October 25, 2011

Kushyfoot: Massage Your Feet With Every Step

Kushyfoot is the first hosiery brand to incorporate the ancient healing art of Reflexology in trouser and knee highs, foot covers, toe covers, athletic socks, tights and men's socks to massage with every step. 
The massage action works by providing extra comfort through its 3 dimensional padded and wavy design and it provides a cushion between bare feet and the hard soles of a shoe. The Kushyfoot sole helps relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet, thereby helping to relieve stress and fatigue throughout the entire body. These therapeutic socks protect your feet and leave you feeling refreshed all day! 

I was recently contacted by a PR firm on behalf of Kushyfoot legwear which I have never heard of before, and I was super excited to get to try some of their products because I have never tried something similar before.

Soft, flexible faux leather Flats-to-go® are an instant and elegant solution to a perennial need for the relief of sore heels, blisters and scrunched up toes. Featuring an elastic back for a better fit, and a unique, 3-dimensional wavy sole that cushions and massages the foot as the wearer walks-perfect for indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces. They slip neatly and easily into their owner's purse, folded into a cute clear plastic carrier with its own little handles. 1 pack per order.

I have been wanting to try somthing like this ever since they came on the market! Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from them - in fact, I thought they would be super cheap looking - but I was happily surprised!

When you get them out of the super cute plastic carrier, you have to "play" a little with them to relax them, but they are really cute and they don't look cheap at all! 

The finish of the flats is very shiny and I love the textured insole which massages my feet with every step. Also, these flats are actually super comfortable, thanks to the elastic back - I hate when I get blisters from flats because the back rubs against my heels! The little bow in the front is a cute detail.

I don't wear heels on a daily basis but because my job as a sale assistant requires me to stand on my feet all day, I tend to come home at the end of the end with a back ache and swollen heels, and slipping into these flats gave me a little relief.

These Flats To Go comes in a size 7/8 which fits my feet perfectly! They are so lightweight, I even forget I'm wearing something on my feet. 

Kushyfoot Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers with the most discreet coverage ever! An extra toe cushion and a comfort heel pad to protect the back of your foot and keep the product to stay secure in your shoes. Take pleasure in the freedom of bare legs and feel great about not having your foot covers show past your shoe line! 3 packs of 2 pairs per order Assorted Pack includes 1 pair nude, 1 pair black

As low cut as they might be, I'm sorry to have to say these foot covers didn't work with any of my shoes. They would always show up, and the result is not pretty at all.

I seriously tried them with all of my heels and flats but they just keep showing up. Because they are comfy, I still like to use them in my running shoes when I'm working long hours as they bring a little relief to my tired feet.

These shoe covers fit shoe size 5 to 9.

Kushyfoot Lace Foot Covers provide the same cushioning as the Microfiber Foot Covers to protect the soles of your feet and also offer you the freedom of bare legs but with a pretty feminine lace showing thru your shoes to make a dressier look. Wear with heels to the office or with your ballet flats, every day. 3 pairs per order

These shoe covers don't have a pad on the heels but I wouln't wear them in my shoes anyway because they are not low cute enough to not show up in my shoes. To me, lace showing through my shoes is not my idea of a "dressier look" - it's just tacky! 

I don't know if it's just me but I have the impression that these Lace Foot Covers are more padded then the Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers, even though they are claimed to provide the same cushioning as the other foot covers. Because they are so comfortable, I like to wear them around the house. 

The lace detailing is super pretty too! These shoe covers fit shoe size 5 to 9.

Overall, I'm super happy with the Flats To Go (what a genius invention!) and even though the shoe covers didn't work as they were intended to, I still use them regularly around the house or at work.

Kushyfoot offers assorted styles to complement every type of footwear from foot covers, toe covers to trouser socks and sheer knee highs for ladies. Also available are tights, sheer and opaque fashion knee socks. These womens hosiery products are made of soft elastane and premium nylon for ultimate comfort and extra durability.

Other categories include athletic socks for men and ladies, made of a blend of combed cotton, nylon and elastane for added cushion in your sport shoes.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. The flats look super comfy, too bad the foot covers didn't work in any of your shoes :(

  2. The lace is so gorgeous! :) These sound really nice, I love roll-up flats!

  3. The little flats look so cute! The little footlets confuse me, my boss wears them and I can always see them. Don't hate it or anything, but when I tried ones like them they just pinched my toes and I didn't know why they were there..
    These having padding and support makes more sense than the little sockettes:)

  4. They look so good !!! I have some and there hurt it like your bare foot I have to try them !!

  5. I would really like the idea of carrying a pair of them in the emergency of heel pain !!

    www.glitterme-up.blogspot.com xo

  6. I haven't found a foot cover yet that doesn't pop off my foot after about 8 steps...

  7. Great review Gaby! I heard of Kushyfoot when I shop in the States so perhaps that's why you haven't seen it in Montreal or Quebec...I don't see it in Toronto.
    Hmmm that's too bad that the ultra low cut foot covers show through with every shoe you tried them with. They look like they would slip off easily if worn with sneakers which would annoy me. I even avoid certain low ankle socks because I don't like the feeling of my socks slipping off when I'm walking - I know, it sounds a little strange, but I hope I make sense LOL
    I'm glad you like the flats! Ballerina flats have NEVER been flattering on my foot and idunno...I just can't stand how thin the soles are. It scares me like if I stepped on some broken glass by accident that it'd cut into my foot. Maybe I'm just slightly paranoid or need an excuse to wear high heels more often...idunno LOL Great review and pictures Gaby!

  8. the lace is really pretttyyy! love~