September 24, 2012

Tag | Beauty Blogger

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This tag has been rotting in my draft posts for so long that I don't even remember on which blog I found it, but I thought it looked fun!

1. What are your favorite types of blog posts to write?
I really love writing hauls and I guess that's because I don't get to write some very often. Some don't like these kind of posts because they say it's bragging, but I don't see it that way. Hauls are also my favorite posts to read, especially when they include swatches. I would also say reviews because I love to share what works and what doesn't work for me.

2. What are your favorite blogs to read?
Beauty blogs, of course! I don't think I'm following any other types of blogs - I'm not especially drawn to fashion or lifestyle blog, even though I appreciate variety in a beauty blog.

3. How did you pick your blog name?
Well, I guess you can see I did not go far to find this name, but at the same time, I was looking for something really simple that would say it all, and Gaby's Beauty Blog was born!

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4. Which beauty blogger is your inspiration?
I don't look up at a particular blogger but I could say I get my inspiration from most blogs and magazines I read in general.

5. Name one tip you've learned through another beauty blogger?
I learned that you could easily do your own beauty products yourself such as scrubs and face masks.

6. What made you start a blog?
I all started when I spotted a beauty blog address in a magazine and of course, curiosity got the best out of me. I owned a few personal blogs when I was younger but when I discovered the beauty community on the Internet, I felt as if I had found where I truly belong. I started by subscribing to a few blogs and then I thought, if they can do it, why can't I? So I went at it, slowly at first, then I got hooked!

7. Do you have a favorite blog post of yours?
I like my "My Goals For 2011" post because when I look back at it, I can see that I have reached a few of these goals and it makes me proud. I should do this every year, it's so motivating! I also like my "Tag: Christmas!" post because it cheers me up and it's full of good memories. Oh, and let's not forget my "Christmas Presents!" because I was definitely spoiled ahah!

8. Name on pro and one con of being a beauty blogger?
I like to be able to share my passion with fellow beauty junkies, and also meeting new friends! I can't think of much negative things except maybe that's blogging comes with a lot of responsabilities and it's time-consuming but hey, I'm not complaining because it's absolutely worth it!

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9. What advice would you give someone dealing with hate?
Of course, the good attitude to adopt would be to ignore it but I know it's just not that easy sometimes. Try not to play their little games because haters just want to get some attention.

10. How long does it take you to write a blog post?
It always depend on what kind of post but it rarely takes me under an hour, not to mention all the photo editing and stuff.

11. What other blogs apart from beauty do you like to read?
I don't really read other blogs apart from beauty!

Josianne, Valyee, Josianne, me and Sanya

12. Who have you made friends with thorough blogging?
I had the immense pleasure to be able to meet Josianne, Mélanie, Alexandra, Valyee, Genny, IsanielleJosianne, Sanya, Ellie, Marie and Kristelle at various events, but let's not forget about Taygan, who I have yet to meet face to face!

13. How do you get ideas for a blog post?
Blogs, magazines, everyday life... Everywhere! 


  1. Lovely tag!! Might have to do it myself :)

    Enter my MAC giveaway!

  2. I love reading haul posts too because I like seeing what other people buy. I do it when I'm queuing up to pay in the supermarket too! Maybe I'm just a nosy person lol...xx

  3. I nominate you for "TheVersatileBloggerAward"! Please go on my blog for more informations :p


  4. Great post dear:) was very nice to read:)

  5. Really enjoyed this post - so nice to get to know you a little better xo

  6. @AngieBeautyBelle : It was fun (:

    @Tass: At the supermarket, really? That's funny ahah!

    @BlowSwitch : Thanks lady!

    @Supergirl @fluff and fripperies : I'm glad you enjoyed it!