December 26, 2011

Spongeables - Shower Gel in a Sponge

Hi ladie! I hope you had a very merry Christmas, had a great time with family and ate tons of vegetarian food!    I mainly spent Christmas Eve and the day of Christmas working at the hotel, watching Christmas movies, playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (present from my boyfriend, thanks baby!) and drinking plenty of hot chocolate with marshmallows. I also cooked a little as we're having my father, brothers and the girlfriends and boyfriends over tonight.

Today I wanted to introduce you to a great product I have never heard of before, the Spongeables!

Spongeables products have a patent pending infusion technology that combines cleansing soaps and gels and effective skin care ingredients into a hypoallergenic, anti-microbial sponge, creating a long lasting all in one product that exfoliates, cleanses, massages and moisturizes. In beautiful fragrances for the body, feet and hands and for men, women and children. The patent pending time release infusion process guarantees a minimum number of uses. For instance the shower sponges last for 20 plus uses.

I was very lucky to be kindly sent a shower sponge in White Rose and a Pedi-Scrub foot buffer in Citron Eucalyptus Aromatherapy. I must say I was super curious about these products and I totally didn't know what to expect from them, Yes, I was sceptical, but I was actually super pleased with the Spongeables!

Spongeables is no ordinary bath treat. Each buffer contains a perfect infusion of gentle gel celanser, healthy botanicals, essential vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers. It's all topped off with a feel-so-good exfoliating texture that whisks away dry skin, massages way aches, pains and tension, soothes tired muscles and buffs skin to a healthy, gorgeous glow.

First of all, I didn't expect the Spongeables to lather like crazy but I was happily surprised to experience a thick, creamy lather with the shower sponge. With the foot buffer, however, there was some foam but it's significantly thinner and less luxurious and I also had to rub it a lot to get some foam.

The White Rose shower sponge didn't really smell anything - it was pleasant but I was expecting the scent to be a little heavier. It doesn't linger on the skin after either. The Pedi-Scrub foot buffer smells amazing though! It's a real pleasure to use on tired feet as the super strong and minty smell is enough itself to rejuvenate your senses.

Unlike the shower sponge, the foot buffer has two distinct textures: one side is soft and gentle to cleanse and moisturize, while the other side as a super scrubby texture that smoothes away rough skin and stimulates circulation. Let me warn you though: do NOT try to use the exfoliating side of the Pedi-Scrub on your body as it's just too abrasive - at least for me! I really wanted to give it a try on another part of my body than my feet because I'm too ticklish to scrub my feet with it, but it was a bad idea! After scrubbing my left arm, my skin started to burn and I was left with red patches of irritated skin. Oh well, lesson learned!

I love how these sponges do everything at once (cleanse, exfoliate, massage and moisturize) as it's great if you are in a hurry and it's truly like a spa in a shower. The shower sponge is not too rough, just perfect, and as I was expecting, the foot buffer is more abrasive but it's perfect for use on your feet.

The shower sponge retails at $7.99 and it's also available in Lavender Nectar and the Pedi-Scrub foot buffer retails at $6.99 and it's also available in Lavender-Tea Tree Oil Aromatherapy at Farleyco.ca.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Sounds interesting, but I don't like how they are "disposable". I'm interested in more environmentally-friendly beauty options. (This is not a dig at you or meant to be harsh in any way. This was just my immediate reaction to the product.)

  2. Those are so cool! I've wanted to try these for some time. :)

  3. HI Gaby! Happy Holidays :) I hope you're having a great time at your Mom and at your Dad's.
    Dale got me a Wii Console and also got me Zelda Skyward Sword....I'm starting to think of selling my Wii console because it's soooo addictive (yeah, too distracting from work for me I think) and I'm a chicken when it comes to Zelda....as soon as the bad guys come, I get so nervous that I can only play a few minutes before I need to turn the console off LOL I know that sounds crazy and Zelda isn't really a violent game but I can't even have the music playing if it's a dark/dangerous part where a monster is coming LOL If you can handle the bad guys part then you'll enjoy Zelda a lot :)
    Hmmm I haven't heard of these Spongeables but that's good to know that the White Rose one holds up well for the lather and the number of washes you get out of it. I probably wish the scent was a bit stronger....and that's good to know that the scent is quite strong on the pedi-scrub, but too bad it doesn't lather nearly as much. Great review as always!

  4. @BooBooNinja : You know what, this was my immediate reaction when I first heard about this product, too! I don't know why I forgot to mention this in the review actually, but like you, I prefer to use more eco-friendly products. I hate when there's a waste of packaging! Still a great products though, interesting idea! I might keep the sponge to use as a loofah when it will be out of soap, that way, no waste (:

    @ Karen Law: Aww Karen, you always get the best gifts from Dale! I've fell in love with Zelda since I first played Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 and I instantly became addicted! Skyward Sword was supposed to be a Christmas present but my boyfriend couldn't wait and he gave it to me as soon as he could get his hands on it LOL! I must say I did the same with the 3DS I got him (: Ahah yes I know that video games can be addictive, especially Zelda because it's a neverending quest! That's why I left Skyward Sword at my boyfriend's house to prevent me from playing when I was in my midterms LOL! Yes I know what you mean, I'm also scared of bosses sometimes but I still play =P

  5. These are really cool! Would be interesting to try if they're available in the UK...will have to take a look! :)

    Hope you've had a lovely Christmas xx