April 30, 2012

My First Experience With (Faux) Feather Hair Extensions - NuMe Feather Extensions

Yes, I will admit that when I first started hearing about this trend, I was among the first to laugh at it and say it just looked... stupid - I'm sorry! Part of it was because, being an animals lover, I am strongly against the killing of roosters purely for esthetic matters, but I didn't know at this time that there was tons of synthetic alternatives, as I stated in this post later on. Even though, I was not interested enough in this trend to buy some faux feathers, but I could not let pass the opportunity when the very lovely Astra received some in her March Glymm Box and offered to send them to me to try. 

Astra very kindly sent me a pack of three bright blue "grizzly" NuMe Feather Extensions, which look absolutely stunning! NuMe extensions are 100% cruelty-free, synthetically crafted from real human hair and ready for heat styling. 

The set includes three hair extensions, micro rings and instructions

When I received the extensions, I had no idea where to start to install them on my hair, and the instructions that came in the package were not very clear - until I realized that was because I didn't have a hair hook! After browsing YouTube to get a better idea of how I was supposed to do it, I decided to try without a hook, and after many failed attempts, I finally succeeded!

I started by separating a small section of hair a bit higher than my crown but not too high on my head because my hair is not very thick and I was afraid the end of the extensions would show. Be careful not to place the extensions too low on your hair though if you don't want to have to trim it for it to fit with the rest of your hair.

The next step would be to pull the small section of hair through the micro ring with the hair hook, but I managed to do so without the tool by wetting the strand of hair, making it easier to slide it through the micro ring (my dry hair would not allow me to do so because I have lots of layers).

Then, simply position the micro ring at or near the roots of hair (I put it just a bit below the roots as I have found that if I position it at the roots, my hair tugs quite a bit and it hurts) and insert the end of the hair extensions into the micro ring. Carefully - I pinched my fingers a couple of time - pinch the micro ring closed using a crimping tool (or, in my case, small pliers). Do not apply too much pressure because you might break the ring!

The extensions were very comfortable to sleep in, style with a flat iron or a curling iron, wear in a ponytail, braid, etc - keep in mind that they are made of human hair, after all! Overall, I am very happy with these faux feather hair extensions and now I want to try more of them!

To remove the extensions, carefully pinch the micro ring the reversed way - you want to open it instead of closing it.

For best results and longer life of the product, NuMe recommends to keep the extensions straight when stored. Just like natural hair, extensions are prone to tangles and knots. To clean your Feather extensions, use a light detergent, lightly soak and let drip dry. Do not style when wet.

You can easily get your feathery fix with NuMe's colorful variety of faux-rooster hair extensions sold in sets of 3 for $19.99 and available in vibrant red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple and white. 


  1. So fun and I want to try this!

    Have a great wk!


  2. i really love them!

  3. I think it looks really cute. I wasn't liking this trend eaither when it first came about, but now that you can get faux feathers I kinda like it.


  4. This is really cute on you, love the teal!

  5. I really like them and want to try them but I think I've missed the boat on this trend!! Great post love :)

  6. I LOVE hair feathers!! They are awesome for temp hair colors!

  7. I always wanted to get these, but I never thought to get a kind that I could take out and put in. Hmm I might have to try these! I was so hesitant to try these before cause of how often I dye my hair I didn't want to waste my money when I put dye in and couldn't take them out.

  8. They look great, i've been looking for feather extensions for a while now. I'm getting some from http://www.hairtrade.com they look fab! x

  9. it's nice, I bought some hair extensions, but it wasn't micro rings to attach, what you show seems better...