October 21, 2011

Mail of the Week (October 17 - 21)

For some reasons, I totally forgot to post last Friday! I usually make sure to post before going to work but oh well, I guess I was too lazy/tired! So this is what I got in the mail last week and this week.

Shikakai Hair Wash from Raw Gaia: I'm very excited to try this 100% natural shampoo powder - yes, powder! You mix the powder with water to create a thick paste and then gently massage into hair. It is also claimed to slightly darken the hair (making it not suitable for people with blonde hair) but that's good news for me as I'm always struggling to get my brown hair even darker!

Dariya Hair Pad from AJHairPad.com: I'm sure you have heard of those pads before, I keep seeing them on blogs! The Dariya Hair Pad is an innovative special velcro hair pad that hold your hair away in place when you do your makeup, wash your face, put on contact lenses, etc. It is very hot in Asia right now and other people are trying to bring it over too. I'm so glad I had the chance to try it out as this product is not available around here as far as I know!

Lip balms from MyLipStuff.com: Being a lipbalms junkie - thanks to my constantly dry and chapped lips - I've been curious about those handmade, natural, vegan and cruelty lipbalms so when I was given the opportunity to try some, I had to say yes!

Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips: Please don't hate me! I know Crest belongs to P&J which is evil because they test on animals, but do you know how hard it is to find a teeth whitening product that is cruelty-free, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and that actually works? My teeth are naturally yellow, and to make things worst, I'm addicted to coffee and tea. I have tried many kinds of whitening products such as toothpaste and mouthwash but nothing really worked. Do you have any idea how pricey these teeth whitening products are? This Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips box retails for $54.99 - I absolutely can't afford that.

With this review, I will also have a little surprise for you - that's another reason why I couldn't refuse this product.

I'm making big efforts to go completely cruelty-free but it's harder than I thought! If you know of any cruelty-free teeth whitening products, please do let me know!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty express For Brows and Eyes in Blonde: I have never used something like this before and I must say, I'm very excited to try it out! Hopefully it will help to tame my unruly brows!

$50 gift certificate to Mirage New York: This is actually the first time I won a prize from a radio station! Thank you 94.7 Hits FM!

November issue of Glamour: I'm often told that I look like Kristen Stewart! I can see a resemblence in the face shape and maybe the eyes... What do you think?

November issue of Cosmopolitan: OMG What's with the getup, seriously? I know it's Nicki Minaj but still...

And the winner of my EnvyDerm mascara giveaway is...

♫ Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO


  1. les lipbalms ont l'air Mmmmmm

  2. C'est cool les velcros (je sais pas comment ça s'écrit! :P) pour retenir les cheveux! Et j'espère que tu vas aimer les bandes blanchissantes, moi elles me font vraiment mal aux dents donc j'en faisais plusieurs au début de suite mais là, j'en fais plus qu'à chaque semaine ou aux 2 semaines! Et le Anastasia Brow kit WOWWWW! je veux tellement l'essayer, d'la façons que j'en attend parler c'est genre le summum des brow kit! :P tu nous diras c'que t'en pense! Sinon, peut-être que j'ai mal vue ou tu l'a pas écris mais est-ce que tu l'a achetée sur un site ou c'est un site qui te l'a envoyé? :) Parce que j'en veux unnnnn ahahah!

  3. Great mail of the week! :D I've been curious on those brow palettes from Anastasia too~

    Ooh and I have that Glamour mag. You do resemble her!

  4. Yum! Love lip balm. I would also love to try the Anastasia palette.


  5. Hair pads? ha, that's so different. I wonder if they snag or pull on your hair when you take them off though. I would love to know what you think of that shampoo you have to mix w/ water. That seems like something I would like. I kinda like using stuff that takes extra steps in the shower, makes me feel like I'm pampering myself lol.


  6. Shikakai hair wash looks like an interesting product! I have used shikakai shampoos but never in powder form. Great products btw :)

  7. I've heard of hair powders and always wanted to try them out! nice! Yeah I've never seen the hair pads around here either always online! And those lip balms sounds nice too! Ohh the anastasia brow kit is supposed to be really nice! :-)

  8. I'm super cheap, so I just use a thin plastic headband I picked up on clearance at Ulta to hold back my hair. That brow kit looks awesome! Makes me want one!

  9. As always- so many great things!! Im looking forward your review about Crest:)

  10. Le seul truc blanchissant pour les dents que je connais (qui est non-testé sur les animaux et vegan) C'est le dentifrice Tom's of Maine (formule blanchissante) Je l'utilise régulièrement, mais, je ne peux pas te dire si ça blanchit vraiment puisque je n'ai pas trop ce problème.. Quoique je bois pas mal de thé et de café.. Je dirais plutôt que ça entretient! Il se vend dans quelques pharmacies et les magasins d'alimentation naturelle tels que Marchés Tau & Rachelle Bérry. De mémoire, le tube est 6 ou 7$.

  11. Shampoo powder! I have never ever heard of that before or seen it on a blog! How interesting, I am really interested to see what you think of it! The packaging for the hair Velcro is so cute! I think I rather use a head band then those though they look funny!
    Marshmallow lip blam!! I wanna try that so bad it sounds delicious!
    I can't wait to see what you think of everything actually! good luck with the crest! I hope it works well. and yes the dress or badman dress Nicki is wearing is a little different, at first I was thinking it was for Halloween and then I realized it was Novembers issue lol but I still love her for some reason.

  12. Yes that could easily be you on the front cover! xoxo

  13. Great mail of the week, I wish I'd of done one of these this week, bit late now! :)

    Lucy x

  14. Interested in that hair powder, you'll love Anastasia!

  15. @ Anik : Ils le sont ahah!

    @Alex-Fashion-Beauty : À chaque semaine?! Mais ça doit tellement te coûter cher?! Dans cette boite il y a quatre traitements qui sont censé te durer un an! Comment tu peux en faire un à chaque semaine LOL? À moins que ce ne soient pas les mêmes? Une autre bloggueuse m'a aussi dit que ça lui faisait mal aux dents... j'ai peur!

    @MaviDeniz : The hair pads are absolutely amazing, they don't pull or snag your hair AT ALL! In fact, I even forget I'm wearing them! For now, I can't say I'm impressed by the powder shampoo, it just doesn't seem to work for me. I'll keep trying though!

    @Sea : Aahhh oui j'en ai entendu parler il me semble mais je ne pense pas l'avoir vu ici? Mais je cherche quelque chose de moins cher ):

  16. Oh powder shampoo? Sounds crazy! But even crazier that it darkens the hair! Sounds great.
    Bwaha, I love that vide by LMFAO. I still remember the fist time I saw it! I was laughing so much!

  17. Ah les patch en velcro, il y en a au chinatown =) haha obviously ça ne peut etre que la.