June 29, 2010

Upcoming review: Perfect Petzzz Golden Retriever Puppy

Some of you might remember that I have already been approached by the Promotions Team over at CSN Stores, who kindly gave me the opportunity to have a giveaway (now closed). This time, they emailed me to let me know that I have been selected as CSN Preferred Blogger and they now give me the opportunity to review a product from their site. So I browsed trough the CSN Stores website and had a hard time making my mind, as there's so many interesting things out there: dining room tables, dog beds, shoes, mirrors... but I finally made a choice:

If you aren't familiar with Perfect Petzzz, read on:

Perfect Petzzz, Co, a division of CD3, Inc., provides the ultimate hassle-free companions to kids of all ages: lifelike, “breathing”, handcrafted puppies and kittens designed to amuse, educate and comfort. Most importantly, Perfect Petzzz, Co. is dedicated to teaching responsible pet ownership in fun and innovative ways. 

How cute is this little thing? I would like to review this product because I've been obsessed with Perfect Petzz since I saw some for the first time in the US. But I didn't purchase one back then because I thought they were too expensive for stuffed animals, but they never got out of my mind! I've browsed eBay to find a good deal, but, of course, the sellers were selling them for twice the original price. If I had more money, I would collect them all!

Stay tuned for my upcoming review!


  1. Awwww that is too cute!! I want one now! :) Can't wait to see the review :)

    Nicola xo

  2. @Nicola: I can't wait to receive and review it either! I'm so excited ^^

  3. Looking forward to your review, this is too cute!:D

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  4. Hi Gaby! So nice to hear from you - how have you been?!
    I remember you wanted to check out this Perfect Petzzz item before from CSN. I'm glad you're able to get it now through Ashley :) It seems really cool! Yeah I had to chose an item that included shipping under $50 so I went with the lamp since I needed one. That's good that this item is so reasonably priced.
    I know I'm pretty lucky with Dale looking after me. My boyfriend and I are in an open relationship - that's really the only way I can say it I guess? Dale use to be very jealous but then when I tried to leave him, he said he would change his ways and he has. And my boyfriend has never been the type to get jealous - he's pretty easy going all the time. So it works out I guess :)
    Oh I had a fellow blogger (MKL) do the banner for me. He offered to do it for me actually. He just asked me for a few things like my banner width (he told me where to find the code and to send it to him) and he came up with pictures to fit my banner. I'll ask him for you if he can help you okay? I'll link your blog to his blog in a comment :)
    Hope you are well