November 27, 2010

Mail of the week (November 22 - 26)

U by Kotex samples: Sign up and get these U by Kotex freebies:
  • 1 CleanWear Regular Pad
  • 1 Barely There Liner
  • 2 Click Regular Tampons

Peta2 "Cut Class, Not Frogs!" shirt: I used my hard-earned 13500 Street Team points to redeem this cute shirt, and I will make a separate post about it with more details and pictures. If, like me, you are an animal lover, join Peta2's Street Team to earn free shirts, pins, and other merchandise for helping animals! It's all free!

My prize from Tammy's giveaway: Tammy gave away two of the new Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes, but she also included some more goodies!
  • Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette in Lust
  • Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette in Vanity
  • Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil 1 strip 12 patches
  • Fast Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy Shampoo
  • Fast Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy Conditioner 
  • pink nail polish from a brand I don't know (I don't know in which language it's written but I can't read it LOL)
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner in Pop Blue Eyes
Everybody seems to be raving about those new Wet N Wild palettes so I'm very eager to give them a try, and those are definitely my shades! I'm also excited about the Physicians Formula palette... I feel like it's Christmas already! Thanks a lot Tammy! =D


  1. Great stuff!
    Amazing prize from Tammy! lucky girl!

  2. @Catanya: Yes, I'm very happy =D

  3. cool stuff congrats on the win :)

  4. Thank you <3

    xoxo Christine


  5. i so love these posts! the peta shirt is so cute and i support them in the idea! :) lovely post!



  6. oh great post!
    all the stuff looks amazing :)

  7. Mmm.. The Lust palette looks good. Especially the sparkly purple! <3

    I had to dissect a frog once in high school and I was given the task to pin the frog's legs. No matter how hard I tried, the pin wouldn't go through and I gave up. Couldn't stand it anymore. A guy had to do it for me x.x

  8. @charmed-chick : Thank you! (=

    @Vyile: Hmmm... I'd rather not LOL I'm pretty happy with mine (=

    @...Miss Vendella... : Yes I love the shirt!

    @..R May A..: Yey! =D

    @Isabel : The sparkly purple must be the prettiest shade of all (= Ah and dissection... I never had to dissect an animal in high school and I'm very glad for this. I wouldn't have touch it for sure!

  9. ohh fun prizes! i have the WnW Vanity palette as well.

  10. @RoAmyLive : I just tried the palette today and... wow! Amazing!

  11. Awww congratulations on winning Tammy's giveaway Gaby :) The Wet N Wild eyeshadows look stunning and that's so sweet that she threw in other goodies for you including another eyeshadow palette for blue eyes. I always heard browns and bronze colours are complimentary for blue eyes.
    The t-shirt is super cute. I love yellow too as a colour for clothes :)