October 22, 2011

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Bikinis... Right?

I know, I should not! It's not that I have tons of swimsuits, it's just that I don't even have a pool at my house or a beach near by... but here's my excuse - when you spend almost the whole summer lounging in the sun in your backyard, sipping on lemonade or cocktails and reading a good book or magazines, you have to stay stylish!

When I saw these super cute bikinis while browsing the net, I felt the need to go shopping for next summer!

Striped Triangle Bikini - Navy

O'Neill Heavenly Halter - Peach

Roxy Sunny Daze Tiki Tri Bikini Top

Winter is actually the best time to go shopping for swimsuits as they are mostly considerably marked down, and who knows, maybe I'll find some gorgeous bikinis at a great price?

This is a sponsored post and the first picture is from weheartit


  1. I know you look good in a bikini!!! I've seen it! I don't even have the body for it haha...But I agree even if you don't have a pool, you can still rock some sexy pair of bikini whenever you want!

  2. I wish that's what my summer was like! or to be able to be at a beach!!
    They are really cute, I really like the Roxy one. Totally a good point to buy them when it's after summer since they do have great sales, I find Victoria Secret has good sales on theirs as well.

  3. I love the title, it's absolutely true!;D

  4. haha! I love your Halloween themed blog title! Nice.


  5. I agree with you. Winter is definitely the best time to shop for bikinis coz everything's much cheaper. Too bad it's always summer here in the hot, hot Philippines.*sigh*


  6. Hi there! Fabulous post!
    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for accessories worth $100 right now, so I'd really hope you'd give it a look right here!!




  7. I always buy my swim suits in the winter time. i actually just picked up a Juicy bottom for $8!! lol great post!

  8. Since I live in FL.. its ALWAYS okay to buy bikinis! I love end of the season sales!

  9. In Canada? yup you can possibly have too many ;)

  10. Nice bikinis!


  11. @Holly: Aww thanks, I'm glad you like it!

    @ adthenshesmiled : Wow, what a great deal!

    @Tracy D : I know ahah! Stupid weather!