January 11, 2012

LUSH Candy Cane Bubble Bar

Perfectly pink swirl
Everyone knows one. Some are out and proud, some are closeted fans. It might be your sister, mother, best friend or gay uncle. Yes, pink lovers are among us. Make their Christmas morning by popping one of these pink swirly confections in their (undoubtedly pink) stocking and they might just share their bar with you. 
Bubbles in your bath, not in your mouth
Be warned: this pink bubbly treat is wickedly tempting for those with a serious sweet tooth. Candy Cane smells like a freshly spun candy-floss cloud sprinkled with icing sugar and bubblegum drops. We know... we're naughty. Bad LUSH!
My boyfriend gave this to me on Christmas a year ago and I only recently got to try it, although I'm not sure if this review will be useless because this year version of this product, Candy Mountain (the vanilla scent comes back every holiday season, this year in twisty mountain form), won't be around for long as it's a limited-edition product for Christmas. It took me some time to take and edit the pictures so I thought, why not post it anyway? Most - if not all - of the LUSH bath products I have are limited-edition anyway as I don't regularly shop there. If you think you will like this bubble bar - and I'm sure you will! - hopefully you will put it on your whishlist for next year (:

I love anything sweet and although I think this bubble bar smells more of bubblegum and peppermint than vanilla, it's still sweet without being overpowering - I know Snow Fairy tends to be too much for a lot of you, but this is not really the same thing.

Size comparison with my hand

Candy Cane Bubble Bar is a decent size for the price although I'm always saying that LUSH products are overpriced but if, like me, you don't have tons of money to spend on bath products, you may want to try to re-use this bar for a few baths. The amount you need to use will vary but according to LUSH, this bar usually yields one or two baths.

As I'm typing this review, I only used it for one bath but instead of following the instructions on the LUSH website, which advises to crumble the bubble bar under running warm water as you fill the tub, I just swirled it around in the tube while I filled it up for maybe 30 second then I removed it from the water and I got tons - and I really mean tons of bubbles! I still have a nice quantity of product left, I would say maybe for around three baths?

Because I didn't use the whole bubble bar, my bath water was only slightly tinted pink (that's why you can hardly see it in the pictures) but I don't really care for the color of the water honestly (although it's always a nice bonus) because what really matters to me is the smell - and the water did smell amazing for the whole 2 hours I spent in there! I have yet to find a bath product that has a smell that will linger on my skin after use but oh well!

If you're quick, maybe you'll be able to grab a Candy Cane Bubble Bar in the form of the Candy Mountain for $6.95 for 3.5 oz at LUSH.ca!


  1. Lush products are always such a treat!!

  2. It's strange how they turned the candy cane bubble bar into the candy mountain bubble bar this year..well in Australia at least :) xx

  3. Bubble bars are some of my favorite products from Lush. I usually get 3 baths out of mine - I just hold the very edge of the bar under the stream of running water until I have all the bubbles I want ;)

  4. I love this product! One of my favourite lush products along with the comforter and creamy candy! xx

  5. I really want to try a bubble bar! Thanks for sharing Gaby :)

  6. I love Lush products. My favorite product from them is their buffy body bar. It's moisturizing and exfoliating. You should definitely give it a try if your looking for something like that :)


  7. @ Nivedita : That's exactly how I see them them - as treats, so I tend to use them very sparingly (:

    @Jordy's Spot : I don't think it's strange, I actually really like the idea that the same limited-edition product comes back around the Holiday but under a different shape (:

    @WitchHazel : That's exactly what I do too, instead of crumbling them under the water. I'm still not sure if I prefer bath bombs or bubbles bars though, I guess I haven't tried enough of them!

    @.x.Sarah.x. : I haven't tried The Comforter or Creamy Candy as the only LUSH products I have are limited-edition because the only time I shop at LUSH is at the Boxing Day =P

    @Vintage Makeup : You should, it's actually much better than most liquid foaming bath things I've used in the past!

    @MaviDeniz: Ooooh I don't think I've heard of this product before! I must say I'm getting more and more interested in their products since I've started using their shampoo bar though!

  8. I wish I had a bath tub so I can use this bar. Showers are so boring and not relaxing at all.

  9. I feel a sudden craving for a lovely LUSH bath coming on! xo

  10. oh gosh this looks good enough to eat!! x