November 25, 2011

Mail of the Week (November 21 - 25)

My prize from Danielle's Wet n Wild Holiday giveaway: I'm super happy to have won this amazing prize as Wet n Wild always comes up with interesting products for the Holidays, but of course, we never get them here in Canada. The minute I saw this eyeshadow palette on Danielle's blog, I fell in love! The shadows are all super pigmented and gorgeous, and brown and gold shades are my favorite! As for the nail polishes, I would grab all of them if I could as I'm a sucker for glitter nail polish! Here's what Danielle included in my package:

  • Wet n Wild Coloricon Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Baked, Not Fried
  • Wet n Wild Coloricon Nail Color in 24 Carats
  • Femme Science Body Cream sample
  • Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette sample

Thank you so much for this amazing prize Danielle! =D

Veet Face & Bikini Wax Strips and High Precision Facial Wax* : I've been very kindly sent these two products to review but I can't tell you much about them because I have a little surprise coming up for you! I won't be able to properly review the face & bikini strips because I'm having IPL done on my bikini area - meaning that I'm not allowed to wax or do anything that will pull the hair out - but I will have my mother test them instead. As for the High Precision Facial Wax, I'm very excited because I've always wanted to try waxing my eyebrows but I was always too scared!

Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste* : Because of my addiction to caffeine, my naturally yellow teeth tend to turn even more yellow and I haven't found yet a whitening product that works at removing all the stains. Despite my previous negative experience with Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips, I agreed to try this toothpaste and report back after two weeks, because it's claimed to provides up to 80% surface stain removal for a whiter smile in 14 days.

Nexxus Pro-Mend product samples: I absolutely don't remember signing up for these but I can't find them on the internet anymore so I guess the offer is over. I don't think I've heard of this line before but it seems interesting as it's designed to help split ends. I received samples of the Daily Shampoo, Daily Conditioner and Targeted Leave-In Treatment Creme and they also included a $3 coupon.

♫ The Legend of Zelda Rap - Smosh

*These products are NOT cruelty-free


  1. I LOVE those shadows!! I freaking wish I had them
    Around here too but no luck yet, enjoy them :) the polish is really pretty too!
    I didn't find a massive difference from the tooth paste but I think it does help a bit, I wanna k ow what you hink of it!

  2. Chanceuse! Les palettes de Wet N Wild! Je suis jalouse lol Tu vas devoir me laisser savoir ce que tu en penses! ;)
    Love the glitter polish too!

  3. Looks like you got some good goodies! ^_~

  4. I am so bummed that we can't get the color icon eyeshadows! they should totally send them to canada! I tried the crest 3D I didn't notice anything dramatic.. but I also wasn't looking too hard! I love it though... way better than all the other toothpaste that I tried :-)

  5. Lucky chic congrats x


  6. oh congrats on winning the wnw prize!

  7. What's IPL?

    I get waxed approximately every month, and I've been thinking about getting laser because it would be cheaper in the long run, but I've heard a ton of horror stories.

    I'd love to hear about your experience!

  8. wow les produits Wet n' Wild des fêtes! je comprends pas pourquoi ici on ne les a jamais, ça se vendraient pourtant!!

    Je ne savais pas que tu avais des traitements IPL. Est-ce que tu compte faire un post là-dessus un moment donné? Perso j'aimerais bien en entendre parler, je me demande c'est quoi la différence d'avec les traitements au laser et si ça marche vraiment :)

  9. Oh yay! glad to see you got that palette! Its so pretty and so fun! Love the color of that nail polish, I haven't seen that yet.

  10. Nice stuff! You're ONE lucky girl, who always win a giveaway :)

  11. i like those wet and wild products! i didnt know they had a new line every christmas :)

  12. Thanks Gaby for giving these beautiful tips always..i really appreciate it

  13. oo jai recu la meme chose que toi le nexxus sample, pareil comme toi je ne sais pas ou je me suis inscrite o.O

  14. I have been looking for the WnW palettes but I can't find them D:
    Omg Anthony and Ian from Smosh are so hilarious! I love the Zelda rap video they did!

  15. Well done on winning the contest :) Those eye shadows look divine! x

  16. Hi Gaby! How have you been?! I missed catching up with you :) I hope all is well - let me know how you've been!
    Awww Congratulations on winning the lovely prize from Danielle! The eyeshadows look amazing (esp with all the shimmer and glitter in them) and I love how the nail polish looks. I'm looking forward to seeing your FOTDs using this eyeshadow palette and your upcoming NOTD!
    But you know what? We have Wet N Wild in Walmart and Rexall/Pharma Plus here. I know Quebec can be quite different in terms of product selection so I was surprised to hear that you cannot buy Wet N Wild products.
    I hope the Crest 3D White toothpaste doesn't irritate your sensitive teeth like the strips did :(
    Haha! What a coincidence! My friend showed me that music parody video last night and I had a good laugh. I told him that my last game console was Nintendo 64 and I had Legend of Zelda. He immediately showed me this video :) It was sooo funny! Brought back good memories too since I remember the fairy, ocarina, how his name is Link (haha and not Zelda). Wow, the people who made the parody are sooo talented!

  17. congrats on winning Danielle's contest!!! For white strips the best I have tried are the Crest white strips 3d Professional effects, but I also like Colgate white toothpaste!

  18. @*MoNtseR GiRl*: I don't have high hopes regarding the toothpaste either but if it helps even a little, I'll be happy!

    @ MissTwist : I know right! It's always sold out everywhere, I'm sure it will be popular here too!

    @Arezu : IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, it's better than laser as it's faster and almnost pain-free. I'm almost done with my underarms and I recently started my bikini area, I'm thinking about doiung the legs too someday because I'm just too lazy with shaving and yes, waxing gets pricey quickly! I'll definitely write a post about it someday (:

    @ Cocovanilla : Oui je compte faire un post sur mes traitements à l'IPL, c'est sûr que ça marche (à ce prix là ahah!) et c'est bien mieux que le laser car ça va plus vite (la tête de la machine couvre une plus grand surface à la fois) et c'est *presque* sans douleur.

    @Kisti Belle : I wouldn't have known if I hadn't see it on other blogs as we never get anything here in Canada ):

    @Karen Law: Hi Karen! Yes we do have Wet n Wild here too but we never get the cool limited edition products, and that's a shame ): So far, the toothpaste is doing OK, no sensivity like the strips but I don't have sensitive strips to begin with, so that was really weird.