August 10, 2010

Review: Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara with curved brush

Price: around $4

The claims:
This mascara conditions as it thickens.
  • Lash-Doubling Formula glides on smooth to build great-looking, smudge-proof lashes
  • Custom curved brush lifts and curls each lash
  • Washable; also available in waterproof formula and washable without curved brush
    How to use:
    Apply mascara from your outer lash to inner lash, sweeping brush slowly from root to tip. Do not let dry between coats. Removes easily with Maybelline Expert Eyes 100% Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. 

    • glides on smooth on lashes
    • beautifully curls lashes
    • doesn't smudge
    • doesn't flake
    • lasts all day

    • not buildable
    • clumps after 2 coats
    • doesn't lenghten lashes as much as I wanted
    • doesn't really volumize lashes 
    • the brush doesn't really gripes lashes and it makes it hard to coat each lashes

    What I think:
    I had higher hopes about this mascara - even if I'm not a fan of curved brushwa - but it just doesn't work. It does nothing for my lashes. Yes, they are a little lengthened and curled, but after using Lash Stiletto for some months, I wanted a mascara that coul achieve the same results, and this one doesn't do this. I didn't see results before applying like 3 coats - no to mention that this mascara horribly clumps after the second coat -_- It's also not really buildable as it is so "wet".

    My bare lashes:

    With 3 coats of mascara:

    I know, it doesn't look that bad, but trust me, it's a mess to work with, and I really don't have 15 minutes on my hands only to apply mascara!

    Some more pictures:

    It does provides curled lashes, but that's all.

    Closer look at the brush:

    Available colors: Blackest Black 00, Very Black 01, Soft Black 05, Brownish Black 02

    Recommend? no

    Rating: ★★


    1. I haven't tried this mascara. I think I'll have to...


    2. Thanks for the review - I'm a big fan of Maybelline mascaras and love Great Lash although I'm also not a fan of curved brushes...I don't think they work particularly well unless the curve fits your eye shape perfectly. x

    3. I've used the curved brush, not my fave. I like the original straight one, especially for my lower lashes.

    4. @Becky: I didn't like it, but who knows, maybe it will work better for you?

      @LilyLipstick: I'm not sure about the original Great Lash either. I mean, it does the job, but it's definitely not a mascara I would repurchase.

      @BottledBeauty: I never use mascara on my lowers lashes so I can't tell, but I wasn't especially amazed by it )=

    5. Thanks for the review and the detailed pictures!:D

      You sure saved me $4, thank you!:D

      Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
      & Life According to Marie.

    6. This is a really great review! Thanks for sharing.

      P.S : You've been tagged on my blog :)

    7. @Marie: I'm glad I did (=

      @Nora-Schu: Thanks for the tag!

    8. thanks for this review! at least now i know not to get this. :)

      <3, Mimi

    9. Great review hun!!And you are right it doesnt length them!!!Hugs

    10. i like the curl it gives! thanks for the review!


    11. Great Lash never really was a good mascara IMO


    12. @Blushingloves: I'm glad you liked it (= But yes, it's a shame that all it seems to do is to curl >.<

      @~Lisa: Yeah, I know! I don't understand why there's so many rave about it in magazines and everywhere... except on Blogger (=

    13. it looks ok ,, i tried the normal one ,, pink with the green cap i guess ,, =)

      they r ok ,, i love maybelline makeup

    14. great review! i'm always looking for new mascaras!

      love the blog by the way! i would love for you to stop by & follow me @


    15. Tagged you in my blog dear.


    16. Great review Gaby! Now I know which Maybelline mascara to avoid LOL
      Yes it does look good on you but like you said, mascara shouldn't take work to make it look good.
      I'm surprised that it curls your lashes even though you said the formula is wet. For me, when the formula is thin/wet, it does the opposite and does not hold a curl in my lashes :\ I've been using L'oreal Voluminous for a long time now - I combine it with my lash comb or else it can get clumpy very quickly, however the thick formula works well for me :)

    17. I have not tried this mascara before.
      I have not found the right mascara for me yet, but i am still searching :) I have a few ones that i really like, but i dont mind trying new things :)

      Thank you for this review, really helpfull :)

      x christine


    18. @Princess Feef: I have tried the original one too, but it also disappointed me. I agree that Maybelline makies some great mascaras, but every company got to have their hits and misses.

      @cheryl: I'm always looking for new mascaras to try, too (=

      @Chelsea - Life in the GLAM lane: Thanks for the tag! =D

      @Christina: Like you, I like trying new mascaras! I'm also on the quest for the perfect one.

    19. yeah i like this in royal blue makes eye color stand out

    20. @梅子: My mother used this in Royal Blue but I personally don't like color mascara.

    21. Merci pour cette revue :)


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    23. I think this is the only mascara I have never ever tried!! I always her ppl hate it or like it... It never looked super appealing. This Confirmed what I was thinking! Helpful review Gaby =D