January 21, 2011

Mail of the Week (January 17 - 21)

 February issue of Cosmopolitan: Ever since I saw her in That 70's Show, I've drooling over Mila Kunis. Isn't she gorgeous? And what a bout that dress?

 Free pens from Rubbermaid: A while back ago (in September, if I remember well), I received an offer to try 3 Rubbermaid pens for free. You could choose whcih ones you wanted to try, and here's mine:
  • Uni-Ball Jetstream in Red
  • Sharpie Pen in Blue
  • Liquid Paper Correcting Tape DryLine Grip

Unfortunetaly, because of an over whelming demand for their samples, supplies have been exhausted. 

 Coupons from webSaver.ca and P&J brandSaver


  1. aw i love getting stuff in the mail!


  2. I have this issue of Cosmo too! Mila Kunis looks HOT! And her eye makeup is sooo gorgeous. Love these mail of the week posts :)

  3. I LOVE her makeup in these shots, me thinks I need to go see th black Swan asap! x

  4. I just got 2 magazines in the mail yesterday!! And I love free stuff so awesome score on those pens!!


  5. Mila Kunis looks GORGEOUS on that cover!! xx

  6. Mila looks insanely gorgeous on that cover. When I first saw it at the supermarket, I froze for a second.

  7. love snooping in your mail of the week posts! :)

  8. Merci de m'avoir répondue! :D J'étais certaine que t'étais genre ''full big'' et que tu répondais pu, ahah! tu vois le genre :P! Entoutcas, j'aime troooop ton blog là! As-tu un e-mail ou qqc avec quoi on pourrait autre que par commentaire? LOL je trouve ça boff! J'ai hâte de parler avec une Québécoise qui connais ENFIN ça pour vrai ahah! Et j'habite pas à QC mais entre MTL et QC genre 1h30 des deux. Et je suis vraiment touchée de voir que tu aimes mes vidéos! :D Ton blog, c'est vraiment toute une trouvaille! En plus, dans les 50top blog de Temptalia, wow! :) hihi! Bref, récris-moi ici si le coeur t'en dis:
    alexfashionb@hotmail.com :)

  9. J'adore Mila Kunis! Plus de bonheure cette semaine j'ai recu cette edition de Cosmo, mais parce que j'ai deja 3 livres de commencé (lol, c'est une mauvaise habitude), j'ai décidé d'attendre d'en avoir fini au moins un avant de commencer la revue!

    Bonne lecture! =)

    Andrée xx

  10. I spent all Thursday reading that Cosmo... not the sex advice of course haha jk :-)

  11. Love her dress! Wanna have one! She is beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend!
    I fed your mouse :)

  12. Mila Kunis is gorgeous ,, and i hate her for that lol
    just watched the black swan yesterday ,, its sick ,, but awesome =D

    and her dress on the cover here is to die for -___-

  13. @Alex: Who doesn't? (=

    @The Girlie Blog: I can't wait to read it either!

    @Susalie: Yes, she is gorgeous! I'm glad you like these posts =D

    @Imo: I've heard a lot about Black Swan, I should go see it, too!

    @Marcy: Yey for magazines! And those pens are great (=

    @Sriya @ShaGlam: Yes she is (=

    @Jenny: Ahah I'm glad you like them!

    @Alex-Fashion-Beauty : OK, je t'écris tout de suite =D

    @Straight Up Glam: Ah j'ai déjà essayé ça lire plusieurs livres en même temps et ayoye, ça m'a bin trop mélangé ahah! Et je suis tellement en retard dans mes revues que j'ai décidé de ne plus m'abonner à Allure ni à Fashion. J'ai seulement gardé Cosmopolitan et Glamour (=

    @Keirasluckycharm : Ahahahah the sex advices are always the first things I read LOL!

    @Kata Wagner Berg: yes, it's stunning! And thanks for feeding my mouse, I neglect her too much! =P

    @Princess Feef: I've heard a lot about Black Swan, I should go see it, too!

  14. Hi Gaby!
    Yeah I totally love Mila Kunis -she's super super gorgeous. And I LOVE her dress on the cover of Cosmo.

  15. I agree, the dress is to die for!(;

  16. Hello Gaby!

    Comme je le dis souvent, jaime ca regarder tes post "Mail of the Week"!

    Wow je suis la (ou une des) seule a avoir 25 chances! Cool!

  17. Don't you just get so excited when mail comes with your name on it?!

    I haven't had a chance to sit down and read my new cosmo yet but I'm excited to read her feature in this issue.

    Lauren from ChickAdvisor

  18. @Karen @Venus In Virgo @makeupbykatie @Al : Absolutely!

    @Ms Bubu: Je suis contente que tu les aimes! Bonne chance pour le giveaway =D

    @Lauren: Of course hehe! I haven't had a chance to strat to read it, either!