July 11, 2011

Tag: Summer Besties

I'm not a big fan of tags (even though I enjoy reading them), but I've seen this one on YouTube and on some blogs and I thought it was quite interesting so I decided to give it a go!

Favorite summer...

Lip product - MAC Lazy Day Lustre Lipstick I was extremely lucky to win this gorgeous lipstick from Kim. Because of my dry lips, I don't wear lipstick as often as I would like to, but this one is definitely a favorite of mine. It's a perfect pale pink that doesn't make me look like a ghost even though I'm pale, and I like its glossy finish.

Blush - Annabelle Mineral Powder Blush - Au Naturel I've never been a big fan of mineral makeup because it tends to be a mess to use, but I love this blush regardless. Yes it goes everywhere on the bathroom counter when I try to put it on, but the color is just so natural and perfect, it's definitely worth it. This blush is easily buildable and provides a natural and radiant glow thanks to its slightly shimmery finish.

Nail Polish - Barry M Nail Paint in Mushroom Barry M is not available in Canada as of yet, but I was very lucky to receive this nail polish to try and review. It's one of the best drugstore nail polish I have tried so far! It lasts a week with minor chips, the formula is great and you barely need two coats to achieve perfect opacity. Mushroom is a super pretty taupe shade that has quickly became a staple of mine.

Bronzer - Annabelle Zebra Bronzing Powder in Haute Gold (the original question was "Liquid face product" but I don't use any) I reviewed this a long time ago, and even if I had the chance to try numerous bronzers in the meantime, I always go back to this one. It is perfectly shimmery and even if I'm fair, this bronzer gives a natural glow to my face without overdoing it.

Powder face product - Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation SPF 15 - Bisque I normally don't wear foundation, but I like to swipe this one on to absorb the oil on my face when it's hot outside. It also has SPF 15 which is great, because I don't have to apply a greasy sunscreen before going out.

Hair product - Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo As I have super greasy roots, I fell in love with dry shampoos a long time ago, but I haven't had the chance to try Batiste until very recently - not to mention it's pretty hard to find here in Canada. Batiste is perfect: even if my hair is dark brown, the white residues are easy to brush out, and my hair is left volumized, texturized and clean for hours. With other dry shampoos, there was always a problem, but Batiste solved it all. I have tried Batiste Original, Blush and Tropical, and out of the three, Tropical is my favorite as it smells fresh and citrusy. The on the go size is also perfect to throw in my handbag.

Eye product - Too Faced Eye Shadow - Sitcom Siren When it's all hot and sweaty outside, I don't feel like putting makeup on and I tend to get lazy, that's why I like to rely on Sitcom Siren: it's a pretty taupe eyeshadow that applies like a dream and blends really well. It's a great natural shade to apply all over the lid when I'm in a hurry.

Self Tanner - Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint For Face and Décolleté I bought this bronzer recently at Clarins 2011 Spring Warehouse Sale for $13 instead of $32 because I have never heard of a tint bronzer before. I'll be honest: the application is awful - because it's a tint, you have to be quick and apply the product exactly where you want because when it's put, it stays put - you can't blend it. I know it was meant for the face and décolleté, but I really wanted to try it all over my body, and I wasn't disappointed: it really gives a dark tan without looking orange. It's a hassle to reapply it every week thought because of tint formula but I have yet to come across a bronzer that gives me better results.

Fashion accessory - Claire's Adjustable Humming Bird Ring I won this ring from Em about a month ago, and I'm absolutely in love with it! I've never been a big ring wearer but I never had something similar to this and it is sooooo gorgeous. I love its vintage vibe and the little sparkly stones are super pretty!

Clothing piece - Garage denim shorts I don't think I have ever bought denim shorts as I prefer to simply cut off the legs of old jeans that I don't wear anymore. Why waste something that still fits? I love the look of denim shorts, they go well with everything, and I even wear them in the winter with leggings or stockings.

L - R: Lazy Day, Au Naturel, Haute Gold, Bisque, Sitcom Siren

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  1. Gaby, I love how you took photos of the makeoup outdoors. It shows the real colors.

    Sheer Cover foundation was my very first foundation and I used it for years in college.

  2. Nice summer besties! I agree with you on the mineral powders, I hate the mess but they are so nice to use!
    Mac's Lazy Day looks beautiful!
    The humming bird ring is really cute too =)

  3. Everything looks awesome :) and that MAC lipstick's gorgeous ^^

  4. umm i love that nail polish by barry m, iv heard of it but i havent seen it in my local superddrug! looks amazing

    i like tht bronzer too

    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. Aww la bague est trop cute! C'est dommage qu'on ait pas de Claire ici :/

    p.s. en passant c'est une bonne idée de post et tes photos sont belles!

  6. I recently took some old jeans and turned them into cut-off shorts as well! There is also something kind of cool about knowing you just took jeans and cut them yourself, you didn't go and buy them in a store for that "effect", you know what I mean?

  7. Right I have to try 'Mushroom' everyone's saying how nice it is! But it seems like more of an autumn colour rather than a summery colour- have you tried Mint Green by Barry M it's a gorgeous summery colour! :) Shame you can't get Barry M in Canada :)

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog and sharing your favorites. I really need to dry that dry shampoo, I have greasy roots too.

  9. @EveryDay Makeup blog: This is why I love taking pictures in the summer (:

    @ TEA aka MonsterGirl : I loooove Lazy Day and that ring... I'm totally in love (:

    @:) : I love it!

    @BreezeyBee : I can't wait for Barry M to come to Canada, their nail polishes are awesome!

    @Cocovanilla : Oui mais on a quand même l'équivalent qui est Ardène. C'est sûr que c'est pas les mêmes produits mais c'est plein de bébelles pas chères (: Je suis contente que tu aimes mon post et mes photos, merci!

    @Mandy : Absolutely! I was with my friend who was looking for shorts at the mall and I kept saying to her "Why don't you just cut off those old jeans you don't wear anymore?" but she didn't listen and ended up with $60 shorts... too bad for her =P

    @Beauty By Rosh x: I agree but I don't really care about "winter" or "summer" shades, I simply wear what I feel like wearing (: Mushroom is beautiful regardless of the season anyway, and Barry M is supposed to come to Canada soon, can't wait!

    @Kalmo : Batiste is simply the best!

  10. Let me know if you want me to send you over some Barry M's nail polishes maybe we could do a beauty exchange? Lemme know x

  11. I only recently discovered barry m mushroom but I get why its in your favourites(or besties) I completely love it :)
    great post - definately a few bits i need to try out!! x

  12. The bronzer looks super nice :) xx

  13. You got some awsome besties

  14. that too faced eye shadow looks gorgeous! great products!

  15. That dry shampoo is for sure going on my shopping list! The too faced eyeshadow looks like something I would also use all the time.
    Thanks for the tip Gaby, I really enjoyed this post :)

  16. I always enjoy your photos :)
    I love that lipstick shade btw, gorgeous!!

  17. That ring is amazing, love it!!


  18. @Skin Scrubs : That would be a great idea, actually there's a few things I'd love to get from the UK... will let you know! Thank you hun!

    @Radiant.MakeUp: I think it's such a classic color that goes with everything (:

    @iliana : I have yet to find a better one!

    @bettzy93: Thanks hun! x

    @Kelly : It is (:

    @Y : Batiste is my all time favorite dry shampoo, too bad it's so hard to find here. And that Too Faced eyeshadow is great when I'm lazy =P

    @ Beauty By Krystal : Awww thank you Krystal! I put a lot of work into my pictures (:

    @Marina : Thank you!!

  19. I like this tag too.
    You picked such lovely things, especially the bronzer and the face products.
    That ring is very unique actually.

  20. Yay for Annabelle, they make some great products..I'll have to try that blush!

  21. Love your summer besties tag. I really want to the Clarins bronzer but I just recently bought Charlotte Island from Lush.

    Just subscribed [: