July 09, 2012

New Crest And Oral-B Complete Products

Isn't it silly to be excited about some toothpaste and mouthwash? But hey, I'm sure you agree that oral health plays an important role in beauty as well! A few months ago, I was sent some of the new Crest and Oral-B Complete products - a comprehensive line-up of toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, and floss that help Canadians feels confident about their oral care - and I think it's about time I share with you my opinion on them!

First up is Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast Toothpaste in Long Lasting Mint which uses ground-breaking outlast technology to provide a cool, refreshing brushing experience and a fresh feeling that lasts up to 5x longer than a regular anticavity toothpaste. I will have to disagree with the latter statement though because I have yet to find a toothpaste that leaves my breath as minty and fresh as Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste does!

Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast Toothpaste also contains silica, which helps to gently polish away surface stains for a whiter smile, although I have yet to see the results...  I can't say I was disappointed with this toothpaste because it does refresh my breath and leave my teeth clean.

According to the Crest and Oral-B Great Canadian Smile Survey, 58% of Canadians worry their breath isn’t as fresh as it should be - enters Scope Dual-Blast mouthwash, which freshens breath by killing bad breath bacteria and helping eliminate food odours, giving you the confidence to enjoy your favourite foods without having to worry about bad breath.

Scope Dual-Blast technology captures the odour-emitting volatile sulfur compounds from strong foods such as garlic and onions, helping to neutralize strong food odours in the mouth. Although I was pleased with the flavour Fresh Mint Blast, I honestly can't say it's the most freshening and long-lasting mouthwash I have tried - I do prefer Scope Outlast.

Last but not least, I had the opportunity to try Oral-B Complete Action Power Toothbrush Deep Clean, and of course, I had to compare it to my current power toothbrush, Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic Toothbrush. Oral-B Complete Action Power is a battery-powered toothbrush that uses a rotating PowerHead with CrissCross bristles for more cleaning action in every stroke. It provides a thorough clean, delivers more cleaning action than the leading manual toothbrush and helps reduce gingivitis.

I imediately found this toothbrush to be bulky and incredibly noisy compared to my super slim, light and quiet Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic. I don't like how Oral-B Complete Action Power works with a battery when it could come with a charger, just like Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic, which is less of a hassle. Also, I am under the impression that the battery "shakes" inside the toothbrush which might be one of the cause of the noise.

Be sure to check out Crest.ca for more info on the Crest and Oral-B products!

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. The mouth was I like it sometimes the listerine, I find it gives my mouth much fresh breath feelin it last a while. I live garlic and I tried it against It one day and it held up pretty good. I have to find that tooth paste though it looks like something I'd use, hopefully it comes for sensitive teeth

  2. Ah ha!! I thought EXACTLY the same thing as you when I tried the Scope Dual Blast mouthwash last month when Dale & I picked one up in the store in the States. It was suppose to be "new" product and I wasn't sure if it was selling in Canada yet so Dale picked it up. I honestly find the Scope Outlast way more lasting in terms of minty freshness. I just stick with Listerine for killing germs and then Scope Outlast for fresh breath before I head out the door. Great review post Gaby! I don't think it's silly at all that you did a post on oral care - oral hygiene is extremely important!