January 02, 2012

Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste

New Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste uses a patented enamel safe whitening ingredient that polishes away stains to gently whiten teeth. In fact, it removes up to 80% of surface stains in just 14 days. 
This paste-gel hybrid formulation gives you the cleaning of a paste and the freshness of a gel, getting your teeth smooth and clean. 
Add Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste to your oral care routine for:

  • Up to 80% reduction of surface stains in 14 days
  • Immediate freshness for a whole-mouth clean
  • Unique foaming-action carries whitening agents to surround teeth
  • A cool blast of mint

Do you remember my last experience with Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips? Let's just say I was far from amazed from the results and I was left in horrible pain, so you can imagine my hesitation to try another product from the range, but I figured out I had nothing to lose with a simple toothpaste, right?

Because Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste claims to remove the majority of surface stains in just 14 days, I couldn't wait to see the results, but after 2 weeks, nothing happened, so I continued to use this toothpaste to be able to write a fair review... but no, nothing.

L - R: Before and after 2 weeks

Do you know how awfully hard it is to take a picture of your teeth in the exact same spot with the exact same lightning twice? Honestly, even in real life, I couldn't notice a difference.

Something I love with Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste and that I have very rarely experienced before is how incredibly minty and fresh it left my breath for a looooooong time after using this. Seriously, I'm always looking forward to brush my teeth with this toothpaste!

Yes, I have naturally yellow teeth and yes, I'm addicted to coffee, but still, I still hope I will find a product that will truly work one day!

Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste is available in Radiant Mint flavor in 4oz for $3.25, 5.8oz for $3.75 and 7.6 oz for $4.25.

*This product is NOT cruelty-free

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. wow you did a great job taking that picture!
    I use this toothpaste but I really don't feel that there's a big difference either. I LOVE my tea, and I'm always looking for inexpensive ways to whiten... better luck next time!

  2. I'm mostly impressed that you managed to take those pics!! I wanna try this now youve said how minty it makes your mouth! I wish it whitened them a bit more though sadly! great and honest review!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. First kudos for the photos, wow! And I do see a bit of difference in the 2nd picture. I love the Crest with Scope too, that one leaves my breath the freshest for longer than the regular one.

  4. Awesome post, and kudos for the ability to take both pictures! lol I have the same toothpaste AND white strips, though I've yet to use them. I can honestly see a bit of a difference, but I guess I was kind of hoping for more of a dramatic difference. I wonder if it'd be better results had you used the white strips for those two weeks as well?

  5. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  6. @ SiSi Sparkles : Yeah well I think the quest is over for me, I don't really care about my yellow teeth anyway, what can I do if nothing works? ):

    @LoveFayexox: I mostly liked it for the freshness it leaves behind but not even to repurchase it ):

    @Tracy : I think the difference you see is due to the lighting ): I'm currently using Crest mouthwash with Scope but it doesn't whiten my teeth either ):

    @ Girlie Blogger : I think it's only because of the lightning z:

    @Huda: I have already used the Crest 3D 2 Hour Express Whitestrisps (and recently reviewed them) but they didn't whiten my teeth and they left them super sensitive, I couldn't even sleep!