March 22, 2011

Shopping: Dollarama & Wal-Mart

ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler ($1.50) It's been such a long time since I last browsed the beauty aisle in my local dollar store, so I went to take a look last week and you can imagine my surprise to find my favorite lash curler here: ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler! ELF isn't sold in Quebec, and the shipping fees from the website are horrible. I won this eyelash curler in a giveaway some times ago and I immedialety got hooked! I didn't hesitate to buy a backup (=

Scope White Mouthwash Mint Splash (around $5) I have never tried a whitening mouthwash before and since this one was on sale, I thought I would give it a try and keep you updated on how it goes.

John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray (gift) My mother found this on sale at Wal-Mart some times ago and she thought I would be interested in trying it. I already have three heat protectant but I guess you can never have enough?

Grey thighs (gift) My mother found these on sale (at l'Aubainerie, if I remember well), and she knew I wanted grey thighs/leggings, so she picked up one pair for me, and one for her. They are not as warm as my black winter leggings (that I've been wearing a little too much this winter), but I had already ordered grey winter leggings on eBay anyway.

L'Oréal Sublime Mousse in 30 Pure Darkest Brown (free) As I told you in my last Mail of the Week post, I received a coupon for a free box of L'Oréal Sublime Mousse. But boy was it hard to get the little girl behind the counter to understand that this box was free! At first, she didn't understand what was the mousse that I was supposed to receive, as stated on the coupon (hm hello, isn't it written big enough for you?), and then she started arguing that they didn't have this promotion going on and that the only thing she could do is give me a $3 rebate... WTF? She finally asked her manager who told her that the hair dye was really free. Damn! Anyway, when the foam hair dye trend emerged, I was sceptical (and I still am), but I can't wait to give this a try! I'll keep you updated.

SPAresource Stipple Brush ($5) I've been recently searching for a good and affordable stipple brush to apply my Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation, so you can easily imagine my surprise when I saw only two remaining SPAresource Stipple Brushes in a clearance display at Wal-Mart, where everything was on sale for $5! I believe they were cleaning the SPAresource brushes display to make room for the new Pro-Series brushes, because there was no "old" brushes left there. This is my first stipple brush so I have nothing to compare it to, but I made sure to touch it in the store before buying it, and I think it's super soft and the hair are quite dense for only $5. Can't wait to use it!

Sheer panties (gift) My mother-in-law found these for only $0.50 at Zellers but they didn't fit her, so she gave it to me. They are so pretty, and they totally fit me, even if they are size Medium. Now, with the ones I recently ordered from La Senza, I really don't need more panties!

Wet N Wild Brow & Eye Liner Pencil in Taupe ($1.57) I've always been lazy with my brows, but after constantly seeing perfect brows (such as those from JLovesMac1), I decided to take action! Oh and at this price, how could I say no?

L'Oréal Studio Volum Max Volumizing Spray ($0.96) I had a $2.00 coupon on any L'Oréal haircare or hair styling product, so decided to use it on this product as it seems rather interesting: you only have to spray it directly on the roots and tadaaah! Volume! Yes I'm sceptical, but at price, I figured I could give it a try.



  2. Tu nous diras c'que tu penses de la stippling brush! Moi j'aime bien la mienne en tout cas!

  3. Aww, those sheer panties are so cute and feminine!

  4. Great stuff =) Mon dollarama a du elf depuis 1 an déja et j'adore le eyelash curler !! la y commence a avoir beaucoup de Sally hansen j'ai acheter 3 lip gloss et 1 lipstick à 2$ can't go wrong with that =)

  5. yayyy! i love finding elf products at dollarama :D

  6. Hahah! Mais tu as quand acheter de bons produits :)

    J'aimerais ça qu'il y ait des produits ELF à mes Dollo! Mais y'en a pas :(

  7. the texturising spray looks really good, what a bargain! :)

  8. Oh wow, so lucky that you can get ELF products in your store. Us in the UK can only get it online! Great buys x

  9. Great haul! I've heard such good things about the ELF eyelash curler =)


  10. Wow tu as fait des beaux achats !!! Je suis surprise du ELF au Dollorama il va falloir que j'aille voir au mien ! :)

  11. Nice haul, as always!:D

    I love the ELF eyelash curler too, does a great job and cheap!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. Nice shopping! lots of stuff, not so much spent! that's always nice! I'm happy for you! It is nice of your mom to think of you and buy you little presents! HAHA about your panties, you sure won't need to buy any soon ! Love your blog :) keep posting :)

  13. Wow you get much better things in your dollar store than we do in our pound stores lol xxx

  14. you always find such great deals =)

  15. great haul! ive heard that this elf curler works amazing!!:)

  16. @beauty combat : Ça me fait plaisir! J'ai été très surprise de trouver quelque chose de ELF, et il a fallu que ce soit le seul produit que j'ai eu la chance d'essayer avant et que J'ADORE! Je te souhaite que tu en trouves dans ton coin!

    @Ms Bubu : La tienne est de SPAresource aussi? J'ai déjà commencé à l'utiliser et je L'aime bien jusqu'à présent, elle a perdu quelques poils noirs mais rien de bien grave.

    @Susalie: I love them! I was surprised when the mother in law came up to me with these LOL!

    @Hypnotiz3m3 : Je devrais aller chez Dollarama plus souvent, mais j'en ai pas assez près de chez moi donc je n'y pense pas. Oui j'ai vu les produits de Sally Hansen et quelque autres trucs intéressants mais bon, j'essaie de ne pas acheter de trucs que je n'ai pas besoin ahah!

    @christine: I was happily surprised to find this curler there! It's the only ELF product I had the chance to try and I love it!

    @JosianneL1507 : Ça s'en vient peut-être? Moi je ne sais pas depuis combien de temps le recourbe-cil est là, je ne vais pas assez souvent chez Dollarama.

    @Hannah- Ramblings of a Cosmetic Junkie: I have actually tried it today and I'm impressed so far! I only hope it will not make my hair a mess at the end of the day, super sticky and greasy... we'll see! I'm thinking of doing a review.

    @Christina Marie : I didn't even know we had ELF products at my local dollar store, I was happily surprised! Otherwise, there's no way we can get some in Canada, as the shipping fees from the website are horribly expensive x=

    @tiffyama : Thanks!

    @Anna Elizabeth: It's the best I have ever tried! I've heard it's even better than the one from Shu Uemura 0=

    @Chloé : Vas-y vite avant qu'ils ne soient tous partis! Je ne savais pas que J,allais trouver ça, je vais essayer d'y retourner pour m'en faire une réserve ahah!

    @Marie : Thanks Marie! It's actually my favorite eyelash curler (=

    @Anonymous: Thank you ANONYMOUS =P

    @powder paint n pout!: Really? I always think you are so lucky to have those pound stores!

    @charlene-ann : I do my best! I love a good bargain =P

    @Syzia: I absolutely love it, it's my favorite!

  17. Never tried their curlers but ELF have a good stippling brush in their studio range. I only ever buy stuff from them when there's free shipping though xx

  18. The brush looks so nice:)

  19. That Spa Resource brush looks very similar to the QUO brushes at Shoppers Drug Mart, but for much less $!

  20. this inspired me to go to my dollar tree or big lots idk if you have one by where you live but they sell super cheap makeup

  21. i actually really love the hairdye! its easy to apply and wash off :)

  22. Wet n Wild brow pencil in taupe is one of my favs to fill in my brows. It makes my brows lighter, so sometimes I mix it with a dark brown and its perfect :)

    I think I've tried the Scope whitening mouth wash before. It has a weird sour taste lol

  23. Oh I love ELF eye lash curler, they're just so cheap and they actually work. I stock up on it like crazy when they have free shipping on the website.

  24. thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! how do you trim your hair? is it hard? i mean, for sure you'll cut it and it would appear in layers of some sort. can't explain it haha i suck i know

  25. It looks like you got a great deal on that stipple brush, it looks like a good brush.

  26. @Tass: I LOVE this curler, it's my favorite! But I keep reading on other blogs that the bristles of the ELF Stipple Brush are too sparse... But there's never free shipping for us in Canada )=

    @Tracy D: Yes, that's what I thought when I bought it! I'm actually pretty impressed by this inexpensive drugstore brush.

    @anabelle : Ahhh I know, Dollar Tree is amazing, but there's none in Canada )=

    @Sher : I'm glad you like it! I can't wait to try it (=

    @EveryDay Makeup blog : I love the Wet n Wild pencil, it glides so smoothly on the brows, and the color is perfect for me. I didn't notice a sour taste in the Scope Whitening Mouthwash, I actually quite like it (=

    @Elle : I think I will go back to the dollar store and buy some to stock up, up! It's SO amazing!

    @miemiemie s: It's actually pretty easy! To trim the neds, you simply part your hair in two equal sections, then you bring each sections in front of you and you trim the ends. For the layers, I don't know how to properly explain it, but you should check on YouTube, there's some awesome videos about it.

    @Tammy : Yes, I'm actually quite impressed with it, it's so soft!