June 14, 2010

Poor little thing...

My mother and my sister-in-law found a stray baby kitten in the cedars around our house yesterday night. They heard her crying and they saw she was alone, but they decided to wait until the morning to bring her inside the house, just in case her mother would came back... but she didn't.

I woke up to cat's meow and my father mentioning "SPCA", so I ran upstairs and saw this little one in my little brother's arms. My father hates animals and he wanted us to drop the kitten at the SPCA! No way! I would never give any animal to those... stupid people who claim to protect animals but then kill them if they aren't sold in like, 2 weeks!

My mother, my little brother and my sister-in-law fed the kitten with a syringe containing milk and to our relief, she understood how it works and ate!

I spent most of the day with the kitten in my arms or on my thighs, wrapped in a towel to keep her warm.

I called Sara to tell her about the little cat, and she came to see her. She said she would bring her home when her pregnant cat would give birth, so that her cat would mistake the stray kitten for one of her babies.

To my great surprise, Balou happily welcomed the kitten! Usually, he absolutely doesn't care about other animals like my rat or my gerbil - he would just turn his head away without even smelling them! But when we showed him the kitten, he let her lay into his fur and he acted like a mother. That was super cute!

Those are Sara's leg and arm in the pictures =P

My mother and I prepared a comfy bed for the kitten in a shoe box with a warm towel, but the second we put her in it, she cries and begs us to keep her in our arms, so I ended up sleeping with her in my bed last night because she would still not fall asleep in her box by 2 AM!

I hope she will let me go to school this aternoon! I can't resist her sad eyes when I put her in her box...


  1. awr! that is the most adorable thing, your dog and the kitten :)
    Balou looks so fluffy!

  2. what a cute kitten!
    kittens are very charming babies!
    i know what you're saying about the kitten not wanting to be alone.

    my little brother found a stray kitten a couple of weeks ago too & now she is a welcome addition to our family as well, but our labrador Charlie hates her

    it's nice that Balou likes the kitten.

    Our house is in constant uproar because jealous little Charlie doesn't want us petting other animals aside from him

  3. awwwwwwwwwwww that kitten is tiny :) aww so so so so cute xx

  4. OMG so cute! It's exactly like my cat xD I miss the times when he was little!

    Balou (I love the name) looks very kind and friendly =)


  5. Cute and smart little kitten. What are you going to do with her? Giving her to Sara's cat?

  6. awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! <3

    poor thing is tiny! and without a mother!? awww :( so good of you to look after it!!!!

  7. Awww, that's so sweet of you, your Mom, younger brother and sister-in-law to take care of the little kitten for now :) It's so adorable and at the same time sad. I really hope Sara's mother cat takes the baby kitten in as one of her own litter.
    And look how small it is compared to Balou! Too cute! The picture of the two of them together is sooo touching.
    Yes I agree that it's difficult and painful to give an animal to the SPCA. I know it's wrong to put down animals after not finding them a home for a couple of weeks. But I know it's also a problem finding enough homes for all those stray animals. The worst though is when those animal shelters neglect the animals to the point of deteriorating their health - that's what gets me really upset and angry. The Humane Society had some serious issues regarding that.
    It'll be good if Sara's cat adopts this little one. Then you can visit the kitten whenever you like :)

  8. What a cutie. I hope everything works out with the other cat adopting the kitten as her own.

  9. Awwwwww poor little baba :( It's so cute! I wouldn't give it away either, when my cat had kittens I didn't want any of them to leave and go to other homes :) xxx

  10. Aww so cute! i love how your dog "adopted" it! :)

  11. On mon dieu pauvre petit bb chat !!!!il est minuscule...as tu une idée de combien de semaines ?

    Caro xxx

  12. omg lucky kitten to have found you and your family, that's super sweet of you! the baby kitten is so tiny and soooo cute!!

  13. @Louise: He is fluffy indeed hehe ^^

    @Thiamere: Sure they are! I'm not a fan of cat usually, but I could never let a stray animal alone. That's sad that your Charlie doesn't like the kitten. I would have keep the kitten but my father doesn't want, he hates animals -_-

    @Jade: ^^

    @Ana Rita: Yes they are the cutest when they are babies! And yes, balou is super kind and friendly ^^

    @Halifax: Yes Sara will bring her home but she wants to wait until her pregnant cat gives birth so that the kitten could mix with the others. HShe has less chance of being rejected by the mother that way.

    @Lorien BeautyLove: Yes, she is without a mother )=

    @Michelle: I hope, too! But if not, my friend Sara will look after her anyway. It would just be easier for both Sara and the kitten if the mother cat adopts her.

    @Fern: I understand, they are so cute and vulnerable, you never know what other stupid people may do to them )=

    @Lucie: Yes, he is so kind ^^

    @MUA: Non je n'ai aucune idée! Je ne m'y connais pas vraiment en chat, mais bon, il a des griffes et du poil, et il n'est pas osseux, il a l'air en santé. Il a un peu de pu dans les yeux que je nettoie comme je peux, mais c'est dur, j'ai peur de le blesser! Il marche un peu, mais doucement et un peu croche...

    @Lulu: Yes, I'm glad we found her. Poor little thing!

  14. Aww the kitten is adorable and so is Balou! So nice of you and your family to adopt the little kitten! We need more of you in this world! :)

  15. I don't think I could give her away, EVER, I owned cats most of my life and mines always had kittens (I know, I should have had her fixed...what did I know, I was a kid!)...regardless, I looooved helping my cats take care of their kittens, now I miss having my cat (his name is Chocolate...) hubs is allergic so I gave him to my mom! Now I just have a pain in the butt puppy named Rocky. If I can't have a cute kitten like you, I'll take the puppy! btw - all of my cats were strays or given to me by a friend or adopted from the Animal Shelter :D So good for you for taking her in!!

  16. OMG Balou and the kitten together is just ADORABLE~


  17. omgz, what a cute kitten! are you going to keep her/him? i hope you do, poor innocent thing. love the photos with the kitten and your dog, so cutee!!! =P. xo

  18. Aww that poor kitty! I'm so glad it has you to take care of it :) And it's a great idea to introduce her as one to the pregnant cat when it gives birth! Balou looks so cute with the kitten <3

  19. OMG! The pictures are so cute Gaby!! I love them!


  20. awww.. that's sweet of your dog.. i <# kittens.. a lot..

  21. I'm so thankful for people like you (and your dog too), Gaby! What a beautiful kitten <3
    All the pictures you took make me go "awwww" :)

  22. aww trop cute gaby!!
    povre ti chou!! laisser seul =(

  23. The kitten is so cute, but I think Balou is cuter since he left the kitten cuddle him... hehe~ :)

  24. How cute :O I could never give her away. First time I have come across your blog, its great! Truly! All the best. <3 Keep in touch KimboxKimboxKimbox

  25. Awwwww...the kitten is soooo cute! I love the pic of your dog and the kitten together, so adorable :)

  26. @Joyce: I wish everbody would take great care of animals like I do. My rock heart totally melts when it comes to animals!

    @Janine: Awww yes allergies suck! I also have allergies to cat, but not to this little one! How strange! That's great your cats were strays or given to you. We shouldn't encourage stupid pet shops!

    @Eva: ^^

    @Linda: Sadly, I can't keep him, my father hates animals and he says we already have too many at home -_- But my good friend Sara will keep him, luckily (=

    @Lilian: I hope the mother cat will adopt him!

    @Kasia: Thank you ^^

    @Donnarence: Usually,I'm not a cat lover, but I just couldn't let this poor thing alone )=

    @Fifi: We need more animal lovers in this world )=

    @VaLili: Oui, pauvre crotte )=

    @Alheessa: Ahah yeah! That's nice of him ^^

    @J E S S U: ^^

    @Kim Neil: I couln't give him away to some people I don't know, but luckily, my good friend Sara will keep him (= Thanks for my blog =D

    @Lily: Thank you (=

  27. OMG GABY!!!! CUTEST LIL CAT EVER!!!!!! I want her:) hehe what a tiny thing, and so cute that Balou was welcoming her.. I hope you get to keep her :)
    I totally agree with the SPCA.. I did some work in my city on the new one that was just built and they had a fricken crematorium IN THE BACK OF THE BUILDING... made me ill. I mean they help to a certain extent but last resort possible kind of deal.
    Great post :) :)