March 12, 2012

Photoshoot With Josianne From Être Radieuse!

Last Thursday, the very lovely Josy from Être Radieuse came over for an incredibly fun night. Josy and I started talking on Facebook about two years ago when we discovered each other's blog, but we finally met face to face very recently, at the Marcelle/Annabelle #Avant1reBeauté Event that was held last November, and there was instead chemistry between us. Josy and I live a little far from each other so it's always complicated to organize a meet-up, but we finally succeeded!

I picked up Josy at the subway terminal with a little surprise!

Back home, we had a merry shopping spree a the grocery store and the liquor store in the pouring rain (crappy Québec weather) and Josy cooked us a delicious vegetarian dinner.

Honey wine and sparkling rosé, melted camembert stuffed with olives and dried tomatoes, pastas with black beans and olives

Then, we were ready for the serious stuff and Josy worked her magic on me:

Can you believe Josy actually used a blush on my lips? It's Make Up For Ever Cream Blush in the shade #4 Fresh Pink

Think that was the serious stuff? Brace yourself!

Josy found herself a new best friend (:

Josy used mostly Sugarpill makeup for my transformation and she also added some homemade corn syrup fake blood.

But why did we do this?

Being a vegetarian, all animal issues are close to my heart and I do my best to raise awareness on those important topics. Josy and I were thinking for some times to unite for a photoshoot to illustrate animal testing, and even though it happened without real preparations, I think it turned out pretty well! For more info on animal testing, be sure to check my cruelty-free page.

Be sure to check out Josianne's blog, Être Radieuse, as well as her online portefolio, Make Up Little Josie. This lovely girl is incredibly talented and I'm sure she will go very far! I can't wait for the next photoshoot (:


  1. J'adore les photos contre la cruauté animal! Elles évoquent la beauté et la répugnance à la fois!

  2. That's a pretty powerful message and I am a sucker for "gore" makeup as I can do it myself too :)

    Click here to get your daily buzz!

    Sarah xoxo

  3. Great message! I try my best to purchased cruelty-free makeup but I must admit to having a few hear and there that I didn't know were. :( Seriously need to go through them all and purge them from my sight!

  4. Incredible makeup! It's so unique!


  5. how fun that you two did a meet-up! wine and food and makeup? sounds like the perfect girls weekend!

  6. this is so awesome I saw the pictures on your face book you rocked that look what a great weekend !!!

  7. So cool. What a great idea to raise awareness. Love it.

  8. Hi My "gore-geous"!
    Juste un gros merci pour cette super soirée encore une fois et que je t'aime full fort! By the way, Chris fait dire que je suis Mommy #2 de Peach!

    J'ai hâte de recommencer de quoi d'extraordinaire avec une personne aussi exceptionnelle que toi! Je m'ennuie déjà de toi!

    En passant... j'ai une amie qui vend un condo à Boucherville :p tsé on pourrait l'acheter ensemble et bloguer côte à côte! Hihihi!

    À bientôt!
    Merci pour la mention et encore une fois ce super article et TOUS les éloges :)

    Josy -xxx-
    etreradieuse.com (désolé l'habitude de taguer etreradieuse.com partout où je passe :p)

  9. ooo wow you guys did a great job on the message!! :] it's definitely something that not many people are aware of.

  10. If you didn't read your comments this could be a seriously disturbing post :)

  11. @Nicolka Mikaze : C'était exactement le but, contente que tu aimes (:

    @Ricquetta : I know what you mean hun, I'm still adding and removing brands to my cruelty-free list. It's so hard to keep up!

    @J.Brousseau : Awww merci à toi pour cette superbe soirée ma belle Josy, je t'aime et je m'ennuie! x

    @Tracy D: I'm not sure I understand what you mean Tracy?