January 19, 2012

To Bangs Or Not To Bangs, That Is The Question!

The last time I tried bangs was in September 2010 and I absolutely hated it. I went to the hairdresser and asked for something that would make my face seem shorter and my hair more volumized, so she cut straight bangs, which I think don't suit my face shape at all. I don't know if it's just me, but it looked weird, maybe too "perfect" for my taste - I had in mind more dishevelled and textured bangs.

This time, after watching too many movies and TV shows featuring Zooey Deschanel (Our Idiot Brother and New Girl), I got an intense craving for thick, dishevelled and effortless bangs like her - have you notice how her bangs look different yet  in every picture of her? Isn't it amazing?

(source: Google Images)

I must say I've been getting more and more bored of my hair recently but I wasn't ready to commit to a new hair color or anything so I figured out an easy way to update my look was bangs - I told myself that if I didn't like the results, I could always just swipe the bangs aside in a frange and let it grow, but I actually really like it!

I didn't go to the hairdresser for this - who goes to the hairdresser just to get bangs anyway? - and cut it myself. WARNING: If you plan to cut your own bangs, be sure your hair is dry! Wet hair stretches and because of that, you are more likely to cut your bangs shorter than you had planned - thrust me on that, I did this mistake once.

I personally think it's easier to start to cut your bangs in the center and work your way out, but it may be the other way around for you. I make sure to comb my hair down and I cut a little longer than where I want them because it's always better to cut longer then take more off. Because I was aiming for textured bangs, I used the scissors pointing at the hair and cut straight into it, that way my bangs are slightly uneven and they look more voluminous.

L - R: before and after

I will admit that I was very hesitant to get bangs at first for various reasons - here they are:

Bangs can get greasy really fast. I personally have dry skin but my t-zone often gets oily when it's hot outside so naturally, bangs suck up all the oil, which cause them to be greasy and limp. On top of that, my hair already gets oily pretty fast, so to counteract this, I have realized it's necessary to carry dry shampoo or baby powder in my bag at all time. If you have time, you can also wash only your bangs in the shower or in the sink. Also be sure to clip your bangs away from your face when you apply your face cream and allow it to properly dry, otherwise your hair will soak it all up! I like to use this hair pad thingy to keep my bangs away from my face.

Bangs need to be trimmed regularly. I cut mine so they fall slightly under my eyebrows so it doesn't take much time before they grow and fall in my eyes, which is insanely annoying. Bangs have to be trimmed every month but it personally takes me only around five minutes so I really don't mind.

Bangs can be super annoying and take some times to get used to. In 2010, when I chose to get bangs, I swept them aside after two days because the minute I got hot, they would make my forehead itch and trigger eczema flare-ups. Also, if you aren't used to bangs and usually part your hair on the side for example, you will maybe have the reflex to always try to swipe them on the side, but you will get use to it.

Bangs don't suit everybody. If you have a round face, don't go for bangs because they will only emphasize your roundness. Bangs can also make you look younger - I have a friend with a baby face who sports bangs and it only makes her look like a 7 years old, which is not cute - but you will have to experiment with them to know.

(source: weheartit 1 2 3)

But there's also a positive side to bangs, which won me over!

Bangs are relatively low maintenance. OK, this seems to contradict the second point above but what I mean is that my bangs fall in place by themselves when I wake up in the morning and because I don't want them to look too perfect, I don't flat iron them everyday, that way they look more volumized, textured and natural. I couldn't do that with my fringe because it would always look strange if I didn't flat iron it.

Bangs can conceal a huge forehead and makes your face appear shorter. This is the main reason why I finally decided to go for bangs! I'm really craving long hair but with my super long face, straight long hair doesn't really suit me and because I'm too lazy to blow dry it or curl it everyday to infuse some volume in it, this is the only other solution for me.

Bangs emphasize your eyes. Eye grazing bangs will bring out the color of your eyes!

Bangs instantly update your haircut. As I said above, I went for it because it was the easiest solution to beat hair dorebom. If I don't like them, I can also grow them out, which you can't do if your hair color is a disaster, for example.

Bangs allow you to sport a simple haircut because the spotlight is on your bangs. I don't feel the need to layer my hair as much as before because I think my bangs add enough texture and volume by themselves.

Bangs can be styled how you like. The possibilities are endless! If you get bored of straight bangs, just swipe them aside in a side fringe, do a center part, clip them back, braid them, etc.

Bangs allow you to wear less makeup. Because your bangs conceal your forehead, you don't even need to bother with concealing that humongous zit anymore! Also, there's no need for foundation or bronzer up there. Personally, I don't even bother filling in my brows anymore because they are covered by my bangs anyway.

I'm still not sure I'm getting used to bangs but I want to allow myself more time before giving up on them - that's how bored I am! I want to experience with different hairstyle and all - I have found that a ponytail with thick bangs suit me way better than before, for example.


  1. Ca te va bien le toupet Gabby!

  2. Je ne crois pas que ça ne te va pas bien nécessairement mais juste simplement que ça fait différent et qu'il faut s'y adapter, surtout quand t'as quasiment jamais eu de toupet! Moi je crois que depuis que je te connais, je ne t'ai jamais vu avec un toupet!
    Bon, moi je trouve que ça te va bien, mais mon dieu que ça te donne un look différent aussi!

  3. To bangs! :) I cut my bangs once and I was told I look like an adolescent boy. I cut it too short - my hair was wet. Haha!

  4. Wow! You look amazing. I want bangs too...but for me they will serve a very important purpose for this 30 something gal...hide my frown line! lol

    You look lovely :) love the hair color too!

  5. ca te va bien, tu es jolie. bisoux

  6. Omg!! You look great! You can totally rock bangs!!! I envy people who can rock bangs because i definitely can't, i have a round face shape:/ they look amazing! Good job girl!

  7. you're so pretty you look a bit lke brody dalle from the band the distillers

  8. You look great. Definitely to bang!! ;)

  9. You pull off the bangs so well! I think you look great with or without them. :)

  10. To bangs! Ça te va super bien, ça fait ressortir tes yeux! Je vote oui! :)

  11. @Ms Bubu : Merci Steph!

    @Valili : En effet, je n'ai jamais vraiment eu de toupet, sauf quand j'ai voulu essayer il y a quelques temps et que je n'ai même pas toffé deux jours avec ahah! Mais cette fois-ci, je suis bien résolue à m'y adapter parce que j'en ai assez de ma longue face! Je pense comme toi, il faut se donner le temps de s'y habituer, malgré qu'il y a vraiment des formes de visages pour lesquels un toupet n'est pas recommandé car ça peut grossir ou arrondir un visage déjà rond, etc.

    @Pammy : Awww I'm sorry Pammy but I know what you mean, I did this mistake once too LOL!

    @Macbella2 : Ahah maybe you should try it too? (:

    @Brown Sugar : Merci (:

    @Shayla : Aww thanks girl but you don't need bangs, you are already sexy =P and you can rock black hair!

    @Beauty Fiend : You know what, I didn't even know who she was until I read your comment, and my boyfriend says it's true LOL!

    @Alex : Aww thanks!

    @rachinald : Thanks hun!

    @Dani : Thanks Dani! I got really bored of my side fringe that would never behave and that would NOT cover my huge forehead, it was time for a change!

    @Nicolka Mikaze : Donc j'ai fait un vbon choix? Merci! =D

  12. I really really like bangs on you!

    I can't tell you how many times I've gotten bangs, I have a big forehead so I always thought it would be a nice way to conceal that, but I have frizzy/wavy hair, so I always have to flat iron them, and be careful with how I style them and what not.

    You're making me want to run out and try bangs now!

  13. I love your bangs.
    I cut my own bangs a couple months ago and I am still trying to grow them out. Lesson learned never cut your own bangs lol

  14. I like the way you look with the bangs!

    Mine finally grew out and now I want them back, but my hubby doesn't like them. =/

  15. I felt the same way and my hair dresser gave me side-swept bangs, which I totally loved. Perhaps you can do something subtle like that?


  16. J'adore ta frange sur la première photo. Je n'aime pas trop quand c'est trop volumineux, mais c'est assez personnel ;-)
    Je crois que ça te ferai très bien :D

  17. Your bangs are so cute! I used to trim my own, but the last time I got my hair cut, my hair dresser told me not to cut them myself, and to get him to trim them... Needless to say, my bangs are now way too long, he's never in when I'm in that part of town, and I am scared he'll yell at me if I trim them myself! Lol... But bangs can be a lot of fun :)

  18. Your bangs look amazing (we call them fringes in the UK so I feel weird saying "bangs"!). You did a great job of cutting them in! I really envy people who suit full bangs, my hair only behaves itself when its past shoulder length so they're not really an option for me :( x

  19. I think it really suits you!

  20. I love it on you!! Really suits you! I have a widow's peak, so I have a hard time with bangs. You did a great job!

  21. Great decision to get your bangs back I love them! You can definitely rock bangs!

    I tried them actually just recently and I could not stand them! I wear my thick frame glasses most of the time to work and the thick bangs and thick frame glasses just made me look like a complete nerd! lol But I'm happy that my bangs grew pretty quickly and I am now able to make side swept bangs :)

  22. wow tu es superbe serieusement quelle changement j'adore .

  23. @Arezu : Oh yes I've heard about frizzy/wavy hair and bangs - not a good match!

    @Beauty Make Up Addict : Aww well I guess practice makes perfect?

    @ Anonymous : Thanks! Aww, boys will be boys...

    @Girlie Blogger : I have tried every style possible already but I've never been quite happy, that's why I wanted to try something really different and get used to it to keep it a long time.

    @Sea : Je suis bien d'accord avec toi, après avoir pris quelques fois lorsque je m'étais séché les cheveux au séchoir la tête à l'envers, j'avais l'impression de ressembler à un champignon LOL! J'ai retenu la leçon!

    @Sari : Thanks hun! Well of course your hairdresser will tell you to go to them to have their bangs cut, they are always after your money! I don't even go to the hairdresser because I cut my own hair. I always say practice makes perfect!

    @LilyLipstick : Yeah I still don't understand the difference between those words, but for some reasons I always though a fringe was side-swept bangs... isn't it?

    @Syzia : Thanks (:

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections : Oh I know what you mean, I still have trouble to get my bangs to fall flat instead on going on the side, so annoying!

    @Jenny : Oh yes I have seen some girls with thick bangs and thick glass frame - not pretty, unless you're really going for that kind of look...

    @beauty combat : Merci, tu es trop gentille!

  24. I've cut my own and it went horribly wrong, I thought 'how hard can this be'? Turns out...pretty hard :)

  25. I tried bangs and I am never going back. i hated them! I looked retarded. They simply weren't for me. I think they look great on you and from those picture inspirations...how I wish I had their faces!

    Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

  26. Looks cute on you! I had bangs about 2yrs ago and I'm still waiting on them to grow out fully.

  27. I think they really suit you!

  28. Bangs all the way. It looks amazing on you! Much prefer it!

  29. Nice work they look really good! And as they grow they can look even more different if you want...nice to change it up I think! Is the color of your hair the dye from dollarama? It looks nice:)

  30. @Tracy D : Aww really? I'm sorry Tracy! I guess practice makes perfect?

    @Mary : Bangs can be quite hard to pull of it you don't have the right face shape. I'm still not used to mine!

    @ Vintage Makeup : You didn't like them?

    @Cherry : Thanks Cherry!

    @PetitDerriere : Thanks hun (:

    @ *MoNtseR GiRl* : Yes it's the hair dye from Dollarama, it's not as dark as I would have liked it to be ):

  31. Good job! They look great! I love Zooey Deschanel too, I have hair envy every time I see her! xx

  32. Love your hair!
    following you! follow me if u want:)


  33. Gabyyyy you look GORGEOUS with your bangs!
    I'm asking myself whether I should grow mine out.... They can be so annoying some times. I can't decide!

  34. jaime bien tes bangs ^^

    ca fait longtemps que je nai pas eu des bangs...

  35. Gaby, you look hot with bangs! I love them. I used to have bangs and you're right, they grow so fast and it does get annoying. I'm actually thinking of getting bangs. I might do side bangs lol.

  36. I love love the bangs!! They look soo goood on you!!

  37. wow sa te va si bien :)

  38. I think the bangs look awesome on you! Early in the post you said that Zooey's hair always looks different.. I would have to disagree, I feel like she looks the exact same in every one of those photos. It's hard to change your hairstyle too much with straight bangs, as even if your hair is in an updo you still have bangs..

  39. Giiiiiiiirl! This looks SO super cute! You did a great job!

  40. I love the last 3 pictures, you look super cute!! :)