March 01, 2010

Review: Annabelle Cosmetics Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner

Price: 7.95$ for 0.14 oz / 4 g

The claims:
Its long wearing formula is loaded with sparkling micro-glitter particles that catch and reflect the light. Its fine, tapered brush applicator picks up the maximum amount of sparkles and distributes the eyeliner smoothly and evenly.
How to use:
Make sure your hands are stable and trace a fine line just above the upper lash line. Start from the inner corner of the eye and extend outwards. 

+ lasts all day
+ really sparkly
+ the fuss-free container delivers just the right amount of glitters and lets you control the quantity you want to apply
Cons: I can't think of any!

What I think:

Well there's not much to be said about this baby, besides that it does exactly what it is supposed to do. I was really amazed at its staying power, and it is also great on top of an eyeshadow or eyeliner. I have this eyeliner in Galactic Gold, but it was LE, so it has been discontinued. Now I want to grab all of the available colours!

Here is what Galactic Gold looks like:

(with flash)

(without flash)

And now, swatched on my hand:

(with flash)

(without flash)

from left to right: Solar Flare, Kryptonit, Celestial, Blue Comet, Violet Venus, Plutonium

 Repurchase or recommend? yes

Rating: ★★★/5


  1. I love glitter. I only have Too Faced and Urban Decay glitter liners. The Annabelle Celestial one look really pretty (and much more affordable than Too faced or UD) :) Great review Gaby

  2. awesome review, I'd say raid all the stores to get every color before its stops circulating now that its being discontinued. :D

  3. glittery! :) i get super nervous when applying glitter liner onto my eyes because everything seems to love falling into my eyes!

  4. Galactic Gold was a LE, but the 6 other shades shown are (as stated in the pic!): available colours!

  5. I like you reviews as they are so detailed!

    I have nominated you for the sunshine award on my blog! :)


  6. very pretty! grab them all before they're gone lol~

  7. I think this is awesome...sheen in liquid and definitely it stays much longer than the powder.A bit if sheen added effectively to the eyes can bring about dramatic look to the eye.

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