June 01, 2010

Thank you + Shopping: Wal-Mart + Awards

I want to thank you guys for your support regarding my last post. Some might say it's just a rat, but want it or not, you quickly get attached to those little fur balls. Animals, big or small, are super important to me. People around me know I have a big temper and I appear untouchable, but I totally melt when it comes to animals. Thank you again.

Today I went to get my car rustproofed (is it a verb?), and then I went to Wal-Mart because I absolutely wanted to get my hands on The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara, and I had a $1 off coupon on any Maybelline mascara.

So I got The Falsies in Blackest Black, and I saw Rimmel Extra Super Lash on sale for $4.48, so I decided to give it a try. Total damage: $11.69; not bad =D


Caterine tagged all of her readers for these two awards:

The rules here are to answer questions the award giver asked you. Here are Caterine's:

1. Are you the kind of person who eats healthy food or not ?

2. Do you like cooking ? If so, what do you prefer to cook ?
I don't know how to cook, except desserts ^^

3. Why did you start blogging ?
To share my passion with the world, and because I was bored.

4. Do you have brothers and sisters ? How many ?
2 brothers, both are younger than me (17 and 19)

5. Do you believe in soulmates ?

6. Did you have paranormal experiences ?
Yes, I heard voices in our previous house.

7. What is the first thing you see when you first meet somebody (same and opposite sex included)?
Hmmm... hair, maybe?

8. Have you ever been to France?

9. Do you prefer neutral or bright colours when it comes to make up ?

10. Are you working or still at school/uni ?

I will also tag all my readers.

My questions are :

1.What could you not live without?

2.Who is the most important person in your life?
3. What is your favourite hobby (besides blogging)?
4. What makes you angry the most?
5. Where would you want to live when you will be older?
6. What is your dream job?
7. Do you play video games?
8. Do you read a lot?
9. Are you going on vacatiosn this summer?

10. What made you fall in love with the world of makeup, skin care and all things beauty-related?


  1. Aww i know what you mean, i have kept many rats in the past and when they have died been inconsolable and i'm sure people have been thinking 'it's just a rat'. But they are part of the family and in the words of Dr Seuss 'a persons a person no matter how small' :) <3

  2. OOo i'm really excited to try the falsies mascara too! please review! :) how are you liking mario galaxy 2 btw?! i really really want to get it! but i dont even have the first one yet!

  3. @Lilian Funny Face: Exactly. I like that quote, it's so true. Thank you (=

  4. I'm sorry to hear you lost a family member, Dorothe! I can imagine it being hard. I'm scared to lose my Tobey and I know it's sooner than later for him. :'( I hope days get easier as time goes on.

    By the way, welcome to BzzAgent... hehe~ I like my experience there so far. :)

  5. @Ahleessa: Thanks for you support, Ahleessa. I also have a dog, and he is now 11 years old. He's getting older so fast! I don't know how I will do without him )=

  6. Je suis désolée que tu aies perdu ton rat. Ma mère a été inconsolable quand son vieux chien est mort et elle me disait qu'elle avait mauvaise conscience de pleurer un animal...Réponse de moi :certains animaux valent bien plus que certains humains ! C'était un golden comme ton balou, les chiens les plus adorables de la terre ...

    Caro xxx

  7. @MUA: Je suis très triste pour mon rat, mais je sais que je serai complètement inconsolable quand je perdrai mon Balou. Je ne sais pas comment je vais faire pour surmonter ça, il a déjà 11 ans... Merci de ton soutient, Caroline (=

  8. I know, I have such a soft spot for animals. A lot of people don't understand how attached you can get to a pet - it's really part of my family. We've always treated our pets that way and it's very sad to see them go. But it helps me to think that they made my life happier the time they were with me and that I tried to give them a good life too :)
    I have not heard of that new mascara by Maybelline. I use to use Maybelline mascara :) you'll have to let us know if either of them are better than your Lash Stiletto one.
    Cool tag! I think I'm going to answer the tag questions in this comment :)
    1. Oh gosh that's a difficult one LOL. Of course my family and couple of close friends I would have to say. Good health, enough money to live comfortably is very important too.
    2. Hmmm, I can't chose one person who would be the most important person in my life. My family and close friends each play different roles in my life that are all important.
    3. Hobbies?! Does sleeping, eating and travelling count ;)
    4. Lots of things make me upset. People who mean to hurt others for no reason really upset me.
    5. I would love to live in a beautiful luxury penthouse condo or luxury home. Oh, such wishful thinking LOL
    6. Dream job? I guess rich house wife doesn't count huh ;)
    7. Nope I don't play video games but I use to (Nintendo 64 ages ago).
    8. I usually read the news nowadays. I haven't picked up a novel in the past few months. But the last book I read in the winter was Mutiny on The Bounty which I quite liked!
    9. Yes I am :) So far just Vegas, Kansas City, Grove City and Pittsburgh. Are you going on vacation this summer that you know of yet?
    10. Oh that's easy- mostly my younger sister got me into makeup ;) We still exchange some emails based on good products we really liked.
    Have a lovely day :)