September 10, 2010

Mail of the week (September 6 - 10)

 October 2010 issue of Glamour

Special package from Peta2: A survey and some personalized stickers with my mailing address on them.

One of the blush was spilled all over Jennifae's letter 0=

My prize from Jennifae's giveaway: I won a sample set of Adorned with Grace Limited Edition Summer 2010 Collection:

Left to right:
  • Astounding Shimmer Blush
  • Avid Shimmer Blush
  • Spellbounding Shimmer Blush
  • Flamboyant Premium Eyecolor
  • Munificent Premium Eyecolor
  • Emotive Premium Eyecolor
  • Forthright Premium Eyecolor
  • Outstanding Premium Eyecolor
  • Flamboyant Premium Eyecolor

Thank you Jennifae!!!


  1. Love glamour! Those powders look fun x

  2. Those eyeshadows look gorgeous!

  3. I love your mail of the week posts :) I really need to subscribe to some magazines when I can!

  4. ...hmm wish I could get some mail!. Usually all I get is shit from my bank... lol gotta love Glamour tho <3

  5. Lea looks pretty on the Glamour cover!

  6. You get a lot of good mail including freebies... hehe~ I need to learn from you! :)

  7. Hello Gaby thanks for following <3 love your blog too! xxx

  8. the freebies look lovely, i love trying new products congrats on your win xx

  9. @The Girlie Blog: I love Glamour, too! It's one of my favotire magazines. I don't know which one I prefer between Glamour and Cosmopolitan...

    @Cowbiscuits: Glamour is one of my favorite magazine (=

    @Becky: I haven't played with them yet, but you're right!

    @Stephine: I'm glad you like those posts! And yes, receiving magazines is always fun!

    @For The Fierce: Aww I know, I hate when all I receive is shit from my bank, too x_x

    @Chels: Well I don't know Glee, but yes, she does loom pretty (=

    @Ahleessa: Well I'm thinking about doing a post on which websites I use to get my freebies, I'm sure that would be useful to you (=

    @Jay ♥ : My pleasure hun! I'm glad you love my blog =D

    @saranghaeyo: I haven't read it yet, but Glanmour is always worth it (=

    @nicoletta: Thanks! =D

  10. ohhh, those look gorgeous!!!

    and thanks babe for the comment on my blog =] I haven't been on your site for so long!

  11. @xoladiihoneyxo : I know, I don't get the news of all of the blogs I follow in my dashboard, and it's SO annoying as I'm often missing great posts!

  12. thank you so much for following my blog means the world to me! i love when people like what i do! :)

    I couldn't resist following your awesome blog. i read almost all your entries. people like you inspire me to blog more ;)

    Have an awesome Sunday hun! :)

    Smiles and kisses



  13. Hi Gaby!
    Aw, congratulations on winning Jennifae's giveaway :) From the picture I especially love the Spellbouding Shimmer blush and the Outstanding Premium eye colour. Looking forward to your FOTDs with them :)
    That's pretty quick with the Peta stickers!
    I know, I'm terribly outdated with TV but I know nothing about Glee. I don't know if it's a fashion thing, a forensics thing....but I've been seeing Lea Michele featured in a lot of online websites like People.com. I think Vertical striped tops are so flattering!
    I hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

  14. thanks for stopping by my blog. that actually is a smart idea for making it a tag. i think i might do it. thanks for the idea and when i post it ill definately tag u :) cute blog. im following

  15. Love the look of the eyeshadows!
    great post :)

  16. @Miss Vendella: I'm glad you like my blog! Thanks for following =D

    @KayKay: Yeah, I love tags!

    @..R May A..: Thank you!

  17. ooo! Would love to see the swatches for the eyeshadow :D

  18. Moi aussi jai recu mon Glamour (UK) samedi passe! Merci de participer a mon giveaway!

  19. @Dolce♥Bunny : I will show them in an pucoming and more detailed post about this giveaway (=

    @Ms Bubu: Tu as du recevoir un freebie avec? Chanceuse hihi! Et c'était sûr que je participais à ton giveaway! J'adorerais essayer des produits de Simple! =D