July 01, 2015

Kariliss - Natural Hair Care Made With Organic Shea Butter

Kariliss is the first Canadian natural hair care line with Fairtrade Organic Shea butter dedicated to the specific needs of black and mixed race. Their mission is moisturizing, repairing and strengthening hair, while stimulating hair growth.

The line consists of six essential products that restores vitality, flexibility and beauty to your hair, while moisturizing the scalp. A super moisturizing line entirely composed of natural active ingredients. Kariliss products do not contain parabens or petroleum jelly, silicone or other chemical element clogging the pores of the scalp, which would have the effect of slowing hair growth.

The Moisturizing Shampoo ($11.95) and Nourishing Conditioner ($12.95) team up to gently cleanse dry and damaged hair while giving back suppleness and nourishing the scalp, thanks to shea butter and argan oil rich in essential vitamins. Since the shampoo contains mild plant-based cleansing agents, it won't foam as much as traditional shampoos and it won't leave your hair "squeaky clean", but you do get used to it. However, I was disappointed to see that my hair starts to get dirty on the next day - I'm used to go about three days without washing it! I always tend to replace conditioner with a more nourishing hair mask, but this conditioner has a nice thick texture that seems to melt on the hair and really get absorbed instead of simply coating it and weighing it down.

The Fortifying Hair Mask ($16.95) is a restorative hair treatment that nourishes and revitalizes brittle and dry hair. Its formula contains a vegetal anti-oxidant blend in a moisturizing base made of shea butter and black cumin oil that helps restore the hair fiber giving stronger and softer hair.

I have never seen a hair mask with a similar texture before - it looks like a whipped body soufflĂ©! 

A bit like the conditioner, this mask seems to melt on the hair instead of simply "sit" on it. The instructions say to rinse the mask with water, but I guess since my hair is so parched, it kind of clings to that much needed moisture? So I definitely need shampoo to properly rinse it out. However, it does leave my hair super soft and manageable. I wish it added more shine though, but again, I'm blaming my newly blonde hair!

The Hair Pomade ($19.95), the Hair Growth Serum ($21.95) - both enhanced with KeraGroTM complex - and the Maxi Nutrition Leave-in Conditioner ($10.50), get to the root of the matter. The serum strengthens hair, while the pomade protects against daily aggressions and enhances hair’s natural shine, and the leave-in conditioner penetrates quickly and restores moisture. Out of the three, I only tried the leave-in conditioner, and at first, I think I overdid it because it left my hair heavy and waxy - you really need the smallest quantity of product! It is absorbed quickly, helping with detangling, and it restores moisture and protects hair from weather variations and from the damaging effects of styling. All three products are leave-in treatments and have a durable impact on the health of the hair and the scalp.

KeraGroTM complex, unique to Kariliss, provides a dual moisturizing to the scalp, protects and restores the hair, moisturizes, repairs and nourishes the hair thoroughly. This combination of natural ultra moisturizing active ingredients invigorates the hair gently, restores their suppleness and shine instantly while promoting growth.

Kariliss hair care products are formulated to restore shine, flexibility while stopping hair breakage. To find Kariliss products in your area, please have a look at their retail outlets.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. I want to EAT the hair mask, lol! I just wanna dig in with the spoon and eat it like it's chocolate mousse! :-)