February 25, 2011

Mail of the Week (February 21 - 25)

Covergirl NatureLuxe products samples: I was sent samples of the new NatureLuxe line. I received:
  • NatureLuxe Silk Foundation in Maple 340
  • NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Hibiscus 215

The gloss balm smells amazing and it moisturizes my lips so well, I almost couldn't believe it! As for the foundation, it seems a little too dark for me, but I'll be sure to let you know what I think in a proper review.

Covergirl LipPerfection lipsticks: I can't wait to try these lipsticks, which are supposed to moisture lips in just 7 days. My lips are in great needs of moisture! Here are the shades I received:
  • Kiss 275
  • Rich 295
  • Coquette 375

OSMIUM For Men products samples: I have never heard of this brand before, which is a premium natural skincare brand based in London. I was sent some samples to have my boyfriend or father test them:
  • Clean & Refresh Clanser
  • Age Defend Shave
  • Cellular Renew Anti-Ageing Crème Matt Formula
  • Peak Performance Energise & Renew Moisturizer

Coupons from webSaver.ca

Round Brush and Flat Brush from Hairfreé: When used with a blow dryer, these brushes are supposed to get you the same sleek and shiny hairstyle as if you had used a flat/curling iron. Does that mean having the same great hairstyle, minus the heat damage? Wow, now I'm curious to try these out!

Chapman 2011 Calendar: This is a very cute calendar. You can get yours for free when you fill out this form. Canadian residents only.


  1. Great things in the mail indeed, sweet Gaby!! I love the look of those lipsticks!

  2. Hi Gaby!!

    Those cover girl lipsticks look really nice esp the kiss one!! xox

  3. oh j'ai vraiment hâte de savoir ce que tu penses des brosses à cheveux! Ça serait vraiment le fun que ça fonctionne! Surtout pour mes pauvres cheveux qui ne supportent pas vraiment le fer!;)

  4. Those lipsticks looks so pretty and summery.
    Shame I can get hold of them here in the UK.
    Another brand we don't have. got used to it now.
    Have a fab weekend Gaby!

  5. Hi Gaby! I'm really tempted to try the Covergirl natureluxe line. I'm loving anything in the natural/organic category at the moment and try my best to buy makeup and beauty products which are cruelty free.



  6. Gaby I'm so curious about those Hair Free brushes, can't wait to hear what you think!

  7. your mail is so exciting! I want to try those brushes... xo

  8. @Catanya @Steph xox : The packaging of the lipsticks is pretty sleek, but i was a little disappointed by Kiss as it seemed to be the most wearable of the bunch, however, it's a little too frosty for my liking. Buy hey, maybe it will grow on me?

    @Geneviève: En fait, elles ont l,air vraiment cheap les brosses, j'étais super excitée quand ils m'ont parlé de cette invention-là, mais bon, je ne les ai pas encore essayé donc peut-être que j'y vais un peu fort! Pour tes cheveux, il faut vraiment que tu t'achètes un protecteur thermal, surtout que tes cheveux sont pas habitués de se faire maganer comme les miens vu que je les teins.

    @Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up : Whaaat?? You don't have Covergirl in the UK? I didn't know that! But you have Barry M which I love... can't wait for it to come to Canada!

    @Carla : Oh I'm not sure Covergirl is cruelty-free, they tend to be very vague about this. But like you, I try my best to purchase natural beauty products. I'm actually quite impressed by the gloss balm!

    @Tracy D @Shayla : I haven't tried them yet, but I'll be sure to review them! I'm very curious about them, too (=

  9. Haha :D je te les conseille, je les a-dore! :)

  10. J'ai vu quelqu'un parler de ces rouge à lèvre sur Youtube ! Je pense pas qu'on les a déja au Québec ?!! C'est sur que je vais les essayé quand ils vont sortir ici ! :)

  11. I bought one of those lipsticks last week("Heavenly") and I really like it a lot. I'm eager to hear your opinion on the foundation. I've been thinking about trying it out...

  12. merci beaucoup :) ! OMG tu en suis du monde loool!

  13. Reply to comment: I'm sorry to hear about your golden retriever :( I have two dogs myself and I can't imagine myself living without them!
    With regards to cruelty free cosmetics, I also found a list on Pixiwoo's blog which you can see here: http://pixiwoo.blogspot.com/search/label/animal%20testing
    I don't know if you know about it but just in case you didn't :)

    Carla xxxx

  14. Ah toi aussi tu te commandes le calendrier Chapmans!!

    Tu es chanceuse pour les tucs Cover Girl, en fait 30ml de fond de teint cest un format regulier! Tu as eu ca comment, donc? Merci!

  15. Tu me donne vraiment envie d'essayer les gloss balms! est-ce qu'ils donne une couleur très pigmentée sur les lèvres?!! ou c'est assez clair ? pis le fond de teint m'intrigue vraiment! j'ai hâte de voir ton review là dessu : )

  16. @Mara : Je vais regarder ça! Merci! (=

    @Chloé : Euuhh en fait bonne question... mais il me semble qu'ils sont sortis en janvier, à peu près en même temps que les nouveaux produits NatureLuxe? Je n'ai pas le press release sous la main, je ne peux donc pas te confirmer ça mais je ne suis pas passé dans un Wal-Mart ou une pharmacie récemment donc je ne sais vraiment pas! Mais c'est vrai qu'on est souvent les derniers à recevoir les nouveaux produits au Québec z=

    @Angeltea7 : I love them too! As for the foundation, at first I thought it would be a little too dark on me, but it's great actually as the coverage is light to medium. I'll be sure to review it (=

    @xbarbiieex: Oui je sais, c'est pour ça que je me suis forcée à faire un ménage récemment, il y avait beaucoup de blogs morts z=

    @Carla: Thanks for the list, I didn't know about this one (=

    @Ms Bubu: Oui en fait j'avais complètement oublié que je l'avais commandé, mais c'est plus pour mes parents parce que moi j'en ai déjà un (= Oui je sais pour le format régulier c'est juste que eux ils appellent ça des samples quand ils en envoient aux bloggueurs pour essayer. Je les ai reçu par une compagnie de PR qui travaille pour P&G je crois? En fait j'ai aucune idée comment ils ont eu mes coordonnées et mon adresse postale ahah!

    @j0waaa : Le Gloss Balm, je l'adore, sérieusement! J'ai les lèvres constamment très sèches à cause de l'eczéma (grr!) et ce baume là les a complètement guéri en un seul coup, j'en reviens pas! Et il sent teeeeellement bon! Oui pour la couleur, le mien est quand même assez pigmenté pour un gloss, mais ça doit dépendre des couleurs. Tu peux toujours chercher des swatches sur Internet. Mais d'après mon expérience, habituellement, les gloss balm sont assez pigmentés puisqu'ils sont en bâton justement. Le fond de teint m'intriguait également même si je ne porte habituellement pas de fond de teint, mais celui-ci est tellement léger et agréable à porter!

  17. Hi Gaby! Ah you're very lucky to try out some Covergirl products. The packaging of their natureluxe line reminds me of the Aveeno naturals packaging.
    The Hibiscus lipcolour looks very nice and bold :) I've been more into magenta lip colours now than before. And it'll be nice to see your review on the LipPerfection products if they really help your lips over the course of the week.
    The Osmium brand samples you got reminded me of this one Old Spice deodorant sample I got in the mail. It was the Fiji scent and it smelled so nice I used it for myself haha
    For the life of me I cannot blow dry my hair successfully using a round brush or any brush for that matter. I have a hard time holding the blow dryer with one hand and using the comb to style the hair with the other. I just can't get the hang of it :( But for those that know how to (like hair stylists) they do an amazing job and the blow outs can last days and through a few washes even!

  18. I really want to try some covergirl stuff - it all looks gorgeous! - but it's so hard to get in England!! x
    gorgeous post hun :)

  19. C'est tellement chouette tes ''Mail of the week!'' J'crois que c'est ce que je préfère! Et je suis beaucoup trop jalouse premièrement parce que moi la seule chose que je recois par la male c'est ma revue Seventeen et mon compte de cell! ahah! Je veux recevoir les nouveaux produits de CG moi aussi! :P hihi

  20. Ooh I'm intrigued by those brushes! I also really want to try the NatureLuxe Gloss Balms =)


  21. @Karen: Hi Karen! Yes I was thrilled to receive those products, which I've been tolsd aren't even available in Quebec yet! Yes Hibiscus looks really nice, even though at first I thought it would be way too dark for me, but lipglosses are never as dark as they appear to be in the tube, anyway. And I'm seriously amazed, it seemed to have completely healed my lips after only one application! I'm still stunned! I haven't applied it for one week and my lips are still nice and moisturized, I can't believe it... I think I will use the OSMIUM samples for myself as I can't count on my boyfriend to use them (I know he won't use them). You are right, some men's products smell so nice! I'm totally like you about the blow dryer and round brush. First of all, I never blow dry my hair LOL but I did tried with a round brush and awww... but I will have to try again to test those brushes!

    @..R May A.. : Yes I've been told you don't get Covergirl products easily in England... it sucks as Covergirl is such a big brand z=

    @Alex-Fashion-Beauty : Ahah! Je suis contente que tu les aimes! Ça a l'air d'être pas mal mes posts les plus populaires, car j'ai souvent reçu le même commentaire que toi. Et c'est des posts qui ne demandent pas trop d'effort pour moi donc c'est parfait en fin de semaine (= Pour les produits Covergirl, en fait, c'est la première fois que j'en reçois et je ne sais pas trop d'où ils sortent... C'est une compagnie qui me les envoient, je crois qu'ils travaillent pour P&G, si ce n'est pas P&J lui-même... je ne sais pas!

    @Anna Elizabeth: I can't wait to try those brushes (= And the Gloss Balm is amazing, you should totally go for it!

  22. Wow, a lip stick that actually moisturises? Lip sticks always dry my lips out, I will have to try this one!:)


  23. @Chuui : Yep, that's what it claims. However, I haven't noticed great improvements, but I'll keep on using it, we'll see!

  24. Those are pretty CoverGirl lipstick shades.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  25. @Marie : Yes, they are gorgeous (=

  26. The Covergirl Naturaluxe is surprisingly an amazing foundation. I don't wear foundation too often because it feels too heavy but this one doesn't feel like you're wearing anything.


  27. Those are really great samples!