December 28, 2011

Göt2b Rockin' It Dry Shampoo

Want to skip a day of shampooing but keep your style rockin'? New Göt2b Rockin't It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo tunes up your do with 4Ever Stylestay effect that refreshes your hair without washing it.

Ahhh dry shampoos, what would I do without you? As for most of you ladies, my HG is, of course, Batiste, but I'm happy to declare that I have found an amazing alternative that comes in close second position for me.

I can't say I'm familiar with Göt2b products as the only other product from them that I've tried is their Fat-Tastic Instant Infusion Collagen Root-Boosting Spray that I honestly rarely use not because I don't like it, but because I lack time for this extra step in the morning. When I saw that selected Göt2b products were on sale for almost half price at Wal-Mart, I made my boyfriend buy me this dry shampoo (thanks baby!) that was new back in the day (September 2010 LOL) and I was super thrilled to try it!

All you have to do is shake the can well before use then spray in short bursts 8 inches above your head into sections of dry hair (only at the roots!). Using your fingertips, work in to your roots and then thoroughly brush out. Now you're ready to rock another day!

The first time I used Göt2b Rockin' It Dry Shampoo, the super strong spray surprised me - seriously, I was blown away! I've never used a dry shampoo with such a strong spray before, but I guess it's good because it makes it easier to target your roots without spraying product all over your hair.

L - R: Before, during, after

This dry shampoo is claimed to be invisible but really, it's not. It's grey/white and it does leave residues on your hair, that's why you have to make sure to carefully brush out the product before heading out the door. I didn't have a problem to get rid of these residues and I have dark brown hair, so you shouldn't have problems either.

I personally love the smell, it tends to be a little strong when you spray the product on your hair but don't worry, it doesn't linger. It smells very fresh and citrusy to me - very refreshing!

Göt2b Rockin't It Dry Shampoo is formulated to not only revive your style in an instant, but also to help make hair look full with boost and bounce, and I can assure you that not only does it perfectly clean my hair within minutes, it really gives it tons of volume! I actually couldn't believe it when I realized that 4 days after using this dry shampoo, my hair was still perfectly clean (my hair gets greasy super fast at the roots)!

Göt2b Rockin't It Dry Shampoo is available for around $6.99 at drugstores and Well.ca


  1. Ouh this sounds like a great dry shampoo. I generally love Got2b products anyway :)

  2. dry shampoos are alot of fun and they're so convenient if you don't have time to wash your hair.
    great review Gaby!

  3. I gotya try this i havent found an affordable dry shampoo that works yet! This looks worth a shot! Nice review!


  4. Haven't tried dry shampoos. They sound so cool to me, though! :)

  5. Big fan of Batiste too here. Will have to give this one a go as well to compare. Very handy to have in the cabinet for lazy mornings or when rushed on time. :)

  6. I really like this one too! I didn't have any problems with the greyish residue at all... but I only spritz once and hold it as far away as possible

  7. I can see the difference. Your hair looked super shiny after use.


  8. what are the ingredients listing please?

  9. Wow! That look like a great dry shampoo! I definitely will look into it! Thanks for the great review!

  10. Pis le volume, est-ce qu'il reste longtemps?

  11. I've never tried a dry shampoo before, but this looks awesome!

  12. Thanks for this review!! I've been looking for this product for a while, but I can't find it anywhere.


  13. @Nora Schu : I haven't tried lots of Got2b products so I can't tell if they are generally good or not but I'm please with this one and I will definitely repurchase! I can't believe the amount of negative reviews I've read about this one though!

    @Eli : This one is the most affordable I've found (on sale for a little more than $3 but regular price around $6) and the one from TRESemmé (TRESemmé products are always affordable anyway) but the one from TRESemmé wasn't as nice!

    @MC : Whaaaaaaaaat? And I thought I was late on the bandwagon LOL! You are totally missing out! Go get some!

    @MissTwist : People keep complaining about this but I didn't really care, I think it's easy to brush out.


    @ Sanya : Moi je trouve que oui mais c'est pas le plus important pour moi et j'avoue que j'ai pas trop prêté attention à ça, personnellement ce que je cherche dans un shampooing sec c'est qu'il garde mes cheveux propres trèèèèèèès longtemps!

    @MaviDeniz : Oh I know, Got2b products can be tricky to find, I'm still on the hunt for their volumizing powder that I can't find anywhere, ARGH!

  14. I ♥ that you included a before & after picture. Many sites don't!!

  15. Oooo I do love dry shampoo! I need to try this one, good spraying power is always a plus!

  16. @Gauri : I know, I find that so annoying! I mean, how are you supposed to be able to tell for yourself without seeing "proofs"? I'm glad you appreciate my efforts (:

    @Eugenia: I was surprised at first but I do think it makes it easier to spray only at the roots! I have yet to find another dry shampoo with such spraying power!

  17. hmmm les résidus me font peur, car je ne peux pas brosser mes cheveux après en avoir mis (cheveux bouclés)... Est-ce qu'il y a moins de rédidus avec Baptiste? et est-ce que l'odeur de Baptiste est moins forte que Got2be?

  18. Hi Gaby! I agree with Gaurl that you do great reviews in terms of always diligently taking before and after pictures for us to compare. I know it's a lot of work too, but I can see why a lot of companies send you products to try out because you're such a great reviewer of things ;)
    My younger sis and I love the Batiste dry shampoos too just like yourself and sometimes I even use plain old baby powder believe it or not LOL I haven't tried the Got2b one before...but I was in Sephora yesterday and tried a high end dry shampoo only to find that it didn't work that great and it was very cold coming out of the can for some reason! I love the Volume line with Got2B (you probably know how much I love Fat-Tastic Spray hehe) so this is a good review to know!

  19. I'm surprised you liked this! It is terrible in my hair :(
    Lol yes the nozzle is crazy! Its soo strong!!!

  20. Do you like this or the Batiste better? I still can't find the Batiste in Tropical, only the original.

  21. @Cocovanilla : Hmmm... tu as de bonnes questions! Je crois que oui il y a moins de rsidus avec Batiste et que Batiste sent également moins fort, malgré que personnellement J'ADORE l'odeur du Got2b car ça ajoute à la fraîcheur des cheveux. Certaines personnes m'ont dit ne pas avoir eu de problèmes avec les résidus du Got2b par contre, peut-être que je ne shake pas assez la can entre chaque jet? Sinon je te dirais d'essayer de les enlever avec une serviette de douche au lieu du brosse si tu n'es pas capable simplement avec tes mains. Penses-tu que ça fonctionnerait avec un peigne?

    @Karen Law : Awww thank you Karen, this is the kind of comments that really make me want to keep going and improve my blog! Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate my hard work (: Yes I've tried baby powder in the past but surprisingly, I've realized that plain old corn starch works better as it's often the main ingredient in dry shampoos! You know how corn starch helps volumize a recipe when it's in the oven? Well it does the same for your hair (:

    @*MoNtseR GiRl* : It's weird how so many products work so differently for different people ): At first I was surprised by the spray but I actually really like it, it really helps to target my roots!

    @Tracy D : Hmmm well I think I'd go with Batiste... if only it was cheaper and easier to find around here though! This one is an amazing alternative, that's why I'm tied between the two... When I will have used up all of my Batiste, I think I will repurchase the one from Got2b more often...