July 01, 2011

Biotherm Sun Protection

Biotherm's range of suncare and self-tan products is an important step in maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Whether you choose to use in-sun or self-tan formulas, your skin will radiate with a sun-kissed glow that shows that it is well protected and perfectly cared for.

Honestly, I really don't understand why someone would buy a bottle of sunscreen priced at $30 from a high end brand instead of a $10 bottle from the drugstore. What matters is the ingredients, right? That's why I was curious to see if these Biotherm suncare products would be any different from my usual drugstore ones.

Ultra-Fluid Body Milk SPF 15 and 30 ($35.00 for 200ml)

The 1st suncare line using the Dermobiotic™ technology.

With a high concentration of Pure Thermal Plankton, Biotherm’s sun care line stimulates the skin’s natural defense system against the sun.

- Protection against sun-rays: Mexoryl® SX and Mexoryl® XL.
- Protection against loss of firmness, wrinkles and aging spots.
- Protection against skin’s dryness: 8 hour hydration.

Incomparable textures
- Smooth, light, non-sticky, non-oily, fast penetrating and subtly fragranced textures.
- These formulas are also water resistant.

After the ingredients, the most important thing to me in a sunscreen is the texture of the product. I don't want a thick cream that is difficult to apply and that will leave me with white patches all over my body, but I hate it when it's too runny and gooey and a big mess to use. This one is more on the light side, but I wouldn't call it a milk. Too me, a milk is very light and runny.

This Ultra-Fluid Body Milk has the consistency of a lotion and it spreads well on the skin, but it leaves it sooooo greasy and sticky and I feel like it never gets absorbed in the skin! Now I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing because it feels very moisturizing on my dry skin, but still, it's not a great feeling to be greasy all over.

When I first saw the packaging, I thought it was an interesting shape, but it's not the most convenient. I would have preferred a pump bottle or a squeezable tube, but Biotherm tried to make an hybrid of the two, which leaves us with a hard to squeeze bottle. Maybe I wouldn't have minded this if the sunscreen wasn't so greasy, leaving the bottle oily and slippery.

The Ultra-Fluit Body Milk is supposed to be fragrance-free but it does have a very light and pleasant scent that is a little citrusy.

I have used the SPF 15 and the SPF 30 alternatively and I did not get a burn with either one, which is great as I am blonde and tends to burn rather than tan. Even thought this product is claimed to be water resistant, it is recommended to reapply after swimming, towel drying, perspiring heavily or washing - I forgot to reapply after going swimming at the beach and I ended up as red as a lobster a the end of the day. Disappointing? Yes, but I wasn't really expecting it to be waterproof anyway, even though I hoped that $35 would make a difference...

Eye Contour Multi-Protection SPF 30 $30.00 for 15ml
- Hydration
- Visible firmness
The sun may cause sunburn, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Avoiding the sun, wearing protective clothing and regular use of sunscreens over the years may reduce the chance of these harmful effects.

I can't find this product on the Biotherm website so I'm not sure if it has been discontinued. This is the first time I use a sun protection product especially designed for a specific body area. I usually use the same sunscreen product all over my body and my face, even though I have never really applied sunscreen on my eye contour - I wear sunglasses almost all the time.

At first, it was weird for me to remember to apply this product as it seemed a little useless with my sunglasses, but I've grown used to it and now it's a part of my skincare routine, even when I'm not going out in the sun. It's a great eye makeup base, as it seems to really smooth my skin and primp it for eyeshadow. The texture is different from the Body Milk - it's perfectly light, non-greasy or sticky and it's absorbed really quickly.

The package is great - a little squeezable tube with a tiny applicator that allows you to use the perfect amount of product. The scent is the same as for the Body Milk, which I like.

As I was expecting, I don't see the difference between a drugstore or a high end sunscreen - which means that I will stick to the cheaper option - for now.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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  1. Great review! I've been thinking of getting these products, and I'm so glad you did and that you provided swatches because I too hate runny sunblock :)

  2. I like the look of the eye one. Love your pictures in the grass too! :)

  3. Agreed! I prefer drugstore too. It's seriously the same thing. Even though that eye thing caught my attention... hmmm...

  4. tu as raison(comme d'habitude)pourquoi payer plus cher , je voulais te demander à propos de celui qui est naturel il me semble que tu as eu un échantillon ca fait quelques mois alors il est comment?

  5. I need a non-greasy sunscreen! I have oily-combination skin and it's a nightmare finding products that don't make me shiny :)

  6. Great review! I always wondered about Biotherm sun products but didn't want to pay that price only to realise it is all sticky/greasy and not better than cheaper alternatives :/

  7. Fabulous review :)
    Congrats to the winner! XIXI

  8. you have an award http://beautycombat.blogspot.com/2011/06/stylish-blogger-award.html

  9. Congrats to the winner! :) They sound like nice products.

  10. @Beauty By Krystal : It's not really the fact that it's runny that puts me off, it's more because of its greasiness. It's light but not really runny.

    @Justine (Productrater): I love the eye product, neveer used something similar before. I'm glad you like my pictures, thanks (:

    @Y : Exactly! I don,t know if you could find something similar to that eye product in drugstores though...

    @ beauty combat : Oui tu dois parler de Sun Putty? J'étais en train de préparer ma review lorsque je me suis rendu compte que leur site était en rénovation ou quelque chose comme ça, donc je préfère attendre qu'il soit de nouveau accessuble au lieu de publier une review mais que personne ne puisse acheter le produit. Sinon, je l'aime beaucoup, on ne dirait pas du tout une crème solaire, plutôt une bonne crème de jour avec SPF. Elle n'est pas grasse mais un peu épaisse, comme je les aime. J'aime bien la légère senteur d'orange aussi! Pour une crème solaire naturelle, je suis agréablement surprise (: Merci pour le award!

    @ Beauty By Rosh x : Awww then I guess this product is not for you z=

    @ Cocovanilla: Exactement! Je n'aurais personnellement jamais payé pour de la simple crème solaire "haut de gamme", c'est complètement ridicule, et j'en ai eu la preuve!

    @Venus In Virgo: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it (:

  11. Ugh, I hate sticky sunscreen, even if it has a lot of antioxidants as well! Good to know that the eye cream worked for you though :) x

  12. Thanks for the honest review!:D

    I agree with you, sticking to the cheaper option is the way to go in this case.

    Congratulations to the winner!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. Great review :)
    Definately going to avoid just because I hate greasy suncreams!! x

  14. Greasy and sticky is not what I'm looking for either. So far my favourite face sunscreen is Kiehl's..even though it's more expensive than drugstore I don't feel a greasy, sticky, white residue at all and that is worth it to me.

  15. Great review! Shiseido and Chanel also make an eye contour cream with SPF. =)
    Les produits apres soleil de biotherm sont fantastique! Surtout celui qui vient dans un bocal comme un body butter. Tu devrais les essayer! =)

    Andrée xx

  16. @ Rocaille @Radiant.MakeUp : So do I! I'm disappointed that even a $35 sunscreen can be that greasy...

    @Mara : Wow, merci! (:

    @Marie: Absolutely!

    @Tracy D : I usually apply a body sunscreen on my face too, but I will have to check that one from Kiehl's. Thanks!

    @Straight Up Glam: Je suis présentement en train de tester les produits après-soleil et je les aime bien, surtout celui avec des brillants (:

  17. This review is great love the eye sun screen !!! Thanks for sharing

  18. Thank you for the review Biotherm ^.^ I am always on the search for good sun protection!

  19. That's good to know about the Biotherm sunscreen Gaby. I didn't know companies would make a sunscreen specifically for the eye area....but I would be worried it would crease my eyeshadow :S I'm glad it worked for you though when you used eyeshadow on top of it.
    That's too bad the regular Biotherm sunscreen is greasy. I don't think all the time that price indicates quality. The least greasy sunscreen I have come across so far is the Neutrogena UltraSheer. Have you tried that before?