November 08, 2010

Book review: The boy who came back from heaven

In 2004, Kevin Malarkey and his six-year-old son, Alex, suffered a horrific car accident. The impact from the crash paralyzed Alex —and medically speaking, it was unlikely that he could survive.
“I think that Alex has gone to be with Jesus,” a friend told the stricken dad.
But two months later, Alex awoke from a coma with an incredible story to share. Of events at the accident scene and in the hospital while he was unconscious. Of the unearthly music that sounded just terrible to a six-year-old. Of the angels who took him through the gates of Heaven itself. And, most amazing of all…of meeting and talking to Jesus.
The boy who came back from heaven is the true story of an ordinary boy’s most extraordinary journey. As you see Heaven and earth through Alex’s eyes, you’ll come away with new insights on miracles, life beyond this world, and the power of a father’s love.

First of all, when I was offered to review this book, I had no idea that it was a Christian book, and that it was a true story, on top of that! I really didn't know what to expect... but I wasn't disappointed.

Kevin Malarkey is the main narrator of the story, but the book also contains excerpts from various people, and the most interesting are, in my opinion, the ones from the little Alex:

Alex on Heaven and Earth:
"God created the earth to be a perfect place for us, and we've messed it up. Heaven is the perfect place for His children, and it has stayed that way. Heaven is what this world is supposed to be. Lots of things in Heaven are similar to things here on earth. There are tress and fields of grass, lakes and rivers, and many other parts of the earth that we know. It's just that in Heaven, every last deatail is perfect."

Alex on Angels:
"Angels aren't boys or girls. They are neither. They are completely white and have wings. Some are not as big as Daddy thought they would be ­- only about two feet tall. Other angels, especiallt the ones in Heaven, are larger. The angels have visited me many times, and I have felt afraid when more than one comes."

In the middle of the book, there's a section with pictures illustring the various stages Alex and his family had to go through. Here's an excerpt:

At the end of the book, you will find a section called "Afterword: Questions and Answers with Alex", which is really interesting. Here's an excerpt:

Overall, this is a book that you can easily read in one sitting. It's a really touching story, and I guarantee you won't look at life the same way you did before after reading The boy who came back from heaven. Personally, I'm not Christian and I don't care about religions at all, but I believe that this book can change the beliefs of a few people.

You can read the first chapter here.

For more informations, head on to the official website.

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  1. Hi Gaby! Ah yes I think you were confused about my last trip to Asia LOL I took it with my parents and there was not wedding. This one I'm leaving in the morning and it's with my girlfriends :)
    It's okay if you want to skip the trip to Toronto. You don't want to be stressed out about a trip right? Plus, i didn't know you and your bf are new drivers. Five hours can be a lot for new drivers or those that don't like driving like me! But hopefully when you get the opportunity to come to Toronto next, I will be in town and we can hang out! That way you don't have to be stressed out because I"ll hang out with you and show you around :)
    This book sounds pretty interesting...especially what the boy has to say about angels and heaven/hell. I was baptized a Catholic and went to Catholic schools up to University. I'm a bit brainwashed by religion classes but my faith in God is not strong. I feel further from my religion than ever especially with a science background and how the Catholic Church views people and condemns them for pre-marital sex or use of birth control and such....it's very unrealistic in this day and age if you ask me. I don't think this book would change me personally and my thoughts on afterlife but it's interesting to hear for sure...and like you said, I'm sure it's changed many people's views on life after they read this. Thanks for sharing Gaby!

  2. What an amazing story! I'd be interested in reading this book too.

  3. Looks like a good read. I've been looking for new books to read and to get inspired. I love reading real stories. Thanks!

  4. @The Girlie Blog: Yes, it's really amazing, but not enough to turn me Christian LOL.

    @Jasmin: I didn't know it was a first story until I received it, but it's amazing!

  5. wow this looks like a really good read..thanks for the review =]