to try the Revlon hair dye, if you are able to find it around where you live.

    @Sian: Hmm actually I think the flash makes the color look better because it's less vibrant in real life, and I was expecting for something a bit more purples. I agree on the different tones, it must be because I had blonde highlights in my hair before going for burgundy!

    @summer-of-beauty : Oui je sais, c'est l'enfer, mais avec les bons produits et avec le temps, ça finit par valoir la peine, il suffit de savoir dand quoi on s'embarque!

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections: I totally understand Tracy, I would not want to mess up such a fiery shade like yours neither!

    @Nicolka : Merci beacoup, tu es trop gentille!

    @aly7: Thank you so much Aly! Yes I do remember your bright red hair, it was gorgeous!

    @Donna Dell: Thanks Donna! I love how this shade seems to make me look less pale and more healthy (:

  13. This colour looks amazing on your hair. xo

  14. @Angelica @Jennifer : Thank you so much ladies!

    @Kathy: Merci Kathy, je suis quand même contente du résultat!

    @COPPER GARDEN // UK Fashion + Beauty Blog: Me too, thanks to my blonde highlights underneath (:

  15. The colour really suits you. Good luck with the next stage of going burgundy! x

  16. The colour really suits you. Good luck with the next stage of going burgundy! x

  17. Oh wow this colour suits you so much, absolutely stunning x

  18. @LilyLipstick @Harrriiiet : Thank you so much ladies! =D

  19. you are such a versatile beauty! any hair color looks gorgeous on you b/c of those piercing blue eyes!! gorgeous :)) xx

  20. Hi, I started using this color 2 months ago, & I'm losing an awful lot of hair. When I wash it, it comes out in scary handfulls. I am losing at least 3 times as much hair as I did while using Colorsilk's ash blondes. Or with the Ion 12.2 high lift ash blonde I stopped using a year ago.

    Does anyone know what causes it not to break but to actually fall out, & how to get it stopped...?? I waited 6 weeks from the first time I used Burgundy before coloring again, & again am having the same problem. One thing I noticed is, at the same time the hair loss started, my hair also became very fine textured.

    I called Loreal's helpline, & their people either it can't happen, they don't know, or it's a medical issue. I find it pretty coincidental that this "medical issue" arose with a vengeance very suddenly all of 2 months ago. I like the shade & would like to continue using it.

    I'll stop back & see if anyone familiar with this color & brand replies. Until I sort it out, I will baby it with color friendly products. Thanks!

  21. I dyed my hair the same exact color! It was sort of a "well I have nothing better to do, so why not !" Moment. (Have you know I wanted this color a few years ago, so I jumped at the opportunity when i saw it was on sale). Anyway, this was about three weeks ago and the color has already started fading and is begining to look like a brownish red. Although I'm glad its fading Im not enjoying the color. I've been thinking of dyeing it medium golden brown #43 , I just don't want to damage it with bleach to get that lighter color. I'm wondering if the medium brown will take ,without a color corrector or bleach
    Any advice?????

  22. wow you look gorgeous o: