March 18, 2011

Mail of the Week (March 14 - 18)

Mardi Gras Gift Set from Community Coffee: I've been sent this set to review as I'm a big coffee lover, but unfortunately it didn't arrive on time for Mardi Gras. I'll let you know what I think of it in an upcoming post. The gift set includes:

  • Carnival Cake Medium Roast (vanilla and cinnamon... yum!)
  • Mardi Gras Travel Tumbler

Febreze NOTICEables from ChickAdvisor: I received these as I'm a member of ChickAdvisor Product Review Club. I love scented candles (like pretty much every blogger out there) so I was very happy to be selected to have the opportunity to try these scented oil warmers. They smell lovely! I received two scents to test and review:

  • Lavender Comfort & Gentle Vanilla
  • Morning Walk & Cleansing Rain

Click here to see what we think of them!

    Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal Enhanced Water from ChickAdvisor: Another product to review for ChickAdvisor. I received the following flavors:

    • Fuji Apple Pear
    • Strawberry Lemonade
    • Black & Blue Berry

    Click here to see what we think of them!

      April issue of Cosmopolitan

      Panties from La Senza: I really needed new panties, and as I was randomly bowsing the website this week-end, I realized that the shipping was free for the week-end! I took advantage of the 7 for $25.50 deal on panties, and my order only costed me $26.16. I must say I'm pretty impressed as I placed my order Sunday, it was shipped Monday, and I received it Tuesday!

      My MNY magazine: It's Maybelline free beauty guide personalized just for you, filled with coupons. Sign up here.

      Kellogg's Fibre Plus Cereal sample: Request yours here.

      Coupon for a free L'Oréal Sublime Mousse: L’Oréal is giving you the chance to get 1 of 1000 free Sublime Mousse hair dye! Fill out your information to be entered here.


      1. I adore La Senza:)
        That "jeans" panties looks cute:)

      2. Wow you received loads of goodies! The Aquafina Water looks Yummeh. And the maybelline magazine looks interesting!

      3. great little haul :)
        loving your blog!! x

      4. Moi aussi j'ai recu un MNY magazine!

        Moi mes parents aiment pas trop que je commande sur internet.. Pis déja, moi commander du linge sur internet, j'ai peur que ça fait pas. =1

        Tu nous diras ça si le Aquafina Plus est bon!!

      5. Good stuff! I love Olivia Wilde, by the way!

      6. Those Jeans panties are sooo cool!
        Have a fab weekend.

      7. Hi Gaby! I wonder if La Senza ships internationally... I'm going to look into it because they're so cute!

        Kisses, Melanie

      8. @Supergirl: It was my first time shopping there (online) and I was quite pleased with my experience! I liked to browse the website but never actually ordered something because I think everything is so pricey, not to mention the shipping fees. But this deal was too good to miss! Oh and the denim panties are my favorite =P

        @Carla : The Aquafina are definitely yummy, they keep me awake during boring classes at Uni hehe!

        @..R May A.. : Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

        @Valili : Bah y'a pas grand chose de plus sécuritaire que PayPal, donc tu risques pas grand chose tant que tu fais des transactions sécurisées. Et moi mon linge c'est pas compliqué, c'est pas mal toujours la plus petite taille disponible ahah! Et pour le Aquafina Plus, je ne pense pas écrire un post là-dessus, mais si tu veux, tu peux aller lire ma review sur Chick Advisor: http://www.chickadvisor.com/item/aquafina-plus-vitamin-10cal-strawberry-lemonade-enhanced-water/#R30824

        @Katie : She's pretty (=

        @Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up : the jeans panties are my favorite of the batch hehe!

        @Beauty meets Kawaii : Yes they do ship internationally, but the fees can get quite pricey. For more info, you can go here: http://www.lasenza.com/eng/customerServiceBilling/shippingfees.cfm?&var=d&ckey=CA

        @Rinny: Yes, I'm happy =D

      9. Hi Gaby! How have you been?! I hadn't been to a drug store in a couple of weeks so when I went two days ago to pick up something I saw the new L'oeal Mousse hair dye. It sort of reminds me a bit of their older discontinued L'oreal Colour Pulse Mousse that had more edgier colours.
        Mmmm cereal! I love breakfast cereals even as dessert sometimes ;)
        La Senza is great for shipping. I have ordered from them in the past and they're great with that. The jean pattern one you chose is neat and different!
        And that's so neat that the coffee came with mardi gras bead necklaces too! ooo cinnamon and vanilla sounds so nice. I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately myself...although I don't think they sell this brand "community" at my local grocer.

      10. Wow, lotsa goodies there. The panties from La Senza are cute :)

      11. oooo du cafe!! jai hate de voir ton review! j'aime aussi le cafe =D

      12. Have never heard of ChickAdvisor, thanks for the link!

      13. lovely mail for the week (as always!). i also received the febreze noticeables and vitamin water to review! i actually wrote reviews today not them! hope you enjoy them!

      14. love your blog :) olivia wilde is amazingly beautiful on that cosmo cover!

        please check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment!


      15. Hi Gaby! Thank you so much for looking into the La Senza thing for me. I checked it out and the postage works out to be nearly double the price of the panties! I might give it a miss :( Thank you again!

        Kisses, Melanie

      16. Wow nice haul you've got :P
        Those panties are cute especially the jeanslooking one :D
        And yay for cereals by Kellogs haha <3
        I'm holding a giveaway, so if you are intrested:
        My giveaway: win a pair of nerdi glasses necklace click here!

      17. @Karen Law : Hi Karen! Ooooh yes I remember L'Oréal Colour Pulse Mousse! But if I'm right, it wasn't permanent, right? I always thought it was aimed at younger women... But I'm thrilled to try their new mousse! I'm a little sceptical though but it seems so much easier and quicker than gel or cream hair dye. The jean panties is my favorite! The coffee tastes great, I'll be sure to review it.

        @Ling's Beauty Blog : I love them! Can't believe I have never purchased anything from them before!

        @petitechouxx : J'ADORE le café, un peu trop même ahah! Et c'est pas bon pour mes dents, ça les rend jaune x=

        @Cherry Pullinger : It's amazing, especially if you live in Canada

        @Jenny : Oh yes, you too? That's great! I love how they give away products to review that aren't always beauty-related. I'll be sure to check out your post!

        @Ke: I'll be sure to check out your blog, thanks!

        @Beauty meets Kawaii : Yes, it's awful! Shipping fees often kill it for me too )=

        @Ice Pandora : The jean panties is my favorite hehe!

      18. There is something so refreshing about new panties. I don't know how to describe it but they are actually one of my favorite things to buy!

        Great pics....like the little fake denim ones..

      19. I'm hoping to emigrate to Canada soon so I shall be remebering your tip that chickadvisor is great if you live in Canada!

      20. check out my giveaway love!


      21. Lots of great goodies :) I love La Senza, those jean panties look so cute xxx

      22. ♥Love your blog♥

      23. YOu always get such great stuff in the mail, Gaby, it sure beats the bills I get!!

      24. @Christina : Yes, I totally get what you mean! And I really needed some new ones.

        @Dilan Dilir: Thanks!

        @SweetLikeJelly: Yes, they always give aways such nice products and it's a great community for Canadian beauty addicted.

        @BEAUTIFULL: I will, thanks!

        @Jo Woods : I'll be sure to order from them again, they're great!

        @Mary ♥ Mur: Thanks hun, I'm glad you like it =D

        @Kim's Vanity : Aww yeah, bills suck )=

      25. The denim print panties look cute :)


      26. Hi Gaby! Yes the L'oreal Colour Mousse was semi-permanent - definitely not permanent though as you pointed out. I remember that line because they had some awesome fun colours like really really dark black, a navy blue and a cool purple colour. Sucks though because even though I went to a pricey salon at Deerhurst to get my hair done purple, all the colour has washed out. It never looked purple to begin with but it's now totally dark brown/black :( I don't think my hair holds onto purples or reds very easily even with gentle shampoos and conditioners. Let me know if you have any success with purple hair dyes in the future :)