February 02, 2011

I Want a Blender... And I Need Your Help!

I've been contemplating getting a blender for some times now as I would love to make my own smoothies. That way, I will eat more healthily (I don't eat enough fruits) and it will comes in handy in the morning when I'm in a rush before school. I decided to check out the wide selection available at CSN Stores as I've had positive experiences with them. As you might know from some of my previous posts, CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish shoes, to swing set, or great cookware.

I need your help because it's the first time I shop for a blender and I'm lost in all of the options!

At first, I was really interested in one of those stick hand blenders that seem so practical, like this one:

But the thing with those kind of blenders is that I'm worrying they won't be powerful enough. I will use it mainly to make smoothies so I need it to be able to perfectly crunch ice and fruits.

I'm also curious about the Magic Bullet:

My friend Sara owns one and she says it works well to make baby food and smoothies, and she likes that you can prepare whatever you want directly in the mugs. My worry here is if the mugs are big enough or not to hold all of the ingredients...

I'm also tempted to go for a more traditional blender, like this one:

This is actually my first choice, as Oster is a well-known brand, and out of the three blenders listed in this post, this one gets the best reviews on the net. I'm tempted to play safe and go for it!

I woud love to know your opinion. Have you tried a stick hand blender before? Or the Magic Bullet? Do you have any recommendation? Haver any good smoothie recipes? Thank you very much!

Pictures are from CSN Stores.


  1. yeah hand blenders arent that great and i think the magic bullet is pretty small so you should stick with the traditional blender in my opinion


  2. I got a Brawn very similar to the first one and it's amazing, especially when you want to cream your soups.
    I guess from my intermediate culinary knowledge it would be better to get the last one (the traditional one) for smoothies. It's quicker and 4 times more powerful then all the other ones. I think the blades are bigger so a better chance to crush the ice more evenly.
    Let us know which one you go for...and share some smoothies recipes!

  3. oh Gaby I just got the best blender for xmas. You can get it at can tire. It is the Ninja blender. I can make anything with it, including snowcones! check out the video on it. http://bit.ly/dH97Qx

    I had the bullet before and I liked it but broke it. I also found the 10 second max blending at a time (or the motor goes out) annoying.

  4. I prefer the third one, I like to make more than one portion and share it.

    I pass you an award. = ) http://pepperflecks.blogspot.com/2011/02/100th-post-swap-and-award.html


  5. Yum! Smoothies! You should get the Oster. I have 2 and they both work extremely well.

  6. I have a Magic Bullet and it works well for 1 or 2 servings, cleanup is easy, and it doesn't take up much space.

  7. If you can afford it, and you're seriously going to use it for smoothies (and juicing) forget ALL of the ones you listed and get a Vita-Mix blender. Seriously good stuff. We have one at work and it's a workhorse!

  8. I make a ton of smoothies, as i am a protein shake junkie.

    The magic bullet does work great for single smoothies and the good thing is its very small and easy to store. I have never had a problem not being able to fit everything i need into one.

    The other blender i use is a Hamilton Beach Wavestation. It has a spout on it that is super handy. I love this blender if i have people over as it's a lot bigger. It blends super good. I got it on sale at Canadian Tire ages ago.

    I have tried quite a few blenders and i find i always have a problem with it jamming or not blending the ice well.

  9. If you only want to make smoothies, definitely get the magic bullet. I have one and the mugs range in size, so there are larger sizes when you want to blend a larger quantity. The best part is that there are so many mugs that you don't have to wash a mug right away if you want to make another smoothie. Great for lazy people like me. :P

    Hope this helps!

  10. I have an Oster and I really like it..my fav smoothie recipe is one scoop protein powder of your choice, a little water, frozen fruit (they sell the best large bags at Costco) and a drop of stevia-liquid sweetner you can get at a health food store. That's it, delicious and super easy.

  11. HI Gaby! I think my I bought my sister the first Cuisinart handblender as part of her birthday present last year. She said she likes it and gets the job done...but I'm not sure exactly what she's blending. Personally I have something along the lines of the traditional blender #3 which you posted....it's great! It's rather large to make huge shakes for multiple people and unlike the handblender it's more powerful. But I also have a juicer as well so....I use the juicer actually if I'm going to blend shakes from veggies or fruits...I should use it more often! But the juicer wastes a lot of pulp which is great for fibre.

  12. i would go for the last one :)
    the magic blender is not so good in my opinion :P

  13. I love the handheld blenders! The only problem is, they don't crush Ice very well. :/

  14. I love the handheld blenders! The only problem is, they don't crush Ice very well. :/

  15. @Alex: Yes, that's why I'm not sure about the Magic Bullet...

    @Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up : It's very important to me that it crushes ice well as I want to mainly make smoothie with it. I ordered the last one yesterday (=

    @Jill-O : Oh really? Never heard about it though, but it sure looks cool! Thanks for the link! Yes I've heard the Magic Bullet tends to break fast...

    @Pepper : I ordered the last one yesterday as I would like to make smoothies for the week to save time (= Thanks for the award!

    @The Girlie Blog : I finally decided to get it (=

    @mayaari : It looks great but I'm not sure it's big enough for all of the things I want to put in my smoothies z=

    @~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard : Never heard about this blender, but thanks for the recommendation!

    @Kenzie : Yes, it's very important to me that it will be able to crush ice well as I like my smoothies... well, smooth, not full of chunks of ice LOL! Thanks for the recommendations (=

    @Angelica: Thanks for the recommendation! My friend has one and loves it (=

    @Tracy D: I will be sure to try those protein shakes as I don't need meat, so that will be perfect for me. Thanks for the recipe, it looks yummy!

    @Karen: Yes my brother has a handblender (not sure of the brand though) but I'm not sure what he uses it for. I finally decided to got for the last one because I've heard it's really powerful and cruches ice very well. I was interested in a juicer at first, but I prefer my juices with pulp, so I don't really see the point of getting one z=

    @TheMadTwins : Thanks, that's what I finally decided. Can't wait to receive it! I've heard negative things about the Magic Bullet, and I'm not a fan of "As seen on TV" products.

    @Cerina : Yes, that's a total dealbreaker for me as I want my smoothies without chunks of ice.