October 12, 2012

Halloween Costumes Ideas From EdenFantasys!

Halloween is one of my favorite time of the year and while I don't exactly look forward to this holiday for the candies - but more for the wild parties and original costumes - I do quite enjoy dressing up! Now, I'm not one to splurge hard earned money on a super pricey costume that I probably won't wear again the year after - last year, I dressed up as Pikachu and it did not even cost me one cent! - but I like to browse around for costumes to give me an idea of what I could create myself.

While I'm a fan of sexy costumes, I also want something a bit different and original from the usual cop outfit, and I spotted quite a few interesting ideas on EdenFantasys. OK, a firefighter is probably not the most original idea ever, but it's still better than a sexy cop outfit, isn't it? One of the most interesting costume I have spotted on this website is definitely the sexy lumberjack - just how cute is she with her denim/plaid dress, knit toque and leg warmers? I'm absolutely all over this retro stewardess outfit as well as the Time out temptress and the Role play racer, which features two outfits in one - lycra dress, padded lycra bra and matching booty shorts.

Who never dreamed of being a cougar - yes, I really mean the animal! - in another life? I loooove the cute ear headband! A sexy pirate in her fiery red peasant off the shoulder dress is always a winning choice, although not as original as this Speed Demon costume, featuring a checkerboard trimmed romper and triangle bikini top. I really like the waist corset on the Robyn da hood costume and how hot is this Remember the trojans costume?

Be sure to check out the wide variety of costumes at EdenFantasys and also, enter code TTF at checkout to save 15% on your entire order, no minimum amount!

Spooky. Sexy. Fun. Happy Halloween from EdenFantasys!


  1. I want to be the lumberjack! haha Those are all great!

  2. I love the lumber jack outfit, that actually sounds like a great idea haha maybe I should dress as one for Halloween!

  3. @Shaylee Anne: Aren't they? The lumberjack is probably one of the most original costume I have ever seen but according to reviews on the website, it's not so great...

    @Farrah : I think it should be easy and fun to recreate if you would like (:

  4. I would totally be a leopard!! Love that one :))

  5. I want to be something sexy/borderline slutty! LOL, but I think for this halloween I will be staying inside studying :(

  6. I'm so excited for fancy dress ahha I love Halloween!!!xx

  7. Cute!! J'aime bien ta version de Pikachu hihi! En quoi tu te déguise finalement?

  8. @ Maryam Maquillage : Me too! I wish my size was not sold out though ):

    @lindah : Oh no, don't tell me you won't be parying on the weekend at least? I will definitely dress up as something sexy too!

    @Hannah Louisa : I really like to dress up!

    @Miss Vay : Merci, c'était vraiment le fun à faire! Je me déguise soit en matelot ou en arbitre sexy, j'hésite encore! Et toi?