October 29, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

I always enjoy having a nosey at my favorite bloggers' wishlists and since my birthday is coming (on November 2), I thought it would be fun to do one as well - not to mention that making a collage with Picisto is tons of fun ahah! Now I hope you won't find this list boring - no, I don't need the latest iPad or Kurig coffee maker, and yes, I was tempted to include Bath & Body Works candles and tons of LUSH goodies as well but I still have tons to use up so it would be a bit of a waste. I could always put some on my Christmas wishlist... =P

1. I have been a big fan of Billy Talent since my brother's friend made me listen to River Below in high school, which resulted in me immediately rushing to hmv to buy their first album. I bought their second and third albums as soon as they came out, and I after listening to Viking Death March and Surprise Surprise (talk about an epic music video!) on repeat, I can't wait to get my hands on Dead Silence, which was released on September 11.

2. Bath melts are probably my favorite LUSH products because unlike bath bombs, they are not as harsh on my dry and eczema-prone skin, and appart from its cuteness, I absolutely cannot justify why I need want Melting Snowman.

3. Who have not heard of Britney Spears Fantasy? Being a huge gourmand fragrances fan, I have hold off on buying Fantasy for so long because I really want to use up a few perfumes in my collection before they lose their scent but it is getting really hard! This fragrance is described as a sensual and gourmand scent, opening with fruity mix of litchi, golden quince and kiwi. The provocative heart is composed of jasmine and white chocolate and the base combines orris root, musk and woods. To me, it just smells - perfection? OK, maybe not as much as my beloved Jessica Simpson Fancy, but still, pretty close!

4. I have been really liking the look of a light scarf over a comfy jumper paired with leggings lately - it is a great versatile accessory for fall, and who can resist leopard print? I have actually ordered this one after adding it to my wishlist!

5. I know, I should not have smelled Katy Perry Purr when I spotted it at La Baie, but I did - and now, I need it! It is actually more fruity than sweet, but with notes of tangerine, pear, jasmine, honeysuckle, amber, vanilla and musk, just to name a few, it is just so deliciously juicy! I am not sure about the tackly-looking bottle but hey, it's still cute!

6. Sum 41 is another of those bands I have been listening to mainly in since high school and I eventually stopped and somehow forgot about them until I recently heard Blood In My Eyes and that's it, it's all it took for me to be hooked again. I browsed the songs of their most recent album Screaming Bloody Murder on YouTube and although I must say I was a bit disappointed - their songs are repetitive and Sum 41 does not seem to be the energic punk-rock band it was when they released All Killer, No Filler - but being a fan, I am  loyal to them and this album is definitely going on my wishlist.

7. I have always wanted thigh high boots since I spotted Kim Kardashian wearing a pair, but I am wondering if they would fit my body type? I still have not found the perfect pair though!

8. I think Green Day will always be my all-time favorite band and I eagerly waited for ¡Uno!, the first of three albums to come in the next four months. I must admit I was not exactly blowned away when I listened to Oh Love, the first single, for the first time because it was far away from Green Day's usually politically incorrect musical style, but I really think it does get better with each listen. I was happily surprised by ¡Uno! because each song seems to have its own style, which is a nice refreshing change. Other favorites of mine are Nuclear Family and Stay the Night.

9. I kicked myself for passing up on LUSH Magic Wand last Christmas because I love how it is re-usable, and also, because it has the fragrance of the best-selling Snow Fairy shower gel!

10. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck is yet another fruity and sweet fragrance with notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry, how can I resist?


  1. The melting snowman is so cute, that is reason enough! xx

  2. Moi aussi je veux le parfum de Katy Perry (mon idole!!) et celui de Taylor Swift!

  3. amazing list dear! advanced happy birthday! :)

    XO, Mish

  4. I'm so with you on the katy perry perfume. it smells amazing and the packaging is so cute!
    I own midnight fantasy by britney spears which i picked up at shoppers for like $15.. it's a great scent! i prefer it over the original fantasy one.
    and i own twsift's wonderstruck. it smells amazing but the new red version isn't all that great unfortunately :/
    hope you are able to get some things on your wishlist! x

  5. I really love the Britney Spears fragrances. Especially the Midnight Fantasy. Have you tired that one? It's amazing.

    Btw. She just released a double perfume with both the pink Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy (purple one) :)

  6. Nice wishlist! But I'm pretty sure both Wonderstruck and Fantasy are not cruelty free since they are produced by Elizabeth Arden :(



    I'm not sure about Katy Perry's fragrances because I don't know its parent company (Gigantic Parfums) but I will investigate about that!
    I know how hard it is to try and be cruelty free, I struggle with it everyday.
    Keep loving our little creatures!
    Have a nice day :)

  7. Hope you get all your birthday goodies!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  8. I have had Fantasy for years and it's definitely my go-to perfume. I agree COMPLETELY on Purr and Wonderstruck - ever since I smelled them both, they have been on my wishlist. My husband has been spinning Uno in the car for weeks now!

  9. Nice wish list Gaby! i hope you get everything haha!

  10. Yay!! Your Birthday is coming up :) Do you have plans this weekend?
    That's a nice wish list you created. I haven't tried any LUSH bath melts - sounds like I need to try it out since I do use their bath bombs and I know what you mean about them drying out your skin. I'm always immediately slapping on moisturizer after using a LUSH bath bomb!
    I know you like sweet fragrances. Have you smelt any Escada perfumes before?
    Thigh high boots are super sexy! I think it would definitely look great on you. It can take some time to find a pair that work well for you though.

  11. great favorites. I really need to go sniff that katy perry perfume. I like wonderstruck but I love taylor's new perfume that just came out. So much better to me. As for fantasy...one of my favorites! I need a new bottle asap...geez, I'm a bit too into perfume if you can't tell! haha

  12. @Sian: I know right ahah I don't even need to smell it!

    @Kathy : Moi personnellement c'est vraiment pas parce que j'aime Katy ou Taylor, simplement parce que les parfums sentent bon ahah! As-tu entendy Katy live? C'est complètement affreux, j'en reviens juste pas ahahah

    @Mish Rendon: Aww thanks Mish! (:

    @christine : I tend to be disappointed with "follow up" perfumes, they are rarely as good as the first! I have never smelled Midnight Fantasy though but I have been told it smells a little more "grown up"? But wow, $15 is an amazing deal!

    @Helene: A double perfume?! OMG! Thnak you so much for telling me! I will have to check it out even though I have not smelled Midnight Fantasy - yet!

    @vickykoala : OH NO YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! I can't believe I did not even check that, but you are absolutely right, they claim to not test their ingredients or products on animals "except when required by law". Thank you for this, it's always nice to have support from fellow cruelty-free bloggers (:

    @Adele: Thanks Adele, I sure hope too! Off to check your blog now x

    @CityGirl : How cool that we have similar taste! And yes, Green Day rocks!

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections: Ahah thanks Tracy, I sure hope too!

    @Betzy's Makeup : Thanks Betzy!

    @Karen Law : Hi Karen! Yes, I am actually planning a costume party with friends, that way we will celebrate my birthday and Halloween at the same time, yey! My favorite perfume for long has been Escada Pacific Paradise but it's so annoying that their perfumes are continuously discontinued, even though they all smell a bit similar.

    @Miranda : Ooooh are you talking about the perfume with the red bottle? I have not smelled it yet but I tend to be disappointed with "follow up" perfumes. Fantasy seems to be a favorite among a lot of bloggers ahah!

  13. Is that a new header? AWESOME.

    Good wish list. I especially like those over the knee booties.

  14. No problem! :) When it comes to fragrances it's even more difficult! I know that Puig perfumes (such as Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne etc.) are certified by PETA as cruelty free. I have the complete list of Puig's perfumes on my blog entry "my cruelty free list" if you want to check it out ;)

  15. The Greenday album is sooo good. I've got tickets to see them next June... SO EXCITED :D

  16. i know yummy right ?? chocomania oil, it smells like what a Chocolate Oil would smell like lol.

    And yeah the BB cream seems great, can't wait to try it today. Can you believe I literally swatched it on my hands, and it turned from white (original colour), to a pink toned darker shade, to My shade :o facinating! lol xx i will review it asap

  17. @GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle : Yes it is, just in time for Halloween! Glad you like it (:

    @vickykoala: I didn't know that! Thank you so much again, it's really appreciated!

    @Lacey: Awwww you lucky girl, I'm jealous x10000000! They won't even come to Montreal! Enjoy! =D

    @Yolandaas: Can't wait to read your review!

  18. what do you mean you dont want an ipad or a keurig coffee machine!? those are great idea gifts!

  19. @Anonymous: Sure they are great gift ideas, but I personally don't care for these and I certainly don't need them!

  20. J'approuve totalement le #10 haha :) J'adore Taylor et son parfum sent extrêmement bon!

    Je ne sais pas si tu as senti son second parfum, mais je trouve qu'il sent encore mieux que le premier :) Si ce n'est pas fait, vas-vite le sentir hmmmmmm! :)

  21. @Valérie Latendresse: Contente d'apprendre qu'on a les même goûts! Moi cest pas que j'aime Taylor en tant que chanteuse mais je ne peux simplement pas résister aux parfums sucrés ou fruités (: Non je n'ai pas senti son second parfum (j'ai appris seulement la semaine passée qu'elle en avait lancé un deuxième!) mais habituellement je suis déçue des follow-up de parfums, mais je ne perds rien à le sentir! Merci du conseil (: