November 04, 2009

My birthday presents + Avon haul

First of all, I want to thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! It's so nice of you! Thank you! =D

My parents totally surprised me with a little birthday party on monday! My grand-parents came from Stoneham for the day, only to wish me an happy birthday! I was so happy, as I almost never get to see them. So I just wanted to share with you the presents I received:
  • a bag of 30 "fun size" 3 Musketeers chocolate (from Joël, my younger brother)
  • a bottle of MASI, my favourite red wine (from Guillaume, my other younger brother)
  • a birthday card with cash (from my grand-parents)
  • a birthday card and a Sunbeam warming blanket (from my father - the blanket is not on the picture as I already have one, so he returned it to the store)
  • a Fruits & Passion Monoï Shower Cream (it smelles amazing!), a SPA02 Pebbles & Shells Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel and Bath & Shower Crème, and a Luscious Layers Vanilla Fudge Layer Cake Whipped Body Butter (from my mother)
Today, I also received my Avon order:

  • Montreal Canadian glass (it's a Christmas gift for my boyfriend)
  • Avon Solutions Winter Fabulously Clean Cleanser
  • Avon Solutions Winter Moisurizing Mask
  • Avon Solutions Winter Nourishing Night Cream
  • Avon Solutions Plus+ Ageless Results Eye Cream
  • Avon Solutions AM Ageless Results Day Cream SPF 15
  • Avon Solutions PM Night Cream
  • Avon Solutions Plus+ Ageless Results Intensive Line Filler SPF 15
  • Avon Naturals Body Strawberry & Guava Moisturizing Body Yogurt

My mother received her P&J brand sampler today. I didn't ordered it this month because the samples didn't looked interesting... and I was right, expect for this product:

OLAY Total Effects 7 in 1 Advanced Anti-Aging Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash. It's supposed to "fight 7 signs of aging for younger looking skin all over your body". Honestly, I absolutely don't get how a body wash could make your skin look younger, but anyway, it looks interesting.


  1. you have such a great birthday presents!! your brothers are so sweet :)

  2. Those are some great gifts you received :)
    And you even got a red wine, hehe that's cool.

    I'm interested in the Avon body yogurt. Never heard of it before but it sounds like a good product. Do a review for us if you will :)

  3. Very nice gifts ;) and that was so nice of your grandparents to pay you a visit too!
    Oh my girlfriend really loves Masi red wine - I'm not sure which particular one but she's crazy for it! LOL.
    Oh and the Sunbeam warming blanket sounds nice - us Canadians need that for the cold winters!
    You're right - how could a body wash make you look younger? But I like Olay products for the most part ;)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Your family is so sweet ^-^ My family doesn't give me presents =[

    I love the presents from your mom, heehee. And great Avon haul, I've never tried anything from them...

    And I got the P&G sample too!! It's all detergents this time except for that Olay one. Last time was much better! ;)

  5. WHEEE!!!!!!!AVONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

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