October 30, 2009

Mail: Marcelle AC Solution Anti-Imperfections kit

In this post, I was telling you that I won a contest from Marcelle Cosmetics. Well, my prize arrived wednesday, along with my November issue of Clin d'Oeil:

AC-Solution Purifying Foaming Cleanser
Cleanses and refines pores for healthy skin

AC-Solution Purifying Foaming Cleanser gently unclogs and refines pores as it cleans skin at a deep level. For a wonderfully healthy and fresh-looking complexion.

AC-Solution Clarifying Lotion
Refreshes the skin as it tones down shine

AC-Solution Clarifying Lotion gently tones and purifies to help skin regain its natural radiance.

AC-Solution Oil-Free Moisturizing Regulating Lotion
A light lotion to moisturize where needed while preventing shine

Like a soothing balm, it gently moisturizes while controlling sebum production where it’s most needed. Oil-prone areas are left wonderfully matte, while drier areas are superbly hydrated.

AC-Solution Blemish Control
Targets blemishes for a more even complexion

Eliminates skin imperfections, where and when most needed. It targets blemishes while calming the skin, enabling it to regain a more even appearance.

I'm excited to try those products! But first, I have two face cleansers, a toner and a face moistrurizer to "pan".


  1. Ohh these products look interesting. Let us know how it goes for you :) x

  2. looks & sounds like amazing products! let us know how it works for you.

    and oh i love your new layout!

  3. oo interesting products! please let us know how you like them :)

  4. they sound like good stuffs, please do a review on them!

    btw, thanks for your sweet comment =)

  5. Sounds pretty good! Can't wait to read reviews =) Can't beat the name either, the french version of mine, LOL

  6. Ooooh! Don't you just love getting goodies in the mail.

  7. Congratz again! The prizes are awesome! And I'm so interested in the AC-Solution Oil-Free Moisturizing Regulating Lotion ^.^