December 23, 2010

Clairol Nice 'N Easy 131 Rich Dark Brown

Remember the disaster the last time I dyed my hair? Well now that some blonde roots are finally noticeable, I couldn't wait to go back to brown! I wanted to be sure the dye would cover all of the red, so I chose the darkest one I had in my stash: Clairol Nice 'N Easy 131 Rich Dark Brown.


Cute mix of red, blonde and brown, don't you think? xD


Back to brown! Yey! I know it looks black, but it isn't. The color should fade after a couple of weeks, but I swear Nice 'N Easy hair colors don't fade as quickly as others I've tried!


  1. C'est beau! Ça me rappelle quand j'avais les cheveux foncés.

    Si tu veux que ça pâlissent plus vite,tu peux te laver la crinière avec un peu de head and shoulder,ça décape :P

  2. My hair is like that as well, it soaks up all the color but then it fades out after a few washes. I really need to do my roots, I'm not going into 2011 with horrible roots! haha I was actually thinking of going red. At least now I know to avoid the Garnier one! :)

  3. Nice for a change before christmas, the color looks great on you!

  4. i love the color! looks great on you!

  5. Hello there, fellow Canadian!

    I loved your red hair! (I have a thing for red! (I had red highlights done a while ago).

    Nice blog btw! Thanks for stopping by mine.


  6. @luckiebeauty: Merci! Mais non, je veux justement éviter que ça pâlisse ahah! je vais toujours vers la teinture brune la plus foncée, juste pour dire que je m'évite les dommages de la teinture noire ahah! Ridicule, je sais xD

    @prettyinthedesert : My hair doesn't fade as fast as it's used to when I use Nice 'N Easy, that's why I'm always going back to it. But I had a bad experience with Garnier Nutrisse Intense Red because it is NOT designed for hair that are already dyed brown or black. It's for you if you have natural brown or black hair.

    @Susanne @"L" @ARES: Thank you!! =D

    @S M ɑ r y ɑ m: I also loved my red hair, but I wish it was more red... it only turned red when it catched the sun, but otherwise, i was begginning to look funky with brown, red and blonde hair LOL.

  7. I had the same problem; (bright) RED roots /Dark lengths! the saddest part is that I went to a Salon for this =s
    I had to go back to dark just like you =)

  8. i love the color made me think i should have chosen dark brown instead of black when i colored my hair..

  9. Aw I love your red hair! But change is always nice too :]

  10. ooo i think it looks gorgeous!!

    I dyed my hair yesterday darkest brown and it looks black lol. xox

    Happy Christmas xox

  11. i guess there are many women with the same hair problem..my hair is thick an rough.i cut it but always end up with split ends..and the color gets soaked up and after a few washes it looks stupid and not taken care of!!
    your hair looks soft at least!!i love the new change!black is better than red but it won't b easy to lighten it up if u change your mind!!

  12. Looking Good!! =)
    Merry Christmas, Pretty Lady!!! xoxox

  13. @Hollywood: What? You went to a salon and this was the result? Did you ask for another free appointment to fix it or something?

    @donnarence : This is why I always go for to the darkest brown I can find, just so I can say that I won't have to deal with the damage black does LOL. But have you tried dying your hair dark brown over the black? I can't remember, but I think I bleached mine to go from black to brown... worst decision ever! -_-

    @SiSi Sparkles: Aww thanks, but it was only red at the roots, so I was quite disappointed )= Anyway, it was fun while it lasted...

    @Steph xox : Thanks! I dye my hair the darkest brown I can find so it looks black, but it's not as damaging as black LOL.

    @Nells: I don't think the problem is my hair texture, because the red dye I used is designed for natural brown or black hair, but I was too stupid to read the instructions first, so the red didn't show up on my brown hair because it was dyed already, so it only showed up on my blonde roots. Don't worry, I didn't dyed it black, it's just a very very dark brown. I know black isn't easy to lighten, I have bleached it too many times already x=

    @Miss*Kimmy : Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too, Kim!

  14. I haven't used any Nice N Easy hair colouring kits before but that's nice to know that the colour stays well and doesn't wash out too quickly....esp since Nice N Easy is usually pretty cheap too! hehe
    I like your hair dark brown - it really compliments your blue eyes :)

  15. @Karen : Ever since I first tried it, I never went back LOL! I still have a few hair dye from other brands in my stash but Nice 'N Easy is the only hair dye I purchase now. I love that it's designed for dark hair so the color truly shows up. And yes, I always buy it on sale, and it's really often on sale!

  16. The First time i used this hair color my hair was red then went nice and black.. . but now my hair is blondish and i want to dye it back the same color the rich dark brown, will it covor thre blonde.. ... ..

  17. @Ariel.. .♥ : My natural hair color is dark blonde and I never had any problem to cover it. You can see my blonde roots in the "before" pictures, and I always end up with a nice and uniform color with this hair dye. Nice 'N Easy has never let me down! I don't think you will have any problem with it. Hope it helps!