June 17, 2010

The little one is doing well!

I'm sorry for my lack of posts this week, I've been quite busy with the kitten - she has officially adopted me as her mother! I swear, we put her in someone else's arms and she cries to get back at me, only to suck my fingers and fall asleep LOL.

I have to say I spoiled her a bit - I even let her sleep with me in my bed the first nights. What, I couldn't let her in that shoe box and hear her crying like that, it was breaking my heart (of stone, that is!)! But now, the kitten falls asleep quickly after drinking her milk, and I tricked her by wrapping a bottle full of hot water in a towel and putting it in her shoe box (to mimik human's heat). Last night, the kitty didn't even wake me up one time! But she does wake up at around 9:00 AM and then, you can be sure she won't stop crying until she wake me up LOL.

It seems her eyes were a little infected. Some sort of liquid was sometimes preventing her to open her eyes, but I did my best to heal it, and it's a lot better now. It's almost all gone. I'm thinking that maybe it's some sort of liquid that the kitty's mother was supposed to lick off to clean it, but since she doesn't have a mother... well, I have to do it for her!

 Here, you can see the liquid in her eyes a little.

My mother talked to a friend who works in a veterinary clinic and she said the kitten was probably around 2 weeks old, and that we could estimate it by weighing her on a kitchen scale.

She falls asleep while sucking our fingers!

I went to see Sara tonight to see how the two other cats would react to the kitty, and I'm happy to tell you that the mother seemed super curious about her. She even prevented the other cat to approach the baby! I guess that's a good sign LOL. But don't worry, the other cat is super friendly (= I will still wait maybe 2 more weeks before letting the kitten at Sara's place because she is too young to take care of herself and as Sara already has a baby, it will be lots of trouble for her.

 On my sister-in-law Magali's legs.

I brought the kitten with me when I went to see the boyfriend at his place since I'm her official mother and so I'm the one who take care of her... and bring her everywhere (=

 With my little brother Joël, before leaving for the boyfriend's place.

I think the kitty likes riding in my car though. She cries when I put her in her "transportation box" (see picture below) but when I look at her to see if she is alright two streets later, she is asleep! And yes, I do buckle up the box =P

Asleep in her "transportation box"

She doesn't walk really well for now as she is not really stable, but I see her improving day by day. Here is a shot of her in the boyfriend's bed (and, of course, she had to pee on it LOL):

Oh and yes, the doggie was jealous of all the attention everybody is giving to the kitty, so I took a picture of him, too, before leaving for the boyfriend's place:

I'm having issues uploading videos on Blogger, so I used the embed codes of two videos I uploaded on Facebook:

Sucking my mother's fingers:

Walking on the boyfriend's bed:


  1. She is absolutely adorable!

  2. Oh god she is so beautiful. I miss kittens! You're a wonderful Mummy to her :)sumice

  3. omg! this post made my week! awww

  4. The kitten is so adorable!! Have you taken it in to a vet? I noticed you talked about your mom's friend who works at one, but it really needs a check up, especially because of how little it is. I take care of foster kittens, and a lot of them end yup with eyes like that - it is actually an infection, and without the proper treatment it can cause serious problems like blindness. There are a lot of other diseases young kittens tend to have, like parasites, because their immune system is not good without their mom's milk. Definitely take it in for a check up and they can give you tips on how to care for it properly! Also, what kind of milk are you feeding it? Cow's milk is a very very bad idea!

  5. jpensais avoir laissé un commentaire.. argg..
    je disais quil etait tres adorable le petit chaton!!!

    et en passant, jai recu mon paquet de megsmakeup mercredi!!

  6. Aww I am so jealous! How cute!!

  7. @siwing: ^^

    @michelle: Isn't she?

    @Lilian: Well, I do my best, but thank you (=

    @Gaby: I'm glad you liked it (=

    @Ariel: ^^

  8. I love reading your other posts even though yours is mainly a beauty blog. The kitten is super super adorable! It's really so kind of you to take her in and look after her until Sara's cat can look after her :)
    Haha - made me laugh a bit when you said the kitten peed on your boyfriend's bed. One of the first times my boyfriend held my guinea pig, my guinea pig peed on him! It reminded me of that ;)
    Awww and give Balou a hug for me. I'm a real dog lover at heart