March 05, 2012

Tag: Nail Polish Addict

(source: weheartit)

I found this tag on Sunshine Rose's blog and decide to "steal" it as I realize I don't talk much about nail polish on my blog for some reasons.

1. What's your favorite nail polish company?

Barry M, definitely! It's one of the most affordable nail polish brand and it's amazing quality for the price. I really hope they will come to Canada one day!

2. Glitter or no glitter?

Glitter, even though it's a complete mess to remove, it's totally worth it! I love how it can totally change the look of any nail polish super easily.

(source: weheartit)

3. OPI, China Glaze, or Essie?

I will have to say OPI because the only China Glaze and Essie nail polishes I have tried would chip incredibly quickly on me, which is disappointing for the steep price.

4. When do you change your nail polish?

I like to wear a difference nail polish every week (:

5. What's your favorite color on your nails?

Barry M Peach Melba because it's the most beautiful shade ever and it makes my hands look tan!

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6. Darks or brights?

I would say I go for brights more often because they are more fun and original but dark are beautiful too, although more classy.

7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?

Catrice Cosmetics Nail Polish in 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night (gorgeous greenish black with pink&green glitter)

8. Matte nails - in or out?
I have never tried them but I'm not a fan, it just looks dull in my opinion.

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9. French manicure?

I know a lot of people think this is a really dated look but I think it's very classic - when it's done right. To me a good french manicure is a nice light pink or nude with small white tips. Claw like, long white-tipped acrylics? No thanks.

10. Favorite Winter Color
I don't believe there is such a thing as winter or summer color. I just wear what I like when I feel like it!


  1. J'aime ce tag :)
    Je n'ai jamais essayé la marque Barry M... j'aimerais bien un jour.

  2. Barry M is my favourite brand of nail varnish too. Along with Rimmel (but I am trying to transition to cruelty free after reading loads about how many brands test on animals!)

    Where do you manage to get it from if it is not in Canada?

    Sarah xoxo

  3. Fun post! I'm stealing this one too ;)

  4. i love nail polishes too! i really think that it contributes a lot to your every day outfit :)

    i'm working on starting my nail polish collection of zoya, opi and chanel soon!

    The Pink Margarita

  5. ooooo fun tag! will do this at some point & link back. enjoyed reading your responses :)


  6. I might do this! I'm really getting into nail polish at the moment. I'm never buying essie again, I ad said that the first time I bought cute as a button but then saw ladlylike and fell in love with the colour... but boy does it apply streaky and chips so easily! Such a disappointment xxx

  7. Stealing this tag for purplefolie for sure :) How fun! I agree, Barry M is a great brand! Now I want to see peach melba on your nails missy :)

  8. I love nail polish! I've never tried Barry M, I hope it becomes easier to get!

  9. I've never tried Barry M either, where do you get it?

  10. J'adore la première photo que tu as choisie -- j'ai ce genre de "meuble" sur mon mur mais il n'est pas aussi spacieux, et je n'ai pas de place pour toute ma collection!

    Je voulais aussi te remercier pour le rasoir Schick, que j'ai reçu aujourd'hui par la poste :).

  11. I know what you mean about wearing glitter - so pretty yet so messy.

  12. Love the photos you chose with this post Gaby, especially the french nails pic..!

  13. @PtiteMeve : Il faut vraiment que tu l'essaies si ils décident de finalement s'en venir au Canada!

    @ Sarah @ CityGirl : I agree, Rimmel is pretty great too but it's a shame they test on animals. Actually, I was among the lucky few Canadian who got to try some Barry M products when they had that campaign to help them come to Canada, but this project seems to be dead now...

    @ Carla : I know, if it wasn't for their damn stupid brush, their polishes would be awesome! I still don't understand how some people are able to make them work...

    @Macbella2 : I know I don't post NOTD often on here but I will definitely feature this nail polish sometimes (:

    @Sarah : I know, such a shame!

    @Nastia: Contente que tu l'aies déjà reçu, fais attention de ne pas te couper jusqu'à l'os comme j'ai fait ahah!

  14. Jusqu'à l'os, j'espère que tu n'es pas réellement sérieuse? Tu me fais peur tout à coup o_o.

  15. Been loving showcasing nail stuff lately. I seriously am becoming obsessed and trying on all these new 'styles.' I love that orange yellowish nail polish you showcased x