March 21, 2012

Time & Again Crackling Wick - Scented Candles With A Comforting Sound

The sound... the scent... the spell of a wood-burning fire, captured in our richly fragranced premium candles. Delight in the crackling invitation to relax and unwind, while your home is gently fragranced. Features a long-burning wick made out of wood, elegant lids and our most-loved fragrances. Long-lasting, clean-burning and beautifully presented. Crackling Wick Candles create the welcoming mood of a cozy wood fire anywhere in your home.

Is it weird to talk about a candle on my blog? NEOM candles seem to be all the rage on UK blogs so I thought why not, especially since this one has a little somthing that makes it special. Sure, we all love scented candles, but have you ever heard of crackling wick candles before? Not me, so you can imagine my surprise - and suspicion - when this genius little thing landed on my doorstep.

The Time & Again Crackling Wick Candles Scented Candles fragrance I received is Sweet Peppermint and let me tell you, this smells delicious even without lighting it up. It's really true to its name as it smells fresh yet not overly sweet, just enough to properly balance the usual heavy candy cane scent it and make it smell perfectly yummy.

Then, the moment of truth arrived - I absolutely did not know what kind of "comforting sound" to expect from a candle, but it is really lovely! If you close your eyes, you can easily imagine yourself sitting next to a fire. It's not a really loud sound - at first, I had to bring my ear so close to the candle to hear it that some strands of my hair burnt - but I don't know how to describe it besides "comforting". It's a stable sound that I'm sure I would have no problems falling asleep to, just like the dishwasher or the rain.

Time & Again Crackling Wick Candles Scented Candles are claimed to burn up to 45 hours which I believe is true looking at their large size (11.85 oz.). I have not used it enough to be able to properly say without doubt if it burns evenly but because the wick is so large, I don't think I will be left with some big chunks of wax randomly hanging in the corners of the container - speaking of container, it is heavy, made of glass and it appears to be very sturdy.

Time & Again Crackling Wick Candles Scented Candles are available in a wide selection of fragrances for $24.00 on the Time & Again website and in selected stores in US and Canada. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook page!

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.  


  1. sweet peppermint sounds yummy!

  2. This is such a neat idea, I haven't ever heard of a candle with a crackling wick!

  3. Je ne connaissais pas du tout cette marque! ça a l'air intéressant une chandelle qui craque comme le bois. Je vais voir si je peux en trouver à Montréal...

  4. I REALLY want this now, burning for 45 hours thats crazy!