June 17, 2011

Mail of the Week (June 13 - 17)

New England Coffee Dark Roast Select Coffees to review: Who can say no to coffee? I was kindly sent a variety of their new Dark Roast Coffees:

  • French Roast
  • San Francisco Blend
  • Colombian Supremo Dark Roast

Black Open Black Ruched Dress from LoveMode.com: I was offered the opportunity to review something from LoveMode.com and this gorgeous dress instantly caught my eyes!

Products from eBeauty.ca: I was recently approached by Katie from eBeauty.ca, Canada's new online destination for everything beauty. They carry more brands than Sephora (300+ brands, 7 500+ products - new additions daily!) and shipping is always free on order of $75 or more (they often have promos where they offer free shipping free shipping over orders of $25). I recently saw ads for this website in magazines and on the internet, and I thought it looked interesting. Here's what I was sent to try and review:

  • Vivaderm Daily Moisturizer for dry skin prone to patches of eczema & dermatitis
  • h.wood.beauty Lip Shine in Plum
  • KISS Everlasting French Medium Length
  • Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten
  • Broadway Nails Real Life Real Short
  • LaRocca Skincare C-Gold Gel
  • 100% Pure Cranberry Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint in Cranberry Glow
  • 100% Pure Body Cream Samples

If you are interested, KISS is running for %25 for the entire month of June and selected Stila products are also being marked down until June 29. Also, they are currently offering free shipping on any order over $25!

$25 Visa Gift Card: I was lucky enough to win this for my participation in a campaign from One2OneNetwork, but the gift card is only valid in the US... so I gave it to my brother who is going to Wildwood later this summer (:

Products from SoulBeautiful.caSoulBeautiful.ca recently launched and has become Canada’s one stop shop for silicone enhancers and bra accessories. It has 5 must have fashion accessories to prepare women for spring/summer fashion. I was recently offered the opportunity to try some samples and review them on my blog. Here's what I was sent:

  • Bathing Suit Enhancer
  • Regular Enhancer
  • Strap Solutions
  • Fashion Tape
  • Bling Fashion Bra Straps

♥ All My People - Sasha Lopez & Broono


  1. Wow, c'est donc ben un beau mal of the week! j'aime tout ce que t'as reçue! la robe est trooooop belle et j'aime beaucoup la chansons! :)

  2. The coffee looks good! Luv all your mail of the week! I really like all the variety in them:) congrats on the gift card even if you had to give it away!

  3. Oh my goodness, the ruched dress looks UH-MAZE-ING! O.o lol

  4. Great stuff as always:)
    Love the dress!!

    Have a nice weekend dear:)

  5. wow i loveeee the dress!! and thats a lot of stuff u got in the mail =]... my mail have been pretty empty lately cuz of the strike =[ and i dont like that lol i dont even receive any bills either!! does that mean we dont have to pay off our visa?? lol jk =P...

  6. OMG I LOVE THE DRESS! lol so so so so pretty!

  7. You got some great stuff, the dress is really nice!

  8. @ Alex-Fashion-Beauty : C'est mon chum qui m'a fait découvrir la chanson (:

    @Vintage Makeup : They are getting me addicted hehe!

    @TEA aka MonsterGirl: Thanks! Well at least I made someone happy (:

    @ Huda Kaake: I love it, even though it's a little too big for me x=

    @Supergirl: You too hun!

    @ThisIsAlx : Yes I haven't received anything from Canada Post in a long time, it sucks! But I get most of my bills my email though.

  9. Oooh free stuff is always a plus! Haha

    That's sweet of you to give that gift card to your brother :)

  10. Thank you for leaving a comment, dear! Great things and nice dress lol! :) x

  11. Hi Gaby!! Wow look at all the nice things you got to try out this week ;)
    I LOVE the ruched dress you got sent! The back looks very sexy as a lot of stores have ruched front dresses like that. It's a very flattering look and I love ruched dresses for clubbing or dinners out.
    And that's exciting that there's an online beauty store that ships for free within Canada and how you can get free shipping sometimes for over $25 purchases. USA stores often have not only competitive prices but a lot offer free shipping to their customers so I'm glad to see some online stores for Canadian customers getting the same treatment ;)

  12. Fabulous dress!!! And yes , coffee is always welcomed :)

    Gaby, thanks for reminding me to edit my post.
    YES! Mine are man made synthetics from China, most real feathers are expensive. My feathers are fake and the peacock part is made of some sort of thin polyester fabric. I forgot to add a little side not on this but going back to edit post.

  13. nice dress! & damnnnn with that naked chick playing the guitar, hott! lol


  14. @Cerina : Yes well, I wouldn't use it so why let it go to waste? (:

    @ Karen Law: The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it! You are right, the ruched style is super flattering (it gives me an even bigger butt hehe!) I can't wait to wear it to go clubing! Yes I'm happy that we finally have a Canadian store that offers great shipping fees (:

    @Venus In Virgo: Yey, synthetic rules!

    @Jade Van Der Lohe: N'est-ce pas? =D

    @For The Fierce : I keep thinking they included that blonde chick in the video because the other one can't dance or isn't sexy enough LOL

  15. Loving that dress and the nails!!