September 14, 2010

Shopping: Wal-Mart, St-Eustache flea market, Dollarama & Zellers


Sara needed some heels so we dropped by Wal-Mart, and that's when I spotted the new Miley Cyrus & Max Azria clothing line. I'm absolutely amazed by what they have to offer! Nothing is priced more than $20, and I loved everything! However, I controlled myself and bought only one thing - that I really needed - from this line:

 Miley Cyrus & Max Azria jeggings - $20 I've always wanted jeggings since I fell in love with leggings, and I never knew I would find some at Wal-Mart! I bought them in small because my ass is too big to fit in x-small LOL. But seriously, I love them, they fit so well and the color is beautiful =D

And then, I noticed another new clothing line: g21 by George. George never really appealed to me since it seems to have been designed for older women, but g21 is a different story:
Inspired by the latest trends, g21 offers a wide range of today's looks. With trendy and stylish pieces, you can mix and match anything you'd like to create your own style. g21 is also available in plus sizes for young women.
A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at what I got:

g21 by George pink and grey striped pull - $12 That pull fits perfectly and it's not too warm. I love it so much that I also picked another in black (=

 g21 by George "Anita" boots - $20 Such cute boots for only $20? Are you kidding me? I love them, even if my boyfriend say they are ugly leprechaun boots LOL. I'm pretty sure they will look better with jeans anyway eheh!

g21 by George "Great" flats - $10 It was love at first sight. I love animal prints, and I needed new flats. And for only $10... (=

göt2b fat-tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Root-Boosting Spray - around $4 I tried it in the store on Sara's hair, and it worked! She has the finest hair, and she said she could "feel" the product working on her hair, so I immediatly bought it LOL.

St-Eustache flea market

Then we headed for St-Eustache flea market because I wanted the same handbag that my friend Gab had, and I found it:

 Kay Jones handbag - $25 I actually bought the black one and swapped it with Gab because she liked the black one better (this red one is her "old" bag). I wanted it so bad because I like the details, and it's so big that I will be able to fit all of my school supplies in it. Yey!


I can't tell you how much I love to browse my local Dollarama (I actually have three local Dollarama, so I'm pretty lucky). There's always a variety of interesting things, and nothing is priced over $2. Here's what I picked up Saturday:

Mario Candy Container - $2 and Super Mario Bomb-omb Candy Dispenser - $1 Those were for my boyfriend as he loves candies. I'm the one who ended up eating the Bomb-omb, and the Mario Candy Container isn't pictured as I left it at my boyfriend's house.

Soles Gels - $1 Soles gels for only $1? I needed some, and I think I will return and pick up some more.

Smooth Skin Natural Hair Removal Hair Exfoliator Body And Face - $2 I've been pretty curious about this hair removal method ever since I've seen Smooth Away or My Smooth Legs Natural Hair Removal ads on TV.  I have tried it and it works very, very well! The best part? It's only $2 (instead of $15 - $20)!

Stainless steel Eye brow & Bikini line razor - $1 I've seen videos on YouTube of bloggers using those razors on their brows and I thought the results were amazing, so I decided to give it a go, too.

Bella Spa by Ivy Castle Luxury Body Butter Coca Butter - $1.25 and Fruits Scents Strawberry Body Butter - $1.50 Who could resist body butters at a price so low? =P

Memory Foam Insoles - $1.50 and Thermo Confort Thermal Insoles - $1 I always end up with swollen feet having a day in flats, so hopefully those foam insoles will help. Those will be quite handy in the winter.

Durable Bottle - $2 I needed a reusable bottle of water for uni, and this one seems perfect. I'm quite picky about this because I don't want it to be too bad because I carry it around all day, and I wanted the cap to be solid so it wouldn't unscrew by itself in my bag. For only $2, I doubt it's really durable... but we'll see!


5 bras for $7.50! Can you believe it? Zellers was having a sale and all of those were $1.50!

 SentimentS Perfect Cleavage - $16.97 This bra claims to appear up to 2 sizes larger and to be the ultimate cleavage enhancer. For only $16.97, I decided to go and try it on, and OMG, it is really magical! It really adds some mjor "oomphs" to the cleavage. Of course, it has lots of padding, but I guess it takes what it takes!

I have been searching for so long for the perfect push-up bra, and this one seems to be the one! I'm thinking about going back to Zellers and buy each of the color available (=


  1. Great buys, all around :) I spotted the g21 line too, pretty awesome

  2. Great post and haul. i love your tattoo! did it hurt?

    Also the flats are amazing as well as all the bras! *jealous* lol

    Smiles and kisses



  3. I haven't seen the g21 line yet..those little booties are precious! I hope my Walmart gets it soon. I love those eyebrow trimmers too.

  4. Entertaining post. That sweater fits you like a glove!

  5. what an awesome haul u have there! i like your jeggings!!!

    p/s: did i spot mario there !! love ittt

  6. Well don't you look lovely?! ;) Love the leopard print flats, flea market bag and Bomb-omb! A gal after my own heart! xx

  7. Wow! Great finds. I seriously want to look for the jeggings from Wal-Mart now and those eyebrow razor things from Dollarama. I love Dollarama too :D You can practically live off of just things from there hehe

  8. Ils vendent du Max Azria chez Wal-Mart? Cool! J`mennuie du Dollarama!

  9. Wow, great haul! The shoes are my favorite ^^

  10. love the leopard print shoes! x

  11. I like Miley Cyrus line from Wal-Mart too. Nice jeggings!

  12. I like that flats! I love animal print


  13. Great haul! I love that sweater too! I'm gonna go check out Walmart for them soon!

    And I have no idea how to use those razors for the brows! >.<


  14. I am a huuuge miley cyrus clothing fan!!!
    I loove when it goes on sale for like 3 dollars!!!

  15. @Halifax: Yes, I absolutely love it! Everything is so great and totally affordable =D

    @Miss Vendella: No it didn't really hurt. It was my first tattoo so I was a little too afraid and nervous to even notice the pain LOL.

    @spifftiff88: It took some times before it finally arrived here in Quebec, but you may see it soon!

    @BottledBeauty: Yes, I totally love it! I'm looking forward for cooler days to wear it (=

    @Jessying: Thanks! Yes, it's a Mario candy container =P

    @Michelle: Aww thank you!

    @Crystal: The jeggings fit perfectly, I love them! And yes, Dollarama totally rocks!

    @Ms Bubu: En fait c'est une collection spéciale de Miley Cyrus et Max Azria, sans les prix de fou dont on se serait entendu pour du linge de Max Azria. Tout est trop beau et pas cher! Rien en haut de 25$ messenble.

    @saranghayeo: I wear them everyday =D

    @Paula: I love them, too!

    @The Girlie Blog: It's absolutely great ^^

    @Becky: I LOVE animal prints =D

    @~Lisa: The sweater is definitely a winter staple (= And I haven't tried to use those razors for the brows yet, but I have watched a couple of YouTube videos and it looks easy. I just need to find some time to try it now!

    @Rorie: I haven't seen it on sale yet! Can't wai to go and grab EVERYTHING! LOL

  16. Great haul. Love the shoes and the bag. :)

  17. I loveeee that bag! And the shoes you bought were cute!

  18. cute boots
    come and visit me and follow

  19. Hi Gaby!
    Wow, what a great deal on the bras. They're so affordable and I love the patterns on them. And I seriously need a bra that could give me two cup sizes larger. But I have a really big problem anyways - because I'm so flat (like, negative cleavage), nothing works. You need at least something (like a B cup) to give push up. Know what I mean? It totally sucks for me LOL
    Oh I didn't know that Dollar stores are starting to sell insoles and sole cushions now! That's awesome to make them more affordable since I have insoles in almost all my high heels.
    The red Kay Jones handbag is really nice! It looks great on you - and so stylish for school.
    I love the texture and the bright red colour :)
    Have you used the blow dryer with the Got2B hair voluminizer?
    Haha, yeah right Gaby! You don't have a big ass at all! I wish I was as slim/fit as you. I know I would probably need a large for sure. But it's great that they are carrying the Miley Cyrus and Max Azria line....esp Max Azria. I'll have to check it out for sure if I get to Wal-mart soon. The jeggings and striped top look great on you!

  20. You got sooo many good things! I'm so jealouse! love the wal mart clothes and can't beleive its sooo cheap and loooove the leopard flats!!!!

  21. Sorry it took me ages to get back to you! The neutrogena wave pads do make the whole thing a little price-y, but I think it's worth the investment. My mum got them from the UK for about 5 pounds and they're 30 refills.. It's just so good to your skin I don't think about the costs on the long-run lol

    I like your tatto (:

  22. @Chels: I am simply in LOVE with those shoes =D

    @Doesnt get any cuter then me! : I'm now following your blog (=

    @Dolce♥Bunny : Yes it is! I was absolutely amazed too, I just wanted to buy EVERYTHING!

    @xoxo Nik: You are right, my skin might be worth it. Thanks for letting me know!

  23. I love this blog and the reason I got here was because I need an eyebrow razor! I looked really well at my local Dollarama (Cote des Neiges) and they didn't have them (and also I didn't see them at Pharmaprix). Have you seen them downtown (I can't go to the suburbs)? Thanks!!

  24. @ddobro2: The stuff available at Dollarama really varies from a store to another so I can't really help you, since I haven't gone to a Dollarama downtown ):