April 28, 2011

Review: BE Beverly Hills Inspired Daily Shine & Repair Serum With Argan Oil

Price: $39.95 for 1.7 FL OZ / 50ML at BE Beverly Hills.com


Inspired Hair Serum combines the power of premium organic Argan Oil with other rejuvenating all-natural ingredients to renew, rehydrate, repair and protect your hair anywhere. Originating from the deserts of Southern Morocco and perfected in Beverly Hills by world-renowned chemists, Inspired Shine & Repair Serum will transform your hair with only a few drops a day. Using a non-greasy, paraben free formula that includes no artificial coloring or additives and a light lavender scent, Inspired Shine & Repair Serum helps keep your hair youthful and stylish all day.
  • The Inspired Difference
  • Premium Argan Oil
  • Moisturizing Jojoba Oil
  • Nutrient Rich Avocado Oil
  • Repairing Silk Amino Acids
  • Light Lavender Scent
  • SPF Protection
  • Paraben Free
  • Non Flammable
  • Non Artificial Coloring
  • Non Oily

How to use:
Simply brush hair thoroughly and apply 1-2 drops of the serum to the palms of your hands and rub together. Run fingers through dry hair concentrating on the midsection and ends of the hair. The freshly styled look and lavender scent will appear newly washed.

  • convenient pump dispenser
  • beautiful packaging
  • paraben free
  • SPF protection
  • not tested on animals
  • non-greasy or oily
  • lightweight
  • you only need a few drops of product for each use
  • subtle lavender scent
  • leaves hair smooth, silky and shiny

  • expensive

What I think:

I was very eager to try this product as I swear by leave-in conditioners and such products as I regularly use heat and dye on my hair.

 The product comes in a cute little pouch

My biggest concern when it comes to leave-in conditioners is that they can be greasy or oily and weight down my hair. I didn't have this problem with the BE Beverly Hills serum at all!

The pump dispenser provides a neat and non-messy application

As you can see from the picture above, the texture is light but not too runny; just perfect. Even after use my hands didn't feel greasy, just soft.

I could smell a very light and subtle lavender scent when I applied the serum on my hands, but it vanished when I applied the product through my hair.

You really don't need a lot of product (of course, it will vary depending on your hair texture), but I was fine with two drops.

In the "before" picture, my hair has just been released from a tight ponytail, which created these loose curls. After I applied the serum, the curls seemed to be more manageable and my hair was noticeably shinier and softer.

Of course, there's some added bonuses: the BE Beverly Hills serum is paraben free, it contains no artifical coloring, it offers SPF protection, and it's not tested on animals.

I didn't find any downsides to this product, except maybe for the price, which can be a little high if you are a student on a budget (like me).

Recommend? yes

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. If it wasn't so expensive I'd try it!

  2. Wow! Ca ma l'air detre un produit interessant!

  3. haha c'est probablement juste moi mais j'ai pas pu m'empêcher de remarquer que le ti-peigne est cute et qu'il matche avec l'écriture sur la bouteille LOL

  4. Sounds like a lovely product, def gives more shine!

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  6. This sounds great, except for the price. But given that you really don't need much it would likely last a long time.

  7. It sounds promising except for the price ! LOL... How long can that bottle lasts ya?

  8. Your hair does look healthy afterwards! :)

  9. I think it looks great! and if the only con is expensive that is pretty good. I would def wanna try this out. Great review =)

  10. I like the fact that it isn't tested on animals while almost every other product out there is in some way. It will definitely make me consider it over others. xx

  11. love how your hair looks :)
    I think I might have to check this out!! x

  12. @Miss Tapia : I probably wouldn't have bought it myself because of that, but I'm glad I got to try it for free, it's amazing!

    @Ms Bubu : Oui, vraiment! J'aime beaucoup (:

    @Cocovanilla : Oui ahahah malgré que je ne m'en sers pas vraiment du peigne ):

    @Vintage Makeup : Yes, I was amazed at how well it works on third or even fourth day hair.

    @Tracy D : You are right, as I was fine with around only 2 drops of product (:

    @AnnaYJia : Personally, I think it will last me a loooooong time as I only need around 2 drops of product each tiume I use it!

    @Ahleessa : Thanks, I'm still amazed!

    @TEA aka MonsterGirl : It's really great, except for the price ):

    @Laiqah @Radiant.MakeUp : Awww thanks!

    @UrbanMermaid : I really appreciate this too!

  13. Thanks for the review and pictures!:D

    I will definitely keep this product in mind.:D

    ***** Marie *****