February 21, 2012

LUSH The Ex-Factor - Electric Blue Bath Bomb Voodoo

It's not me, it's you   
Valentine's Day isn't for everyone. It can make your blood boil when you're not with anyone and it can do the same when you are. Our blue Bath Bomb was invented for wronged lovers and those who dislike the romantic sentiments of Valentine's Day. 
Love doesn't even factor into it  
While it has the cute blue colour of a Smurf, there's nothing quite so sweet about Ex Factor. Its musky, creamy scent and dissolvable limbs make for a wickedly fun bath, where you can fizz away appendages and head until your thirst for revenge has been satisfied.

THAT SMELL. O-M-G. I'm not talking about sickly sweet vanilla, but more of a grown-up vanilla smell that is warm, creamy and very comforting. I think I can also smell a hint of baby powder... but maybe I'm just weird! I'm a sucker for anything sweet and this surely did not disappoint! As good as The Ex-Factor smells though, I'm sad to have to report that the scent almost completely disappears in the bath an it doesn't linger on my skin either.

Once dropped in the bath, The Ex-Factor fizzed away pretty quickly and I was delighted to see the water turn a bright blue - I had the impression to bathe in the ocean, which was insanely relaxing and it totally made my day! I can say it was seriously one of the best bath I ever had only because of the color of the water.

The "make or break" factor for me when it comes to body products is wether or not they are able to properly moisturize my dry and eczema-prone skin, and I'm sorry to say The Ex-Factor was not able to fulfill this. It did not leave my skin drier but it did not leave it smoother either. I'm not even supposed to have baths because of my eczema, that's why I try to go for moisturizing bath products to counteract the drying effect of the warm water.

The Ex-Factor is available at LUSH for $4.95 for 100g around Valentine's Day. Be quick and maybe you will have time to stock up!


  1. The UK didn't have these this years :'( They were my favourite for years and I really needed them this year! :P


  2. It looks so nice! Shame it didnt help your skin xx

  3. Sounds delicious!!! I do hate the overly sweet vanilla that makes you feel ill when you smell it. I need some lush!!!

  4. going to the mall today and I'm def gonna stop by lush today to pick up some goodies :)

  5. Im not the biggest fan of Vanilla scents but the products shape is very cute =)

  6. This is adorable! I love fun bath products.

  7. The thought of that tropical blue water would make me happy too!