May 11, 2012

Project Pan Them All | April Empties

Ladies, brace yourself for this post, because I'm excited to announce that I have tons of empties to show you! I'm so proud of myself!

I bought Avon Basics Care Deeply Body Lotion with cocoa butter* on a whim when I was an Avon rep because it was on sale also because it contained cocoa butter, however, I should have known better! I ended up using this lotion on my feet instead of simply throwing it away because it certainly does not provide24-hour moisturization, but it did work surprisingly well on my feet, leaving them incredibly soft and smooth after only a few uses! Who would have known?

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter is my first ever The Body Shop purchase and I'm soooo in love with it! It is my absolute HG body moisturizer as it works wonders on my eczema, and I'm so glad I finally gave in and tried one of those famous body butters. The consistency is dreamy - rich, creamy and perfectly thick - exactly what I'm expecting in a body butter! Sure, my skin still ocasionally itches and sometimes I have to apply moisturizer in the morning to get me through the day, but I haven't feel the need to reach for my steroid cream in a long time and this is a big step forward in my book. This is the jumbo size (400ml) and let me confirm that it really is jumbo! I have been using this butter since the beginning of December and I have only very recently used it up so it was definitely a great deal (it cost me $10 instead of $25).

It is extremely rare that I truly love a body lotion (I tend to favour body butters because of my dry skin and eczema) but it happened with George's Light Special Moisturizing LotionIt has a light texture but it never fails to relieve dryness and itchiness, meaning significantly less eczema flare-ups. Also, I could feel my skin being moisturized all day, which I don't think I have experienced with a lotion before!

As much as I absolutely loved the deliciously sweet and fruity smell of CALGON Take me away! Brazilian Beauty Passion Fruit & Brazil Nut Body Mist*, I won't repurchase it because body mists never last more than 30 seconds on me.

Skin RX Medi Peel Hyaluronic Moisturizer did not get rid of the stubborn dry patches on my forehead on its own, but it left my skin super soft. It's also recommended to apply a cream to seal in the moisture if you have dry skin, which I did, because once the hyaluronic moisturizer was absorbed in my skin, it left it feeling super tight and uncomfortale, which I though was strange for something that is claimed to moisturize. At $58, it's nothing miraculous. 

I usually try to stay away from clay masks because most of them tend to leave my skin even more dry than before, but I did not have this problem with Elemis FreshSkin Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask. Still, I won't repurchasing it because I don't feel it really did something for my skin.

My first experience with a scrub that you have to let sit on your face like a mask was with Montagne Jeunesse Apricot Face Scrub and I loved it! The texture is great - very thick and the exfoliating beads (which are really apricot kernels) are a good size and there are a lot of them, unlike some other cheap foaming scrubs. This Montagne Jeunesse face scrub left my dry skin feeling super tight and uncomfortable when I washed it off - like most clay masks I previously used - but it was OK when I applied my moisturizer. The day after, I noticed that my skin was not drier because of the scrub, but also that it was more glowy - what a nice surprise! The only negative things about Montagne Jeunesse packaging is that it's messy and not resealable, so I like to pour the leftover product in a little pot so it doesn't dry up and it's easier to scoop with your fingers.

I have been very kindly sent Pai Rosehip & BioRegenerate fruit & seed oil blend  along with the Pai Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream and as I'm suffering from eczema, Nicola from Pai Skincare recommended applying them both at the same time, so adding a couple of drops of Rosehip oil into a pump of cream for an extra regenerative boost, which I did until I used up the seed oil blend. I have been using these two products twice a day every day since I received them always on the same area of my body - on my right hand, I developed a stubborn patch of eczema on my knuckles and even though my eczema on my fingers seems to have gotten better, I still get flare-ups sometimes so I also used these products on my fingers. I didn't notice improvements until the second week of use and OMG, I must say this stuff is seriously awesome! I didn't get flare-ups in those two weeks and that does say a lot! My right hand is almost back to normal although my knuckles are still a little dry but they are less red and irritated and they don't itch anymore - same with my fingers! Honestly, I can't believe it. This is the first time some products work really well on my eczema! Sadly, even though it works well, I simply can't afford it at $35.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme seems to be a staple among a lot of beauty bloggers and as much as I love everything about it - its delicious smell, its thick and creamy texture, how well it moisturizes my parched cuticles, its super cute tin - I'm just too lazy to remember to apply it on my cuticles and nails every night so most of the time, I simply use it as a hand cream before bed because it tends to get a bit greasy.

mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm is the first product of this brand that I tried and honestly, it does not make me want to try some more. I'm not even sure why it's called a "balm" when it's more like a simple lotion that did not even properly moisturizemy dry skin. It did smell lovely though, a bit sweet!

Another disappointement from LUSH, Space Girl Bath Bomb. This did not smell anything in the bath and while I appreciated that it fizzed slowly while turning and swishing around in the bath, which is always entertaining, despite being infused with grapefruit oil, Space Girl did not left my skin moisturized or toned.

On the other hand, I had a pleasant bath with LUSH Bearded Lady Bubble Bar, which I got as a Christmas present maybe two years ago but LUSH did not bring it back last Christmas so I'm afraid it has been discontinued, hend why I won't be posting a complete review about it. I can't really explain the scent as to me, it didn't really smell anything, but it was pleasent and relaxing, but sadly, the scent didn't really intensified in the bath. I got a considerable amount of bubbles for the tiny piece I used, but they didn't last long - maybe 10 minutes. I could feel my skin being softer and moisturized while I was in the bath and after, which is always appreciated when you have dry skin like me.

Because I have so many shower gels, body wash, soaps, etc. laying around, I cheated with Simply Basics Cocoa Butter Body Wash and I actually used it as a bubble bath, and I must say it did not work really well. Yes, it did create some pretty amazing bubbles at first, but they quickly vanished. Oh well, this was a bit of a cheap product anyway.

On my neverending quest to find the perfect teeth whitening product, I bought Scope White Mouthwash on a whim when I saw it on sale for around $5 at the drugstore about one year ago and even though I said that I would update you with my progress, well I'm sad to have to report that two bottles of this stuff later, my teeth are still somewhat yellow. Thank you Scope.

I love how Lara Beauty Conditioning Cleanser for Sensitive Skin (not pictured, I forgot to keep it and threw it away) is really gentle on my dry skin and does not leave it with that squeaky clean feeling. It also does not really foam, making it less irritant.

*This product is NOT cruelty-free


  1. WOW that is a lot of empties!! Have you tried pure shea butter on your eczema?? My sister in law uses it for that purpose and loves it.

    Also have you tried Plus White 5 Minute Teeth Whitener?? It's my go to when my teeth need to be whitened and the best part is that it's cheap.

  2. More empties, yay. Well done, Gaby. =)

  3. wow so many empties!! congrats (:

  4. À toute les fois que tu fais cette article je ne fais que me demander comment tu fais pour terminer autant de produit dans un mois! xD Pour moi ça en fait beaucoup!

  5. I love Body Shop butters they're so good but they're a bit on the expensive side :(

  6. I am glad you liked the bearded lady! I love LUSH bubble bars!! I agree about the mèreadesso body balm- it smells nice but it isn't anything special and not worth the outrageous price tag!!

  7. Okay, well, all I can say is that I thought I was the only one who never experienced any teeth whitening from those whitening mouthwashes! I have tried every brand and gone through bottles but never really saw a difference. I am about ready to try those whitening strips, I just get nervous about it because I have sensitive teeth. I would talk to my dentist but I just moved and we have to find someone out here, not sure when we'll be doing that, though! >__<

  8. Nice empties Gaby!! Love that George's cream too!

  9. You went through a lot this month. XOXO

  10. Wow that is a lot of empties! puts mine to shame haha!

  11. Fantastic.. well done in clearing out!

  12. Great empties. That apricot scrub must have felt nice.

  13. Well done you! I'm so bad at using up products. xx

  14. You r a good blogger ...I toss all my stuff heh

  15. Wow you finished a lot of products! It's so hard for me to do that... hehe~ :X

  16. Great post! Love the info you give in your empties posts;)

  17. Où as-tu trouvé ta lotion George :) ?

    Pssst, il y a du nouveau et un tout nouvel genre d'article, vient faire un tour :)

  18. @Tammy Wilson: I have been recommended pure shea butter countless times for my eczema but the problem is that I have way too many body creams, butters and lotions that I want to use up first!

    Yes I did tried that teeth whitener but only once I must admit, and it didn't seem to really do something, so I completely forgot about it LOL!

    @o0mariline0o : Ça en fait beaucoup pour moi aussi, c'est pour ça que je suis si fière ahah! Le truc c'est de persévérer et de ne pas se laisser tenter par tous les nouveaux produits lancés sur le marché à tout bout de champs... =P

    @Pyari Beauty : I totally agree, that's why I won't be buying them at full price. I'm glad I had the chance to try them though as they are absolutely amazing!

    @Mandy : I had the chance to try some Crest Whitening Stripes some times ago and OMG, I don't even have sensitive teeth and these hurted like HELL! Never again for me, that's for sure! And you know what? They didn't even whiten my teeth - at all!

    @Tasha W : Thanks Tasha, I'm glad you like these posts (:

    @Fatia : Je ne sais pas où tu habites mais au Québec, on trouves ces produits chez Pharmaprix et Loblaws. Jette un coup d'oeil à leur store locator: http://www.georgescream.com/buy.html

  19. I went through my last Lush bath bomb recently - I need to get more! =)