April 08, 2011

Mail of the Week (April 4 - 8)

17 Vintage Love Metallic Nudes palette from B's giveaway: I'm so happy to have won this as there's no Boots here, and the shades are sooo gorgeous and pigmented! I'll be sure to write a full post about this palette, including swatches (if I finally bring myself to touch it, it's so pretty!) Thanks B! =D

Sigma Travel Kit Naughty in Black: I recently became a Sigma affiliate so of course I have applied for their incentive package. According to their table, I thought I would receive Miss Taylor Kabuki but for some reasons I got the travel kit, which is awesome! Here's what it includes:

  • Pencil - E30 - Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Natural bristles. 
  • Tapered Blending - E40 - Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.  
  • Eye Shading - E55 - Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles. 
  • Large Powder - F30 - Very dense with a rounded top. Ideal to apply powder products on face and body. Natural bristles.  
  • Large Angled Contour - F40 - The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. Natural bristles. 
  • Foundation - F60 - Can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation. It is also recommended to apply moisturizers and conceal large areas. Synthetic bristles. 
  • Concealer - F70 - The rounded, tampered, flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area. It is also recommended for a precise application in small areas. Synthetic bristles.
  • Duo Fibre- F50 - Specially designed to generate an ‘airbrushed’ finish when used to apply liquid foundation. It can also be used to apply blush, highlight shades and loose pigments. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles.

    Biotherm products:  Wow, I seriously wasn't expecting that! I know L'Oréal has my mailing address, but I wasn't waiting for such a big package! Here's what they sent me:

    • Sun Protection Ultra-Fluid Body Milk SPF 30
    • Sun Protection Ultra-Fluid Body Milk SPF 15
    • Sun Care Eye Contour Multi-Protection SPF 30
    • Sun After Oligo-Thermal Milk 
    • Sun After Oligo-Thermal Sparkle Cream
    • Celluli Laser S.Code Advanced Smoothing and Firming Care (stomach-waist)

    I don't think I will need to buy sunscreen this summer, that's the least I can say!

    Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner sample: I totally forgot I have signed up for this sample on Dove's Facebook page, but it sure looks great! It's claimed to be "The most intense conditioner Dove has to offer", and it's exactly what my dry hair needs. All of the samples have been claimed though.

    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette 7-Day Trial: I got these by "liking" John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Canada on Facebook. The samples are all gone but you can still enter their contest to win a trip to NYC.

    Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Flavours for Coffee samples: I was lucky enough to be able to get some from Living Well.ca, as all of their promotions end up pretty fast. I'm normally not a fan of Splenda but I have tried the French Vanilla flavor and it's yummy!

    Maybelline Fit Me samples and coupons: Maybelline New York Canada were giving away samples of their new Fit Me foundation on their Facebook page a while ago so that you can find your shade. If I'm right, I think I'm 115. Not sure I will purchase this foundation though.

    May issue of FASHION: I seriously have no idea what's going on as my subscription expired in February... Here's the proof:

    May issue of Glamour

    I really want to thank everyone who was kind enough to take the time to share with me their honest opinion on my Mail of the Week posts. I really appreciate your feedback, it's important to me. I will continue doing these posts, and I'm currently working on a way to let you know in advance when I sign up for a free sample so that you will be able to sign up for it too before the promotion ends. I've started using Twitter for that, and I'm thinking maybe my Facebook fan page could be useful too, what do you think? Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestion.

    On another note, any of you going to Marcelle Spring Warehouse Sale this week-end?

    Annabelle makeup: $1.50 / unit
    Marcelle make-up: $2.50 / unit
    Skin care: various prices

    Friday, April 8: 4 pm to 8 pm
    Saturday, April 9: 9 am to 4 pm
    Sunday, April 10: 9 am to 4 pm

    No invitation necessary. Open to the general public.
    9200, ch. Côte-de-Liesse, Lachine, QC, H8T 1A1

    Annabelle Warehouse Sale itinerary

    Don't forget to enter my hairfreé Hair Brushes Giveaway! It ends Tuesday April 12!


    1. Wow you get the best mail ever lol. Yay for winning a giveaway! and i'm going to enter yours right now :)

    2. You always get awesome mail! My mailbox is jealous of yours! lol

      p.s your giveaway ends on my birthday!

    3. How many giveaways do you win girl! That 17 Vintage palette looks really pretty! I love shimmery eyeshadows :)

    4. La Palette est TROP Belle !!! :D

    5. that palette looks lovely and oo! thanks for the tip about the incentive program thing, i just applied x

    6. That palette is gorgeous!

      I would be interested to know your opinions on the sunscreen, i am always looking for lightweight sunscreens as i am very pale and susceptible to damage from the sun.

    7. I love that 17 eye palette.

      You get the best mail, I wish mine was as exciting.

    8. @Shayla: I got some great things this week, I'm pretty excited! Thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck!

      @Miss Tapia : Aww don't be hun! It's just that I got a lot of great things at the same time. How cool that I have planned my giveaway with your birthday LOL! That'd be a great birthday present, wouldnt it? Good luck (=

      @littlelucy @cornflakegirl: Aww I know, I'm very lucky! Yes this palette is just sooooo pretty, I'm super happy =D

      @Chloé: Je l'adore, mais j'ai peur de l'utiliser et de scrapper le design ahah, ridicule!

      @christine: It's great that you applied for the incentive program, it's amazing! Sigma are very generous, I still can't believe it!

      @Kenzie : I'll be sure to review everything I got from Biotherm, and I got these sun products just in time for summer. Like you, I tend to burn easily, and almost never tan x=

    9. I love the eyshadow palette colours!

    10. always jealous of your mail! especially those biotherm sun protection products! can't wait for you to do a review because i'm on the hunt for a good nongreasy sunscreen!

    11. Quuuu I'm jealous that 17 palette looks so nice! I feel your pain we don't get boots here either we're missing out big time!!

      And the sigma brushes look lovely :) I've been tempted to buy out their brushes but I'm not sure if they're cruelty free :/


    12. ooO congrats on winning! the palette is super pretty. and thats so awesome how they sent you the brush kit haha.

    13. Wow, noone gets mail like you do! I have the Naughty in Black set and I really like it. I did have shedding with some of the brushes but it seems to have gone away for the most part...takes a few good washings :)

    14. ahhh toujours chanceuse =D

      je trouve ca bizarre quil tenvoie les magazines =S

      je ne pense pas aller a lentrepot =(

    15. @Cherry Pullinger : Me too, it's absolutely gorgeous! Gold and brown are my favorite eyeshadow shades, I can't believe how lucky I am!

      @Jenny: Aww don't be! I wasn't expecting those Biotherm products at all, I still don't understand how they got to me LOL! I'll be sure to review them all later this summer (=

      @Carla: I recently read something about Sigma brushes and technically they can't be called cruelty-free as some of them are made from animal hair, but Sigma says they make sure the hair are taken without cruelty. Honestly, I have been using a boar bristle brush ever since I can remember, and until I have proof there's cruelty, I will continue using it.

      @Donna ♥ Baby : Thanks! Yes I'm still surprised at the brush kit as they told me by email that the travel kit was shipped, I thought it must have been an error, but it wasn't! I'm happy (=

      @Tracy D : I haven,t strated to use the brushes yet as I have to take more pictures of the whole set, but I can't wait! Thanks for letting me know (=

      @petitechouxx : Oui je comprends pas trop ce qui se passe avec la revue ahah

    16. Have a great weekend! Shauna from http://www.trying2staycalm.com/

    17. Omg I wish I got mail like you lol. Gotta love free samples.

    18. Wow! you will have sunscreen for all summer!!!;DD

      Have a great weekend!!

    19. Man, I wish my mail was this interesting :P. All I get are bills and spam mail LOL

    20. You get all those goodies in the mail? ok i would seriously wait outside for the mail man everyday. I think i would harass him for my mail =)

    21. Hi Gaby! Aww you're so lucky that you get so many wonderful products from companies or win so many contests! :)
      Ooo look at the Biotherm products you got! I didn't know that Biotherm is a higher end line of products that is owned by the same company as L'oreal. All the sunscreen filled products are just in time for Spring!
      Hmm I've tried the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette line for numerous of their products and it doesn't really work for me - not even their shampoo conditioner which has brown pigmentation in it.
      That's soo cool that you got a Sigma travel brush kit instead of hte kabuki brush :) I heard a lot of good things about Sigma brushes

    22. Wow thats amazing, my postbox isnt as promising :)
      Izzy xx

    23. Wow, I'm jealous of how much post you get! That 17 palette looks like it has some super pretty colours. If you ever want anything from Boots, feel free to ask me to get it for you - I wouldn't mind sending you something or doing a swap. Ooh, that Sigma travel kit looks lovely :) Haha, ace that you got send the copy of Fashion despite your subscription expiring! xx

    24. @Shauna: Have a great weekend too, Shauna! x

      @ARES : Who doesn't love freebies? =P

      @Supergirl : I know ahah!

      @Angelique : Aww bills suck )=

      @Keirasluckycharm : Most of the time I'm not home when my mail is delivered so when I'm back, I love to find packages waiting for me (=

      @Karen Law : I didn't know Biotherm was owned by L'Oréal either! But I know L'Oréal owns quite a few drugstores as well as high end brands such as Lancôme and Maybelline. I'm sceptical about those Brilliant Brunette products. I haven't found hair products that really keep my color from fading yet. Yes I'm very excited for the Sigma brushes as everyone keeps raving about them!

      @Joy : Aww thank you so much Joy, there's so many things I want from Boots but I can't afford everything as of now. Thank you for your offer, I'll keep that in my mind, you are very kind (=

    25. I love these posts! I don't think I would get as many fab offers in the UK! The Boots 17 palette looks gorgeous! I hope the Maybelline Fit ME range comes to England! xx

    26. Every time I come to your blog, it seems like you are always winning some kind of a give away, how do you do it?

      I haven't gotten any May issue magazines yet, I need to get on that.

      xo $ARMIN

    27. La palette est magnifique!

    28. The palette looks so pretty! And the Sigma brushes look great too :)

    29. the palette looks gorgeous <3

    30. congrats!!! :D I havent used biotherm for so longggg oh my god, i am not sure if it even exists in LA right now =/

    31. Thanks fot the comment about the sleek palette! Some of the colours are SUPER bright, but others are really wearable ^^

      WOW! You get a lot of stuff in the post- I love getting letters! xxx

    32. Awesome goodies! My cousin only uses Biotherm because it's the only thing that works for her! I'll let her know about their sunscreen. I don't think she has this one.

      By the way, I didn't know about the Sigma Affiliate program. I'll check it out.

    33. @Pyxiee: Well at least you've got Boots, I'm jealous!

      @xo $ARMIN: Hmmm I don't know, there's no secret, just keep trying!

      @Mara: Je l'adore!!!

      @Rinny: I love the palette, it's definitely gorgeous! And I'm pretty happy with the brushes too (=

      @Jennifer : I love it!

      @Rinz: I don't think I have ever owned any Biotherm products before so I'm very curious to try everything out!

      @Phoebs : I love letters too, much more better than emails (=

      @EveryDay Makeup blog: I never knew Biotherm had sunscreen, I'm really interested in trying it. You should definitely sign up to become a Sigma Affiliate, it's amazing!

      @Summer: Aww thanks hun!

    34. Je me répète, j'adore tes mail of the week! :D comme je suis curieuse, j'adore ça! :)

    35. Wow elle est superbe la palette ^^ il me tarde que tu fasses des swatches dessus ^^
      Ils ont l'air pas mal les pinceaux Sigma depuis le temps que tout le monde en parle, j'aimerais bien les essayer ^^

    36. Yay for awesome mail!:D

      The 17 Vintage Love palette looks pretty good.:D

      ***** Marie *****

    37. I love the 17 Vintage Love Metallic Nudes palette! Gorgeous colors!