February 14, 2012

Marcelle BB Cream - The First Canadian-Made BB Cream

The 8 in 1 multi-benefits BB Cream that does it all for you, instantly! 
Your ultimate skin care enhancer for all ages and skin types, this multi-purpose skin care cream is more than a tinted moisturizer or simple make-up base. It perfects the skin to reveal a more even epidermis and well-hydrated, flawless complexion, all in one. Use it alone as a tinted moisturizer; over your moisturizer to unify your complexion and reduce the appearance of blemishes, apply as a make-up base under foundation for total coverage and improved stay-on power. 
Hypo-allergenic and perfume free. Suitable for all ages and skin types.

I don't know if you remember me mentionning the big surprise at the Marcelle/Annabelle #Avant1reBeauté event... but it was the BB Cream! Yes, Marcelle came up with the first Canadian-made BB Cream formulated specially for Canadian women in pharmacies as well as mass retail stores!

If you don't know what is a BB Cream - I'll admit it, despite seeing these all over the blogosphere, I was confused before being finally able to try one for myself - well, "BB" stands for Beauty Balm and it's designed to perfects the skin to reveal a more even epidermis and well-hydrated, flawless complexion, all in one. Ideal for any age and any skin type, the Marcelle BB Cream comes in two shades and is suitable for a wide variety of carnations thanks to its self-adjusting pigments that transform and adapt to skin tone.

Marcelle BB Cream claims to be the ultimate skin enhancer as this Beauty Balm with self-adjusting pigments, powerful antioxidants, aloe and chamomile does it all for your skin:

  • Minimizes the appearance of imperfections and pores
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Provides an excellent make-up base and replaces primers
  • Matifies skin and controls shine
  • Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits
  • Soothes and calms skins
  • Protects from premature aging and environmental stresses
  • Promotes skin regeneration

I think this product is amazing for girls who are on the go or/and who can't bother with foundation - like me - as it does everything at once! I personally use it instead of foundation because I have found that it unifies my skin tone incredibly well and it's also great to  minimize my huge pores. I would say this BB Cream provides light coverage as I had to use concealer on top of it to properly hide the redness around my eyes (damn you eczema!) and conceal pimples or blemishes. That's perfect with me as I can't stand heavy-duty and mask-like foundations anyway.

Because of my dry skin, I can't use this BB Cream as a tinted moisturizer in the winter but I'm sure it would be great in the summer because it does leave my skin soooo soft and smooth. The only thing is that it doesn't contain SPF, so if you are a lazy gal - like me, again - you will be disappointed to have to apply sunscreen on top of it.

Marcelle BB Cream in Light to Medium (indirect sunlight)

I assume I was sent the shade Light to Medium to try because I can't find the name of the shade anywhere on the tube, and at first sight I thought it looked way too dark and yellowish for my skintone, but it blends surprisingly well and just disappear to an almost matte finish with just the right amount of glow to make you look healthy,

I think the packaging is amazing - light, mess-proof and sanitary. A pump is all I need to cover my whole face - OK, I won't lie, I don't apply it on my forehead as it's covered by my bangs anyway - and that's it! No need to worry about bacteria or anything.

Marcelle BB Cream is available at pharmacies and mass retail stores across Canada for $22.95 for 1.5 OZ / 45 mL. You can also order it on Marcelle website!

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Tu trouves pas que le produit.. pue? J'ai essayer sur ma main le testeur qu'on avait en magasin, et même réaction de toutes les cosméticiennes: ça sent pas bon!! Donc j'ai pas oser l'essayer sur mon visage.

    Si j'ai beaucoup de rougeurs au niveau des joues, rosacé, est-ce que le produit va le cacher ou je vais devoir mettre quelque chose de plus?

  2. jai bien hate de recevoir la mienne :)

  3. This looks like a really neat product! I've never tried a BB cream, but I'm very curious since so many people love them.

  4. C'est drôle, je l'ai essayé vite vite en magasin (sans en mettre beaucoup sur ma main) et messemble que le tester de la couleur Light to Medium était plus pâle... ?? p't'être que j'en ai pas assez mis pour avoir la vrai couleur... va falloir que j'y retourne lol

    est-ce que tu penses que Marcelle va sortir une version avec FPS éventuellement?

  5. Thanks for your review! I saw the marcelle and it looks like a good choice, especially cause I've heard a lot of buzz around bb creams lately...

  6. Thanks for the explanation. I had no idea what BB creams are either.


  7. @ Emie. : Bah j'ai pas remarqué l'odeur mais anyway si le produit fonctionne bien pour moi, l'odeur n'est jamais un "make or break". Comme je l'ai mentionné, moi je dois appliquer du concealer sur mes rougeurs du à l'eczema donc je suppose que tu devras faire pareil parce que la BB Cream procure une couvrance très légère.

    @ Cocovanilla : Hmmm en fait, j'ai supposé que la teinte que j'avais était Light to Medium car j'ai le teint pâle et cette teinte est parfaite et se fond très bien. On m'a aussi mentionné que la teinte Medium to Dark était extrêmement foncée... mais je suis peut-être dans le tort! Pour la version avec FPS, ça m'étonne énormément que Marcelle ait choisit de l'omettre honnêtement, mais j'espère bien que ça viendra!

  8. Je l'ai acheté ce matin et je l'adore. C'est certain que ca ne couvre pas autant qu'on fond de teint mais je crois que les autres avantages en pèse ce petit contre. Dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de protection uv mais bon... J'ai quelques zones sèches comme c'est l'hivers et à ma grande surprise le produit n'a pas fait d'effet de patches sèches. C'est vraiment pas chers alors je me dis que les gens n'ont rien a perdre à l'essayer. JE NE TROUVE PAS QU'ELLE PUE 0.0...


  9. moi jai eu medium a foncé et je pense que c'est ce que tu as eu.. je lai pris medium foncé car je voulais plutot l'utilisé dans l'été car je ne met pas de fond de teint l'été.. mais finalement je peux la mettre toute suite... je n'ai pas la teint très pale alors j'avais peur que light soit trop pale pour moi.. mais je vais dire comme toi il se fond très bien

  10. j'ai toujours envie dessayer mais je suis sure que je vais etre lazy pour mettre du fps.. =.=

  11. OOO perfect for lazy girls like me =D I REALLY want to try this! but it looks a bit dark for my pasty self right now =/
    Wow it does help with the pores? I hope they have a sample one out at the drugs stores! I really want to try this!